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Where will storage go over the next 15 years? We rub our crystal ball


Yes and no

How many banks do you know that have been hacked? How many have owned up to it when they have found it and not months later? Why do you not know because knowone in the banking industry is so stupid to tell you your money is not safe witht them. So the same is true of your data and a cloud provider. Their businesses are built on security, if thats in question they go out of business.

I like the idea of doing it yourself with a consultancy who knows the pitfalls. All those ex -solutions customer engineers might be having the last laugh.

Seperate your internal and external networks. If you can't see it you cant hack it. Have a data management business plan that keeps important stuff private and public stuff avalible.

Or just encrypt it all at rest and in flight. Use all that spare compute power to make it hard. You can't hack what you can't see. Oh and remember ILM or you'll loose your data anyway.

IBM's GPFS marries LTFS: You may now kiss the enterprise


And Finally

Why did this take soooo long. It was writing on the wall years ago.

Now IBM is the one stop shop for archive and data retrieval. Media market look out Big Blue is after you.A personal fav of mine StorNext needs to grow up quick.

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