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Amazon's not-actually-3D Fire: Bezos' cash register in YOUR pocket



So what's the monthly cost you pay to AT&T for an individual plan? Is it the same as on AT&T's website or is it lower because it's through Amazon? Couldn't find any pricing on plans at Amazon. Also, that phone is UGLY. And with 720 resolution, that's less than what the first gen iPhone had! Just what the world needed: another fork of the already fragmented Android OS for developers and consumers. I have an Galaxy S4 phone with Android 4.2 whilst my neighbor on a different carrier has Android 4.3. These carriers, and Amazon, need to get their $hit together and have one AOS that supports the panoply of LTE phones on the market. I'd prefer an Apple phone but I don't like having to wear reading glasses just to read or text on my phone. Hopefully the rumored nextgen Apple iPhone will finally have a decent-sized screen.

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