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When the chips are down, buy a software biz: Broadcom snaffles Symantec for $10.7bn

luis river

Not exactly, HP or HPE?, Last buyouts by HPE: CRAY and MapR by CEO Antonio Neri, there are autentic good bargains, not confuse Apotheker erratic HP CEO era with now time

You know what's besides the XPoint, Intel? Somebody else's storage-class memory – SK Hynix

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Intel Discover enigma?

From time ago Intel assert that Optane is not PCM, but I believe that is one distract maneuver. From many years Intel manage their efforts R&D focused on PCM and it had large quantity of registered Patent in this tech and very little of RRAM patent. Now is time from Intel unveil this enigma.

Cray's found a super scooper, $1.3bn's gonna buy you. HPE's the one

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Re: HPE buying Cray

NOt exactli !!! Meg Whitman and succasor bring new philosofal managerial to HPE. The thjghs are different, I dont doubt what HPE to respect absolute Cray way´s, I suspect that the Cray brand may live on in high-end machines, but perhaps not – and if that happens, that will be a pity. Cray means, and has always meant, supercomputing.

luis river

CRAY emblematic enterprise

Congratulations to Antonio Neri I Think that purchase is one good decision, CRAY emblematic american firm HPC.

Commercial spinoffs of Fujitsu's Post-K super 'puter will hit shelves long before exascale daddy switched on

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Dreaming is easy

Over paper desing all works, reality is other thing. From mine point of view the heart stuff is efficiency, othertwise wil be faulty tech.

IBM servers crashed in Q4 – just sales, not the mother of all outages

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RedHat bet

After buyout RedHat october 2018 by eat part Linux server market... incredible figures by IBM last quarter. What happened? The world dont will propertied Tech?

Resistance is... new style: Samsung says it's now shipping resistive eMRAM for IoT chips

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Special year about NVM

One WEB say Samsung MRAM latency is 1 ns. or 1/30.000 that EEPROM latency but are only promises. Intel fiasco about 3Dxpoint promise 1000/1000, speed/endure about flash. For now all vaporware, we shall wait until end this special year 2019, ( new devices from world industry ) then we know more about NVM history.

Neri, Neri, nerr-nerr: Wall St smiles on HPE despite slip in hybrid IT, compute sales

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I don´t understand the low value stock of HPE, soon ramp up how rocket

Intel to finally scatter remaining ashes of Itanium to the wind in 2021: Final call for doomed server CPU line

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Itanium dead

Don´t cry for me Argentina or Don´t cry for me Hewlett Packard ?

Western Digital CTO Martin Fink refused El Reg's questions, but did write this sweet essay

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Re: Fink disappointed me

After Western Digital promises, on end 2018 year, nothing new about SCM. Is time what M Fink get back to the Register?

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Fink disappointed me

Theregister questions there is very appropiate, Fink fault dont answer them, great error. The theme NVmemory is very interesting, I not doubt what the on next times, it will be most important tech on IT

Visa Europe fscks up Friday night with other GDPR: 'God Dammit, Payment Refused'

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to investigate

IBM or HPE fault tolerant "Tándem" (Integrity non stop) To investigate

High-cap enterprise hard drives stream dosh into Western Digital

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Hey WD Pals!!!!. When available the RRAM tech? The ultimate prediction was date limit august 2018 available Is true?

Non-shingled and ready to mingle: WDC catches up with 14TB disk rivals

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wait and despair

Still waiting for promise of ReRam Tech devices substitutive of DRAM and Flash by WD, possible fiasco ?

Former DXC UK chief Wilson lands at Micro Focus

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Re: Terrible People Manager

That is the difference... boss o ...leader

DXC Tech CEO continues to wash away HPE old guard

luis river

Other initiatives included rationalising office space... Ha ! Ha! Ha!.... very clever this state

HPE CEO Meg Whitman QUITS, MAN! Neri to replace chief exec in Feb

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Job well finished

M Whitman make one great job, is the leader woman in the IT industry, on 61 years old, she is yet competitive, but full of good decisión move out. Always she will be remembrance. God lucky Meg !!!

