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El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


I barely use El Reg now

Your old interface allowed me to see dozens of logically ordered stories at once. And you know what; I read nearly all of them. It was easy to see interesting new content.

Your current design has a more complex layout and it is hard to see the new content at a glance. You have to look in a variety of places, look at the category and date and it is just too much effort.

Instead of opening up a dozen or so stories each time I browse, I now barely open one of your stories.

Do you guys care about that? Are you so infatuated with this 'new' and rather ordinary interface design that you are prepared to lose readership?

I'll give it another few days and if I am not actually reading your stories any more, I'll have to find another source of IT news and views.


The uncategorised retro style was perfect - I felt in control of the content

So El Reg goes all modern and now looks like every other news site. Hire an agency and it will get even worse.

Every time a designer gets between a reader and content, something gets lost. We start seeing things with a designers perspective . . . and what do they know. They know white space, dotted rules and superfluous information - that's what they know. Your old style just presented stories, not content pre-digested by those good with coloured pencils.

It's a shame really. El Reg was an eccentric site with an effective, easy to use retro interface. Now the designers union has homogenised it.

Google's lounge room invasion advances with Chromecast upgrade


Do Google get your Tv viewing habits as well?

Is it possible that Google uses Chromecast to phone home your TV viewing habits to the mother ship and then aggregates them with your online browsing habits, your email correspondence and your YouTubing?

So maybe watching TV was no longer anonymous if you use the cheap and cheerful Chromecast thing-a-me-bob?

What a perfect consumer profile they'd have of your whole family if they can do that! What do you reckon - could they actually make money selling that kind of info? Surely Google wouldn't do that sort of thing without telling us . . . would they?

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