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UK plans robo-car tests on motorways in 2017


There is currently a shortage of drivers and teh average age is rising every year, the ones currently in the industry will stay and can move from job to job as they please, it's the youth who will lose out on the job prospects and their pity is naively misplaced..

Trunk work may drop off in 15 years if they can get bigger trailers allowed and reduce the break regulations but overall delivering anything to anywhere outside the main purpose built depot off the motorway needs a human. Taking a vehicle that will regualarliy need to drive on the wrong side of the road due to the physical size constraints of the UK road network and unload itself, if it can make those decisions then it's not lorry driving but just about every job that will be gone.

There was a video about an automated forklift installation where the moajority of employees were forklift drivers, the company is growing so again they don't fire the 10 guys they have but instead use robots for the new work. Where it would have been a 16 hour shift on Monday, not much to do the next 2 days and a massive amount of work on Friday/ Saturday which previosuly would hav needed 2 new employees to cover the highs and lows they just get robots to replace them, where it's subtle or complex work that requires any kind of thought they keep the humans on.

HP Enterprise Services readies deeper cuts in UK: Now 1,000 techies face axe


Re: Lytham: Are the people going, or the roles?

I'm sorry, we have attempted to contact you about the issue involving "

Lytham: Are the people going, or the roles?

Once those 166 walk away does the work they were doing before not get done, or turn out to not have to have needed to be done in the first place, as is often par for the course when civil servants are involved?


However we have recieved no response therefore this ticket is now closed. Thankyou for your patience in this matter, however if we can help further please contact our support department 24/7.


Re: Lytham: Are the people going, or the roles?

Hi Bob Vistakin, thankyou for your request, I have raised a ticket about the Fibre Circuit Fault on the storage devices in hard disks under theregister, before we can report the fault I would like to confirm that the Microfilters have been replaced and could you confirm you have a dial tone on the line. Thankyou for your time and if you have any questions about our service please contact our support team whom are available 24/7 or reply to me personally or contact support.

How to log into any backdoored Juniper firewall – hard-coded password published


This has to be added to every dictionary, the <<< can save years plus the outside characters and spaces could really help brute force. It's not about guessing brute force but assuming they might have used this format somewhere else, or just being able to guess the = and spaces is a huge help

I hope they had to choose a password for someting else important, it should have been yX''k877'J@YgG~{T*[X? something not anything readable (assuming 21 characters was the limit).

Hey, Woz. You've got $150m. You're kicking back in Australia. What's on your mind? Killer AI


I don' see what the big deal recently about killer AI's is

Just from theregister.co.uk we had


Professor Stephen Hawking has given his new voice box a workout by once again predicting that artificial intelligence will spell humanity's doom



Electro-car kingpin and spacecraft mogul Elon Musk has warned that meddling with Artificial Intelligence risks "summoning the demon" that could destroy humanity.


Hey, Woz. You've got $150m. You're kicking back in Australia. What's on your mind? Killer AI

Old-school computer whiz Steve Wozniak is afraid an emergence of an artificial super-intelligence will be very bad news for the human race.


Why the fear of something that will hopefully solve many of problems we humans face?



Helpdesk agent 861

Ofcom mulls selling UK govt's IPv4 cache amid IPv6 rollout flak


Re: IPv6

Currently ISP's are assigning static network prefixes, because it makes everything from the account , bandwidth, government enforced logging, tracking, support ticketing,upgrades, products (like burstable bandwidth, fast upgrades/downgrades) much easier.

And when one ipv6 /48 is close to the internet currently on ipv4 and you have trillions fo them, you are not going to worry about running out of ips.

So no, it is not the opposite that is true, privacy addressing/random mac changing is like saying you can use NAT behind your router because nobody will know who at 36 the avenue sw1 1aa was using that hardware with that mac address at that time , it could have been anyone.

But instead of needing to go the ISP and say who did you assign this IP to on the 30th of March 2014 after that network reboot , they can ask "who did you assign this network prefix to, what is the physical address" . If you come back with "I had ipv6 privacy addressing on so you have no idea of the MAC address of the device that used this network prefix" they can say " we know it is 36 the avenue sw1 1aa so we don't give a fuck what ipad or iphone or mac or pc someone living here used"

NSA approves Samsung Knox for use by TOP SECRET g-men


looked on google to find out what it is and got this https://support.samsungknox.com/entries/77706453-Welcome-to-Samsung-KNOX-Support- where the comments are all attempted xss vulnerabilities.

Does it stop all the info leaking out of a phone back to google or the company who made it, such as location, wifi hotspots , gps tracking , searching etc.

Britain’s snooping powers are 'too weak', says NCA chief


Sounds like the Overton Window, move the frame that covers acceptable stuff to the majority a tiny bit so that the current spying is closer to the center. But you can't make extreme movements or it gets pushed too far left or right as the majority are near enough 50/50 right and left wing.

Anti-snoop Android 'Blackphone' sees the light of day


Does this include baseband and chips or is it just a chinese phone (as mine is) that has blackphone running sort of on top of it. Cause that makes it kinda fucking pointless as I can get anything I want out of it if I control the hardware.

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