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ReactOS 0.4.11 makes great strides towards running Windows apps without the Windows


Re: Window of Opportunity?

M$ will not open the NT kernel this side of 2050, if ever.

And anyway, the kernel itself isn't the big problem. The basic drivers (NTFS is/was a big problem for ReactOS), the zillion support DLLs... that's the trouble. Implementing that and implementing it in a 99.999% compatible way is very hard.

Nevertheless, perhaps... in another two, three years... I might install it in a Linux host as a guest for those pesky little apps for which I can't find a Linux replacement and which don't run in wine.

UK.gov's Verify has 'significantly' missed every target, groans spending watchdog


What a surprise!

A few years ago I had big BIG trouble with the HMRC SA login (don't get me started on that abomination...!) and decided to try Verify. Luckily this was months before the Jan, 31 deadline so I had enough time to work my way through this thing... you'll need it if you succeed at all. A few thousand lost hairs later and surrounded by heaps of paper files I not even knew I had (my wife knew, phew!) I had a Verify account.

The people who designed this system live on another planet where, among other things, the word world-class doesn't mean what it means on earth.

Germany pushes router security rules, OpenWRT and CCC push back


"Support for open firmware is, arguably, a niche consideration at the moment"

It is at the moment, that's true. However, I am only buying "smart" stuff if and when I know beforehand that I can install some sort of supported open OS/firmware on it. I am also preaching this to everyone I know who is not out of earshot within three seconds. And indeed, there is (growing) interest for this idea even in circles that I can only describe as technically challenged. What's needed beyond that interest is a way to install/update these things in a manner that is so easy that those people are willing to do it.

HMRC rapped as Brexit looms and customs IT release slips again


I am tempted to think that there's more news value in the fact that Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is among the top-twenty albums (#16) requested by Alexa users.

China's going to make a mobile OS and everyone will love it, predict ball-gazing analysts


"Who would you trust more to provide a mobile OS,

Apple, Google, the PRC or Facebook?"

All of them... provided they will release it as open source, every bit of it.

I (am trying to) buy kit where I can replace the OS with an open source alternative and this works already pretty well for desktops/laptops, mobile phones/tablets and routers. I still have a dumb TV, none of my MP3 players and digital cameras has Wifi connectivity, and there's no Alexa et al.

.NET Core 2.1 – huh, yeah – what is it good for? Bing, apparently


"Bing [...] handles thousands of search requests every second using servers spread over many data centres across the globe."

That doesn't sound very impressive. If and when bing.com scales well enough to outperform the Big G servers, then I might perhaps think about exercising one of my eyebrows.

Windows 10 Linux Distribution Overload? We have just the thing


Re: I still think they're majoring in the minors. again.

"Were they spending an EQUAL amount of effort on a Wine-like subsystem that RUNS ON LINUX, so we could use windows applications on a Linux system DIRECTLY without having to use Win-10-nic, I'd be TRULY impressed!"

Two remarks. Wine in itself is much, MUCH better than I though it would be. I am moving various systems from Windows 7 Pro to Linux and so far, every single (!) app for which I couldn't unearth a Linux replacement has worked OOTB under wine. I was planning to install VirtualBox and Win7 as a VM but at the current rate that won't be necessary.

Second, anything MS releases for Linux is something I would never ever install. Even if it were initially released as open source... they are 100% capable of releasing newer versions (or extensions) which all of a sudden aren't. Or find some other means to tie me into their eco system in ways that are beyond my control.

ISP TalkTalk's Wi-Fi passwords Walk Walk thanks to Awks Awks router security hole


Get a decent 3rd party router and switch off all Wifi functions...

... on the supplied modem/router. That's what I've done for years and years, mainly for security reasons but also because a stand-alone router tends to have better WiFi speeds. (I swear by Asus but there are other good brands.)

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'


Re: 'Unlock bootloader, root, install Lineage OS '

It depends. I am an IT professional and I would just not use locked hardware if I can help it. Case in point: I recently needed NTFS access for my tablet's USB OTG. No problem with root, just install NTFS-3G and couple of utilities and it's good to go.


Re: 'Unlock bootloader, root, install Lineage OS '

As you implied it all depends all on the maker and the model. I had positive experiences with Samsung and Moto hardware... but I agree that it can be a minefield. As so often it boils down to the amount of money one is prepared to spend... after having been burned in the past I decided to concentrate on "known good phones". They are a bit more expensive (though a Moto G4 Play, say, won't break the bank at all) but I use them for a few years and the peace of mind over that period is worth it IMO.


Unlock bootloader, root, install Lineage OS

I only buy phones and tablets where I can do these three things. Not only can I get rid of all sorts of crap that came with the phone (though rarer these days) I also "lose" access to all Google apps and their potential for doing mischief.

