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The Life and Times of Lester Haines


Thank You...

...El Reg for a great Obit - Lester contributed so much to this rag, he will be very much missed. I loved the SPB and always eagerly awaited the next installment every week.

Now will someone pick up the reins and get that frigging LOHAN launched in his honour. Just skip the red tape and hit the damn button...

I sold 10 MILLION iPhone 6es at the weekend, says Tim Cook. What did you do?



So you think that buying an Apple Watch is "compelling" just because you you don't like the look of other phone / watch combos... But somehow the Apple Watch looks "compelling". And most people will buy one?!? Should have gone to SpecSavers mate.

DOH! Google’s internet of things vision is powered by… Mac OS


What a non-story. Reg Hack, please try harder.

I was an employee at Google at the time when the Aurora attack went public. The immediate reaction of the IT team was to get as many employees migrated away from Windows as quickly as possible. Consequently, Macs have been a large part of the laptop fleet ever since. There's no story here and its no secret that Googles employees use Macs.

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