Toshiba said yes to the Bain-Capital-backed bunch – reports

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surprise agreement

The real menace of new technologies how RRAM, spintronic, memristor, PCM etc is surprise not afected agreement, soon these tech surpass Flash Tech

HPE slices and dices globo org chart

luis river

Next top dog

The most important remark of the Register-hpe note is next change of top dog. (CEO) Mister "refinement" A. Neri. Meg make cleanup job although is excesive

HPE sales chief Peter Ryan abandons ship amid downsizing ploy

luis river

my bet new director

Opportunity for new, habil, conciliative, productive, young but experimented director may be HP´s Gonzalo Usandizaga

HP Inc, HPE both slapped with racism, ageism lawsuit

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Hypocrisy and lie

Layoffs based on their age is significative and it is very...very...very true. Enterprises is their habitual procedure in economical crisis and when it is dont are , nothing protect that employees. The high management deceive their empleyoes about company loyalty and blah, blah, blah but after they there are despiadate about killer Jobs. Monsters !!!

HPE sales slide, profits evaporate... but think of the future, CEO urges

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I trust

Until now Meg company management it have sense from my modest point of view, she invest heavy these last years with appropiate movements for reinforced HPE toward one better future, I trust in present CEO and directors of this company

DXC Technology looks to lighten the payroll six weeks after launch

luis river

anybody Know?

Hey Pal : What is the significance of acronim letters DXC ??

WDC flirting with Japan funds to bolster bid for Toshiba's memory biz

luis river

The purchase of MEM división Toshiba is very expensive, alliances there is logical, but offert of the chinesse is almost imposible equaled

HPE starts 'SimpliVity-fying' products, eyes hyperconverged buyers

luis river

The Proliant trade mark is gone?

Oh, 3PAR. One moment you're gliding along. The next, you're in the rain as HPE woos Nimble

luis river

Re: more than 8 nodes

I dont Know, but here many incongruencies on the mentions of "re: more than 8 nodes reply" , I believe on the virtues of 3PAR storage, dedicated ASIC is one formidable Tech

HPE CEO Whitman says everything's 'on the right track' as sales are literally decimated

luis river

very bad memory

The people has very bad memory, makes very little time HPE was practically the only company that had them best figures of sales of companies IT (growth) while others e.g. IBM takes near 20 Q down your billing. I'm sure that this decline is cyclical. I advise the defeatist people to take high doses of anti-depressants.

Memory loss: Toshiba puts chip biz up for sale

luis river

Tech obsolete

With the very next memory Tech (RRAM, MPC, spinT, Memristor, etc, ) the value de Toshiba flash tech is very poor, I dont believe on this movement.

Cutting Hewlett-Packard Labs down to size

luis river

HPE fault dream?

The management class visión of Marc Hurd is returning, extreme cuts R&D in HP labs is now, the management class visión de Leo Apotheker was reality on 1 nov 2015 (división HP), sucessfull boss HP labs Martin Fink is gone. I ask: HPE CEO Meg Whitman is one decorative management person?

2016 – the year 3D XPoint came down to earth from Planet Hype

luis river

next NVM

The HPE "memristor" is one promising Tech for the next future, it had all, density, dimensión, speed, easy to make, low cost, is not one reality now by little details, I believe HPE next achievement

WDC loads its belt-fed drive cannon, blasts out disks 'n' cards galore

luis river

Re: Not "the highest performance per rack unit in the industry"

SanDisk and HPE are partnership and complementary enterprises, the combining best world tech

A closer look at HPE's 'The Machine'

luis river

real cost?

IBM 360 serie mainframes development cost: 5.000 millions $. HPE "The machine" cost: only tens millions $ ? This last appreciation it seem ridiculous.

HPE is creaming Dell in HPC

luis river

true value

HPE & SGI is now a perfect combination. Energy efficiency a goal pursued by the modern HPC, HPE since its first version of Moonshot, (ultra dense servers) seeks this objective, rather than never hewlett Packard. HPC is a good option.

