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Done making the big stuff better? The path to Apple's mid-life crisis


What Apple needs to 'invent' is a way to make Socialist fan boys hot and bothered about American built products, versus so willing to support Chinese slave labor for their 'jollies'. In other words, Apple needs to carry across the threshold a metalogical imperative, 'we' not 'them'… but as long as they have a LGBT Socialist CEO… who has mediocre taste and a tiny imagination… they'll hit rock bottom. Luckily for them, all of their cash reserves are in foreign banks.

I/O: New Google design language will RULE OVER 'DROIDS


It's really really simple Google...

Here is the secret... make your USER INTERFACE GUI, look like that of a MacBook Pro, maybe system 10.4 TIGER, with the same 'classic environment' but instead of Systems 7-9, make those pull down menu options run older versions of Android, that can run in a separate window so that older aps are still compatible.

In other words... give us a FINDER BAR, pull down menus, docks, multiple windows, old and new android compatibility, etc. When I flip on my ANDROID and it looks and works! nearly exactly like a Mac... I'll start using it again!! Big time.

Amazon's not-actually-3D Fire: Bezos' cash register in YOUR pocket


This is Apple Corp's Game.

Apple already has patents on VERY similar if not exactly the same technology. It has been waiting I think for another company to fund the mass marketing of a new product in order to ascertain the success potential of this use of eye tracking.

If Amazon makes a bundle, Apple will be in there suing them, and if they fail, Apple will promote their failure to their advantage... so in the end, no matter the results, this is Apple's game, let's see how they play it out.

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