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Details of 600,000 foreign visitors to UK go up in smoke thanks to shonky border database

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Re: Problems

"This is what got Boris Johnson to be denied entry to the US a couple of years ago as he tried to enter on a British passport which clearly stated that he was born in New York."

His real problem was probably talking to the immigration officer who promptly decided he couldn't possibly be a native English speaker.

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Re: Problems

"That's a sweeping statement, do you have any proof?"

It has the Home Office. How much more proof do you need?

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Re: Problems

"flaunt the laws and rules"

Is this similar to waving them?

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Re: Problems

"Good luck tracking me."

Presumably your name and date of birth are unchanged?

Name is a variable, not a constant. Date of birth is a constant but (a) although you were present at the time you have no recollection of it and are dependent on what someone else told you* and (b) what you inform someone as to your date of birth is also a variable. Those are the realities of those who don't want to be tracked.

* There are exceptions around adoption etc. where not even the person doing the telling has no direct knowledge of the DoB.

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Re: Problems

"Physical stamps on paper passport pages are a very outdated mechanism now, I suspect they're only there as a backup to the electronic controls."

As far as I can make out from TFA that suspicion seems to be founded on undue optimism - and likely to remain so until the Home Office get a clue.

The best outsourcers fire themselves

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"My rule of thumb, then, with outsourcing software development, is to ask the outsourcer what their plan to fire themselves is. How long will they need to be around, exactly? If they don’t have one, then they’re likely planning on sticking around for a long time."

More likely is that they've got the measure of your scope creep.

User fired IT support company for a 'typo' that was actually a real word

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Re: Validation Vs verification

"McLinux, which would be a cool name, but wrong."

Have you considered changing your name by deed poll?

It's baaack – WannaCry nasty soars through Boeing's computers

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"We are on a call with just about every VP in Boeing."

My first reaction was about the naivety of thinking that the VPs would be those with the skills to fix it. Then I realised that tying them up with conference calls keeps them off the backs of those who actually do have the skills. So it really is the right thing to do.

Yes, Emergency Service Network will be late and cost more - UK perm sec

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"When asked again if she was concerned about the programme, Rudd deferred to Rutnam."

So she doesn't even know whether she's concerned.

Are you able to read this headline? Then you're not Julian Assange. His broadband is unplugged

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Re: Rather predictable

"He should though be conforming to common decency regarding his hosts."

He didn't conform to common decency regarding his bail guarantors so although you're right in saying he should the only surprising thing is that it's taken him this long to really upset them.

Take the dashboard too literally and your brains might end up all over it

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Re: Sigh... Why the gauge?

"care to guess why the fuel quantity indication in your old vehicle varied significantly as a function of road grade and your new one is rock steady?"

One reflects a physical reality, the other some abstraction. Care to guess which one would I prefer to see based on the fact that my car runs on physical real fuel, not on an abstraction?

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Re: Chart based encryption

Bar charts with axis not starting at zero are great for biasing human insight a useful warning that something's being fiddled.

Boffins stalk house-hunting bees, find colony behaves kind of like a human brain

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"Ok, I am being unfair, not like there are any bees left to do proper research around Sheffield nowdays."

You are. There's a fair amount of Peak District not that far away. Sheffield used to pride itself on being one of the greenest cities in the UK until the council decided to start felling so many trees.

10Mbps for world+dog, hoots UK.gov, and here is how we're doing it

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Re: We put a man into space/landed on the moon? between 1961 and 1969.

"When are we truly going to have 'just' a Broadband service with one charge Ofcom, where I don't have to take BT's phone service to get Broadband?"

It would probably cost you about £60 per quarter more if you did.

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"Cost for the USO per household: £1,400,000,000 / 24,480,000 households = £57.19 per household."

It'll end up looking nothing like that as I'm sure we all know too well. And then, if you want to distribute the cost over 10 years' worth of bills you need to add in interest.

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Re: Bill increase of £20

"I blame the article - it would have been nice to have stated if this is:-" etc.