SimpliVity results scream 'I'm perfect for you, HPE!'

luis river

very expensive company

Management SimpliVity: 4 Billion is very expensive, your value is excesive

HPE and SimpliVity may be at church door

luis river

the purchase not make sense

The research arm HP labs it can emule everything tech include SimpliVity, I think HPE is working in this Tech long time ago and it is in last stage of developing that product, the purchase not make sense

HPE OneView's automated on-ramp is easy on the admin

luis river

Oneview is one mature product, one easy and sofisticated product, HPE it has inverted very $ millions in the depelopment of oneview on many years, is one great product

Low-power transistors hint at alternative to battery bonfires

luis river

Photonic Tech

The next step on Tech for lower power I.C. is the photonic tech applied to silicon microcircuits, this tech is already mature and soon reach market (2018 year)

Want to use 3D XPoint DIMMs with Intel Purley Xeons? Wait a couple of years for second-gen

luis river

Next generation projects

My vision: HPE next "memristor project" is already working correctly on mass NVM matrix and photonics on chip is one reality in project "The machine" I believe HPE had advance to Intel research next generation projects.

Imagine a sad deflating balloon. There, that's IBM's servers, storage

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Virginia desastrous

IBM has spend in buyouts this last year aprox 6 bill. (Enterprise adquisitions) but the results follow negative, bad solution had the matter. Virginia firmly catch the CEO position.

Hey! spies! Get! in! here! and! explain! this! Yahoo! email-scanning! 'kernel! module!'

luis river

Re: G Jang shadow

Excuse me, in firts place is Jerry Yang the name and surname, in second place I am self studing english lenguaje, repeat excuse me.

luis river

G Jang shadow

With the scandal details 500 million of e mail Yahoo filtered to them agencies of security USA, Marisa Meyer is now against the ropes ,her was its work in Yahoo follow orders of the illustrious G Jang, consisted in its sale at any price, so many years expected. Now your Verizon buyer wants a great discount by the scandal, a clause in the purchase requires it, Marisa despite having supporters many years who have flattered, the ultimate reality put her in true situation for all people.

Roll over Beethoven: HPE Synergy compositions oughta get Meg singing for joy

luis river

HPE firts class

Great work, the HPE división product development make great achievements, the envy of competiveness

Why XPoint SSDs won't meet original speed claims: A guide

luis river

failed promises

All Intel marketing, all words, failed promises, equal to Memristor by Hewlett Packard E. All wapourware.

Intel XPoint over-selling criticism surges as Chipzilla hits back

luis river

very far

Prediction on time frame 3D xpoint (massive production) and my offer is at least 24 months (very optimistic) I do not believe that wrong

Gimps with big Dell balls hijack HPE's partner shindig

luis river

Winner by litle time

...claims about the firm’s number one position in product sectors...Sectors ???To dell super expensive purchase of EMC, it put number one in storage, repeat only in storage, but by how much time?

HPE crams unloved software down Brits' throats – then charges them $9bn to swallow it

luis river

Good luck

Micro focus and HPE merger is wonderfull and promising, both need one another, the combination can be successfull depending of the good managerial impulse.

Dude, you got a Dell lawyer: HPE sues high-flying ex-exec after defection to EMC

luis river

Great HPE

HPE is one great company, one world class products, excellent strategies, grand management, I not doubt what sonn will be venerated and considered the firts one Enterprise IT.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise in talks to offload software, asking for '$8bn to $10bn'

luis river

Memristor not dead

Wait old chap, HPE works yet about memristor, their partnership with WD en RRAM can brougth, great surprises.

luis river

Great opportunity

The soft Enterprise UK "Autonomy" and EEUU "Vertica" is leading tech in their category, they are grand value companys, Mercury Enterprise is one veteran and well established company IT, I think what they are great opportunity for purchase

Never-never chip tech Memristor shuffles closer to death row

luis river

mass production

The Tech Memristor speciment device "Works", only this tech is faulty on mass-bulky production, I dont doubt what HPE- others to reach this final purpose



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