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Service call centres to become wasteland and tumbleweed by 2024

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Re: because Microsoft do not call you.

Yep at the age of 76 I can play 3 characters, The little old lady who’s a bit deaf, the clipped voiced BT operator who started work as GPO telephonist or the caring volunteer that helps other elderly work a computer. As the little old lady they give up in the end, as the BT operator who uses Microsoft, Apple & Linux I get sworn at, the best one was an Asian woman, she knew every swear word there was & as the volunteer when I gently ask why are they targeting elderly people I’m told we are all rich & don’t need so much money & in any case we are going to die soon.

GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name

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I am probably older than most if not all of you posting on here. I have known & used the word gimp since childhood. It was used to describe someone who had a slight limp “ He has been left with a bit of a gimp”. Usually the person had been injured in an accident or I suspect it was used.to describe injuries sustained in the war. Yes people were called Gimpy but it was meant as more of an endearment, never an insult. Now I understand like a lot of pet names it is used as a torment or an insult by morons that have nothing better to do so perhaps it is time to change it or is it. Perhaps the answer is to ask these cowardly bullies “Why are you calling me a computer program”

Oh good. This'll go well. Amazon's Alexa will offer NHS advice

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I find it very touching that so many seem to think that our personal data is safe with with the NHS. Have you ever wondered where research laboratories get their information from when you receive a letter asking you to take part in research for your particular ailment. I don’t mind being ask to take part but I would like to be asked first for permission to pass on my details. I wouldn’t worry too much about Amazon keeping data about the odd health question, I worry more of how many people have access to my personal data held by the NHS.

My name is Bill Gates and I am an Android user

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Too late

Microsoft left it too late to enter smart phone production. I still use my Lumia but sadly only as a pay as you go. My main phone is now an iPhone which I love. I keep the Lumia as a standby for personal reasons.

The award for worst ISP goes to... it starts with Talk and ends with Talk

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Sky absolute rubbish

I am in my mid-seventies, every time, which is frequently, I get the same old script "Have you changed the filter" then spend 5 mins explaining I have an I-Plate. Then I am told to get out my screwdriver & take the cover off. I explain that I am not able to lie flat on my stomach unscrewing something I was told by BT not to touch. Then they tell me they can't help if I can't take the plate off. I ask am I the only disabled customer, no answer. I feel like reporting them for discrimination. The line is noisy I can hardly hear on what must be my incoming line because people tell me the can hear me OK. So I get "Have you tried a different telephone" They try anything other than to get BT to look at the line. The problem started when O2 sold us down the river. I also have Sky TV & if it wasn't for my sick husband liking the film channel I would tell them where to stick their TV, broadband & telephone service. The laugh is I have to download a film overnight because it takes all night to download it. It took me an hour to update 6 Apps on my iPod this morning. Wish someone would ask me to score Sky it would be zero out of ten.

Brace yourself, network admins, Amazon Video just hit 200 nations

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Pity they don't get their parcel delivery sorted out.

Murdoch's 21st Century Fox agrees £18.5bn Sky takeover deal

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At last I have found a few people who realise what Murdoch & Son are really up to when they & their snivelling companions at Talk Talk & Vodafone gripe to Ofcom on about Openreach. BT & therefore Openreach may not be everyone's favourite Telco but can you imagine what would happen if any of those got their sticky little fingers on Openreach. None of them would be prepared to give anyone outside conurbations of any size access to the Internet let alone fibre optic, much too expensive. I am with Sky & to say the service is just about adequate is putting it in a good light. Why do I stay with them I hear you ask, well because I have a sick husband I download a lot to keep him happy. I was one that O2 sold down the river to Sky after years of no problems & a reasonable speed even though some idiot years ago ran the cables though aluminium ducts.

Microsoft quietly emits patch to undo its earlier patch that broke Windows 10 networking

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Re: ,So there's an online fix for not being able to get online?

I don't have Windows 10 but I know people who do. Now I am very lucky in that I have a friend whose son manages a computer repair shop so if I get stuck I can always pick his brains or if I can't be bothered I pay him to do the work. As you say most people wouldn't know where to start so how about you & others on here writing a more detailed explanation on how to solve the problem I sure El Reg wouldn't mind. Then people like me who have no where near your knowledge but are few steps ahead of the masses could help those who haven't got a clue.