They'll tell you when they decide which it is. It'll probably start at the bottom of your list and work upwards.

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Re: What's "fast"...

"I don't need gigabit speeds, so FTTP is an extravagance"

It sounds like you'll be paying for it all the same even if you don't get it. Did you imagine those who've been whining for it were going to pay for it themselves?

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"That nice man Jeremy said he could do a better job."

Every party not in government says they can do a better job. LibDem voters were horrified when their party got into government and discovered they couldn't.

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"I still can't work out why this is privatised."

Because over 3 decades ago it became all too obvious that successive governments hadn't been and still weren't prepared to make the required levels of ongoing investment in the old GPO network. The only way to get adequate investment into the network and to recover money from such previous as had been made was to privatise it.

Most FTSE 100 boards kept in the dark about cyber resilience plans

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"Just 21 per cent of UK Blue Chip businesses regularly share security updates with the board at least twice a year"

Or to put it another way, 79% of boards don't demand regular security updates.

I'd like to think that this level of neglect would raise questions from the big institutional investors but clearly not.

There are 10 types of people in the world, but there is only one Melvyn

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The best Stobb ever! "Bragg, now fully awake, and reaching levels of incredulity not achieved since he learned that oxygen is the waste product of the chlorophyll reaction" is a particular gem.

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"The In our time on X-ray crystallography"

Bragg on Bragg and Bragg?

I wonder if they were related? Bragg and Bragg and Bragg, of course, I know Bragg and Bragg were related.

Fed up with Facebook data slurping? Firefox has a cunning plan

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"So no mercy to those who MUST use Facebook to stay in touch with family or do their jobs (with no alternatives to speak of)?"

You didn't read it did you? It enables you to use FB if you've dug yourself into that hole and at the same time keep all other use of your browser out of their hands.

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Re: How is it any better than running NoScript

"We all know no-script is cool, but as a user experience it's rubbish. You have to care enough to put up with it constantly breaking things."

Wrong way round. I regard a website that can't function without introducing lumps of code from sources over which its developers have no control as being already broken at best and potentially dangerous at worst. All NoScript does is reveal that this damage.

Don't shoot the messenger.

What the @#$%&!? Microsoft bans nudity, swearing in Skype, emails, Office 365 docs

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Re: That's Yorkshire fucked then

"Especially residents of Scunthorpe and Penistone."

Scunthorpe's been moved to Yorkshire?

OTOH the residents of Overton, Middlestown and Netherton might have a problem with the ancient township which included them (exercise left to the reader).

Microsoft's Windows 7 Meltdown fixes from January, February made PCs MORE INSECURE

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Re: From the desk of /dev/null

That's an interesting post there, JJ. Of all the comments at time of writing yours is the only one to mention Linux. The rest seem to be by Windows users complaining about Microsoft.

Manchester Arena attack: National Mutual Aid Telephony system failed

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Re: Holy **** you can't make this stuff up.

Yes Minister...it's satire, not a "how to" manual.

Satire is humour applied to criticism of that being satirised. The foundations are reality, without a real subject to examine critically there can be no satire. YM was generally reckoned as being particularly well founded. A boxed set of YM and YPM together with a copy of "How to lie with statistics" should be the basis for any education in civics.

Parents blame brats' slipping school grades on crap internet speeds

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I think the conclusion is whatever youSwitch would like it to be.


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Re: Whaaat...

"I can't see why primary school pupils require homework....My primary school was rural , four pupils in my class."

My primary school wasn't much bigger than yours. My grandchildrens' primary school, only a couple of miles away, is probably at least the same size as a whole year (four classes) was at my grammar school. Rural schools are bigger, and maybe a bit less rural than they were. And they do have homework.

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Re: Wiki

@MrDamage & MrT

May I remind the Hon Gentlemen https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/12/13/adsl_signal_passed_through_wet_string/

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"a survey of 1,000 respondents by price comparison site uSwitch."

I'm reminded of Bernard being congratulated on being a perfect balanced sample.

