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Parrot drone pwned (and possibly killed) with Wi-Fi log-in


I'm waiting for someone to write a system that auto connects to their WiFi setup and kills any unprotected drones in range...

Smartwatch biz Pebble says smartwatch biz Apple won't approve its new app – surprise


Re: 43 days . .

43 days for the non Pebble Time app for the older watch, not for the Pebble Time app

EE data network goes TITSUP* after mystery firewall problem


Still problems

The data problem got fixed, but somehow it's caused other problems, i.e. no incoming SMS or phone calls despite outgoing working. So if anyone thinks their phone is a little quiet today....

Source: EE customer services, they hope it'll be fixed today...

EE in giant VoLTE-face as it tries voice calls over Wi-Fi... again


Hopefully this will be compatible with Apples iOS WiFi calling when it gets released with iOS 8

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