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Simon Pegg to play Scotty


Re: Ye canna change the laws of physics

"Just find out where James Doohan's remains are buried and piss on them."

Good luck. He was cremated and shot into space.

Hackers hit back at iPhone update



1. Apple warned everyone that the update may break the phone. What's the suprise when it did. No one was forced to update.

2. Apple has been quietly supportive of external app development. They could have very easily locked the iPhone down completely and chose not to.

3. Very few phones were actually "bricked."

4. Apple stores have been quietly fixing the bricked phones. While it's not offically supported, go to an Apple store and ask. Ten minutes later you'll probably have a working phone again.

The bottom line is that if you hacked your phone, you did so knowingly and accepted the risk. Don't turn this into an "Apple hates iPhone hackers" situation like the article suggests.

Apple unveils larger nanos


You're a putz, Cade

Seriously, are you one of those people who think it's cool to hate on everything? "Ohh, Apple didn't let me in. It must be because they suck, it couldn't possibly be because they know I’m a two-bit hack! Ohh, Starbucks is successful and somewhat fashionable, I hate that too. Look at my non-conformist ways, I’m so cool.”

This entire article could have been boiled down to a link to Apple’s site. You contributed nothing, Cade.


Burned by a MacBook


Why is this news?

I'm sorry that you had a poor experience with your MB. I'm sorry that you were injured. But aside from Apple being a popular company right now, this isn't news. If you'd had these problems with Dell/HP/Gateway/etc it never would have made this site. Get off the bandwagon and go back to reporting news.

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