Ofcom: Legal separation will force Openreach to eat more fibre

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OK there is a lot wrong with BT & Openreach but for goodness sake do not split them up. Whilst Openreach remains under the BT umbrella no one is going to make a bid. I hear Sky & TalkTalk whinging, well it is time they put their own house in order. Remember how many customers Talk Talk lost not so long ago & why? As for Sky, now there is a company I would like taken down a peg or two. We used to be with O2 until they sold us down the river to Sky; for nearly three years we had quite fast broadband with a clear telephone line. When we were shunted over to Sky everything was hunkey dorey for the first year then everything went down the pan. The broadband at is now either slower than dial up or non-existent. Every time I ring them they insist on me at nearly 80 crawling across the floor, then lying flat on my belly unscrewing an ADSL V1 socket. They keep telling my line is OK which is probably correct but what about their crap equipment which they have now shoved me on. We also have Sky TV, it took the whole night to download a programme in SD which was an hour long. If it wasn't for my sick husband I would get rid of Sky all together. It's a pity Ofcom don't investigate them.

HSBC swinging axe on UK IT department, 840 heads to roll

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Old Lady

Here we go again. This has happened before, do they never learn? Let's hope the rest don't follow. I complained to what was then Abbey National when they closed their call centres & sent the calls to I believe India. My worry then was security so whenever I had a query I waited until I could call in the branch except for one time when I had a general enquiry & then I didn't get an answer because I refused to give my bank account number. When I explained that it was a general enquiry & nothing to do with my account she cut me off, probably because she didn't know what to do unless she could follow the script. So when we hear that HSBC's online banking in the UK insn't working we will know why; the Poles will be blaming the Indians, the Indians will be blaming the Chinese, the Chinese will be blaming everyone else & the customers will be piggy in the middle wondering how safe their data is.

Don't panic. Stupid smart meters are still 50 years away

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I asked our meter reader why they were coming more often than they used to. He told me that it was an agreement between the power companies & Ofgem that the meters are now read every 6 months plus the meter reader checks whether the customer is having problems meeting the cost of gas & electricity. I now know why we received a letter which started with " It has come to our attention that you are not on our vulnerable persons register " because we are pensioners, nice to know they won't cut us off for non-payment. On the QT I got the impression it was something the companies wanted so that they could make sure the meter wasn't being bypassed.

REVEALED: The 19 firms whose complaints form EU's antitrust case against Google

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I remember using Streetmap 15 years ago, nothing has changed. Then we acquired a Sat Nav. But it was Google that came up trumps when we had to attend a funeral in a small country church in the middle of nowhere. They had even taken their camera there & I was able to "walk" through the village right up to the church, found it no problem. Never heard of Foundem until I saw some woman complaining about Google on the news. What has Tripit got to gripe about? Bing drives me nuts, you key in most of the URL, Bing comes up with a suggestion, click on the suggestion & Bing still takes you to a search page, crazy.

BSkyB slurps Murdoch's Italian and German Sky assets to beef up European pay-TV biz

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So is this why my Sky subscription has gone up AGAIN?

Aaah, what's that smell, Nook? Yes, it's death: Barnes & Noble to jettison e-book biz

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Such a pity, the Nook is a nice tablet to use as an e-reader.Although I have a Kindle I bought a one when they were selling them off plus a few e-books from B&N. Like Apple they require a credit card number but unlike Apple they didn't sell gift cards/vouchers online or in stores in the UK. After having my credit card cloned by a dishonest member of staff working for an online company I do not like to have my credit card details held on record so I buy gift cards where possible & use them against my account. After seeing a few enquiries re vouchers on the forums from people in the UK who had bought a Nook as a gift & wished to add a gift voucher & seeing the answer given was B&N had no plans to issue gift cards/vouchers in the UK I cancelled my account. Sainsbury's ebooks don't issue gift cards/vouchers either, I hope they don't go the same way which would be even more of a pity in the UK because that would leave the 3 big companies dominating the market with Amazon out in front.


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