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Spanish cities surrender to Street View


In Zaragoza as well...

Yesterday I saw them in Zaragoza as well...

Academics slam Java

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I agree with academics


I have done a computer science degree and computer systems engineering degree... and High level languages are just too removed from hardware...

So what happens is that coding for performance and elegance goes out the window... where as knowing low level languages requires a good interaction between hardware and software...

When I taught in university I always made sure my students psuedo coded everything... and then used the psuedo code as comments to code... That way in theory they could code in any language.

However that said, what is really lacking in the graduates I have employed in the last 4 years, is a real foundation in language agnostic problem solving! Being able to look at a problem and figure out 2 or 3 approaches to solving the problem.

Changing programming languages should be easy... However solving problems is where the focus should be on.

Logic3 i-Station IS10 iPod alarm clock


Headphone output?

Hi, I like to listen to music in bed (without waking my wife) is there a stereo output as well?


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