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Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study


The ban would be far more credible...

... if the police were forced to abide by it. The police here in California are allowed - by the same law, no less - to hold their phones up to their ears, which they do quite often. The exemption is supposed to be for "emergency situations" but 99.9% of all cops I've seen using their mobiles are smiling and clearly chatting away happily scoffing at the law they have to enforce.

Imagine how silly it appears for the same cop riding around chatting on their phone pulling you over FOR CHATTING ON YOUR PHONE. Howdy Officer Double-Standard!

And they DO enforce the law. I was pulled over once not too long after the law passed and was given a warning but my wife got a ticket for the same thing.

The point in any case isn't the endless debate over whether we should or should not be allowed to use our phones while driving but rather assuming IF we are being allowed to use them why have yet more nanny-state impositions on how we are to speak into our cell phones and that it makes a verifiable material difference in being able to hold the phone to your ear vs. fumbling around for your wired headset (I hate the godawful Bluetooth set douchebaggery and most people do). Given we're barreling down the road in a two-ton metallic death machine I think ultimately we should always have two hands on the wheel but if the law permits it, the law permits it.


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