It should be made much easier for consumers to do this sort of thing... my parents could certainly not do that, so I have to do it for them.

France gives les citoyens the right to cock up official paperwork


"Forgot your tax return, mon ami? Pas de problem!"

If you think you have to impress us with your foreign language competence, pas de problème!

PowerShell comes to MacOS and Linux. Oh and Windows too


In 10 years (give and take) Windows will be based on a Linux kernel. In a way, Windows *will* be Linux. (I am off Windows since v8 and do not look forward to that..)

I've got a verbal govt contract for Hyperloop, claims His Muskiness


"to build an unrealistic high-speed tube train system across America"

Unrealistic? If all inventors, researchers, scientists had that outlook we'd still be in the caves.

(I don't say that HL is realistic. I just think that we need to invest a lot more time and brainpower to find out. Who would've thought when the first transistor was cobbled together what would come out of that? Not to talk about laser or indeed the ARPAnet...)

NAO: Customs union IT system may not be ready before Brexit


HMRC and IT... when these two acronyms appear in one sentence they never fail to make me shiver. These days I do my tax SA normally early in the summer because I had so much trouble with their online site that I was actually contemplating for a while to return to paper. And I am fortunate: my only contact with them is the tax SA.

Fancy a relaxed boozy holiday? Keep well away from Great Britain



Those studies should be VERBOTEN! They seriously undermine the hard-won image of Germans in the wider world... imagine Germany w/o Verbote... like France w/o strikes:-)

Is Britain really worse at 4G than Peru?


Don't know about 4G in Peru but if I compare the speeds I get in Blighty with those I get in various locations in France, Switzerland and Germany I'm inclined to believe that Peru may well be faster. (My experience is not covering the whole of these countries, obviously, but I am travelling widely in those countries and I do have "anecdotal evidence" for scores of locations in F, D and CH (and a little in Spain).) So perhaps our "world-class" infrastructure is getting a bit long in the tooth now?

(Incidentally, there's a similar picture with old copper-based net access: I get consistently higher speeds on the continent than in the UK. Fibre is different though, here the UK seems to be in front, at least sometimes. YMMV of course.)

UK.gov throws hissy fit after Twitter chokes off snoop firm's access


Rudd is just a fast learner: those who don't do my bidding must be terrorists. Just look at the US, Turkey, Israel... anyone "misbehaving" gets their T-moniker.

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?


Arms race

This will lead to another arms race with a lot of resources squandered, no clear winners but clear losers -- the ordinary end-users. (Same comment goes for the news that someone has cracked the Windows10 no-update-for-old-CPUs mechanism.)

OLE-y hell. Bug in MSFT Word allows total PC p0wnage


Anyone who gives winword (or other such apps) free access to the wider internet almost deserves this. I fully understand that many users are just not able to work the OS (or another) firewall although, with a bit of googling and some patience, this is not too hard. People have to learn the ropes to be able to drive a car, so perhaps we should accept that learning some basic security reflexes is not a bad thing.

Thank Souq for that! Jeff Bezos now world's second richest


"None, however, touches Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, with a net worth of $86bn."

Wait and see. On current trends there'll be a switch sometime in the early 2020s. And if the MS people succeed with their plans to make us all Happy Fans Of Windows, it'll be sooner still.

Windows 10 Creators Update: Clearing the mines with livestock (that's you by the way)


11 April... that's ten days too late.

Confused by crypto? Here's what that password hashing stuff means in English


512 bit ... 32 byte ... TGIF

Met police commissioner: Fraud victims should not be refunded by banks


I'll wager a bet...

that more of my personal data floats around the interwebs through the security incompetence (or often sheer we-cant-be-botheredness) of banks, telecoms companies, online retailers... you name it, than through my own incompetence. I've had a few talks to security people in banks and the results have consistently been disappointing. I never had the feeling that security enjoys the priority it should have.

So before BHH lambast the general public he should perhaps look into the way supposed "professionals" go about their IT security.

Self-regulation can address issues that arise in the digital economy, says Airbnb


AirBnB and trust?

"trust is the essential currency of the collaborative economy"

Certainly true, but hearing this from an outfit like AirBnB whose customer service is non-existent and who is not able or willing to clear up its own listings (I know, I've tried more than once but have now completely given up on the company and its offerings) is particularly irritating.

PEAK LANDFILL: Why tablet gloom is good news for Windows users


I 'm amazed you resisted the obvious Sinofsky Hybridisation IT.

SAP: It was our Big Data software wot won it for Germany


"Vorsprung durch grossendatatechnik"

Folks, if you really think you must dabble in German compounds, please ask your resident German (you do have one, don't you?) before putting such risible nonsense into a sub header.

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