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What's it like using the LG G smartwatch and Android Wear? Let us tell YOU


Early adopters only please

As a very very happy user of a Pebble smart watch for the past six months, I can report that:-

Much time is saved because I can see at a glance who is calling, texting, emailing, whatsapping, whatever or what notification du jour is clamouring for my attention.

Battery life on my phone is increased ( and potential for damage when pulling it of my pocket) as the phone is not accessed so much.

I don't miss the important text/email/call as the Pebble vibrates unmistakably to alert me - a boon in noisy environments.

My Pebble vibrates when it loses contact with the phone, saved me on a few occasions.

I can get my Pebble to make the phone play music loudly making it easy to find when we are playing hide and seek down the back of the sofa.

XBMC, VLC, and Music remote controls are good.

The Pebble lasts 5-6 days on a charge.

It only cost £80

When cycling, Runkeeper, the caller ID display ( and the ability to reject calls) are killer apps for me.

It also tells the time in a variety of different formats....

All in all, it is a wonderful convenient bit of tech which makes my life easier and better.

It is simply a refinement on mobile communications/information handling devices we carry now. For those that don't get it - semaphore flags and filofaxs are available from specialist retailers.....


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