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JavaScript CPU cache snooper tells crooks EVERYTHING you do online

Nathan Brathahn

no software issue

CPU cache side channel attacks are nothing new. They have been used to attack crytography and virtualized environments for years. The cache is predictable and therefore prone to attacks.

Modern operating systems and applications allready using randomization, now it's time for the hardware vendors to follow.

A fast and predictable cache may suit high performance and massive parallel workloads, but average Joe can browse the web without it.

Merging HP and EMC – hold on, wait, hear us out. The cap is still on the bottle of crazy pills

Nathan Brathahn

Makes sense to me

In the age of certified cloud stacks and hyper converged boxes, VMWare,HP and EMC could act more agressive on the market than VMWare, _CISCO_ and EMC and gain market share from business that was scared off by Ciscos UCS price tag.

Microsoft and DELL allready have this kind of cooperation where you even get your DELL firmware updates from Microsoft (not discussing the quality of MS updates in generale here)

The big boys made us do it: US used German spooks to snoop on EU defence industry

Nathan Brathahn

No Surprise

Just have a look at the history of 'Organisation Gehlen' aka BND

Who founded and financed it? The CIA

Who were recruited to run the Org? A bunch of Nazis


Microsoft's patchy patchwork extends to Virtual Machine Manager

Nathan Brathahn

you forgot Data Protection Manager


All repeat: 'never patch on a patchday'

Feds finger Norks in Sony hack, Obama asks: HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE KOREA?

Nathan Brathahn

First Round

Glorious Leader: 1

USA: 0

Sony to media: stop publishing our stolen stuff or we'll get nasty

Nathan Brathahn

How Do We Know?

How are we supposed to know the documents are stolen unless SPE publishes all stolen documents themselves?

Time to move away from Windows 7 ... whoa, whoa, who said anything about Windows 8?

Nathan Brathahn

After Windows 7 comes the Linux based thin client

Applications are running in the private cloud. RDS, IIS and Apache. No need for a fat client anymore.

Back to the days of mainframe and green screen. Except the screen isn't green anymore and the mainframe is a virtualization cluster now.

July 14, 2015. Tuesday. No more support for Windows Server 2003. Good luck

Nathan Brathahn

Re: The problem is......

Lack of proper lifecycle management.

Every service owner is responsible to provide the nessesary ressources to setup,maintain and retire a service.

Popular password protection programs p0wnable

Nathan Brathahn

Password Card anyone?

Three of them are allways in my purse.

Sometimes low tech works better

Will Microsoft devices sit happily on a single platform?

Nathan Brathahn

You forgot to include some backgroud sources

The LibraryOS and Drawbridge projects at MS research are worth reading



Do your execs take mobile security seriously?

Nathan Brathahn

Exec =! Security

Guess who brought in the first iThing

US authorities round up ILLEGAL DINOSAURS for repatriation

Nathan Brathahn

The US hates illegal aliens

The Roswell crew from 1947 must have had visas

Say goodbye to the noughties: Yesterday’s hi-fi biz is BUSTED, bro

Nathan Brathahn

I feel so old

looking at my Mission 762 speakers from 1989

German government orders local CIA station chief to pack his bags

Nathan Brathahn

Re: Friends ?

There are no friends in politics, only temporary allies with common interests for a particular periode of time.

What's that burning tire smell? It's Microsoft screeching away from the No-IP car crash

Nathan Brathahn

You'll get a 3 months azure subscription to compesate for the inconvenience.

Tesla trademark spat threatens Musk's China dream

Nathan Brathahn

another one in a long history

Confucius say: the copy honors the original


German spy agency staffer spied for NSA during gov probe into NSA spying – report

Nathan Brathahn
Black Helicopters

pawn sacrifice to silence the german public

This whole story smells fishy.

Who is this double agent anyway? A handicaped low rank office worker. Probably someone who would easily volunteer in such a game to get his early retirement and a handfull of €.

We have a triple-win situation on both sides of the atlantic:

The german government can show that they are taking action and fight domestic spying.

Government officials in germany are allready demanig a fund raise for countermeasures to protect the german public from foreign agencies. Data retention law will be getting on its way again.

The US will benefit from the improved german spying infrastructure.


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