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Nothing to do with term-time - yes I got fined but I'd do it again - holidays>?

Adobe: New Unified Customer Profile will personalise ads as never before

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Re: “Consumers prefer a personalized experience,”

"Let me tell you about some of my hobbies while we are at it:"

The appropriate adverts will be along shortly.

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Re: So every software company is turning into a marketing one...

"If you find such a company, please share it with the group."

Until then there's open source.

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Re: Shared Data

"Amazon's onsite recommendations are based on one's purchase"

In other words, what you don't need because you bought it last time.

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“Consumers prefer a personalised experience,...“When you walk into that restaurant they know the food you want to order, they know your drink."

Actually, when I walk into a restaurant I want to read the menu and wine list and order what I want depending on what's on there, what I like and what I want to spend. Providing that, that's personalised service. The alternative sounds too much like foisting on to me what the restaurant wants to sell.

NASA stalls $8bn James Webb Space Telescope again – this time to 2020

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Re: It will be killed for national security reasons!

"Being a collaboration with ESA and Canada it may be more difficult to shelve it, but with a Trump administration scared of every foreign country, who knows?"

The ESA and Canada might be asking for their money back if he shelves it. If that turns nasty they could always distrain him by a few Trump hotels and golf courses.

Java-aaaargh! Google faces $9bn copyright bill after Oracle scores 'fair use' court appeal win

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Be carful what you wish for

IBM on the line for Oracle. They want a word about SQL. And AT&T on the other line want to talk about C.

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Re: "What next, copyrighted DNA"

"I think I hold a copyright on my DNA, or maybe my parents."

Your parents may wish to sue. Did they grant you a licence?

Did the FBI engineer its iPhone encryption court showdown with Apple to force a precedent? Yes and no, say DoJ auditors

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"It should be noted, however, that the FBI has not given up its efforts to be granted access to every phone. It appears to be simply bidding its time until the next San Bernardino tragedy."

This should make it a bit more difficult to pull this trick. And not just the FBI.

But as you say, full marks to someone near the top of the FBI for showing some integrity.

SAP Anywhere is gonna be absolutely nowhere: We're 'sunsetting' this service, biz tells punters

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We will be working closely with our customers to help them transition off the product and to find sell them a new SAP solution that best fits their needs costs more


Meet the open sorcerers who have vowed to make Facebook history

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Re: Please just don't care enough

"A £100 always-on box with a few gigs of storage would be more than sufficient for non-technical users."

You're trying to sell £100 box to people who go for the cheapest ISP and "free" FB services?

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"but those of us that don't and have a different email address can still chat"

And continue to have no measurable difference on FB's viability.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"I already pay for my email service."

So do I, partially so I can hand out and delete unique email addresses but there are millions who won't.

Microsoft loves Linux so much it wants someone else to build distros for its Windows Store

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Re: Does it have a good terminal emulator ?

"running full X doesn't sound appealing just for a few terminal windows."

I used to run Windows for a few terminal sessions to the Unix server. How appealing do you think that felt?

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

“Broadening the ability for people to try, enjoy, and adopt Linux via the WSL is a good thing.”

Just wait till the realise they could run it on bare metal.

Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg has flunky tell UK MPs: Nope, he's sending someone else

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I doubt anyone who gave evidence to the committee before would want to show up here where they might be charged with contempt of Parliament.

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Re: Rule Britannia!

"We kept the pound. Well I did."

Getting rid of the pound, more's the pity, will be the price of getting back into the EU to rebuild our economy. That'll happen in a few years time when the referendum will appear to have been an extraordinary counting error on account of the fact that nobody will admit to having voted leave.

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Re: Rule Britannia!

"Sounds like someone is still bitter about how democracy works... Shame on you."

It's more a case of having a good understanding of how reality works.

BTW, where's the Irish border going to go and what will it look like? And what will HMG do if the DUP don't like it? Remember, your idea of democracy depends on the approval of the DUP!!!

IBMers in TSS: How WILL we support customers after these latest job cuts?

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Re: Support? What Support?

"Note to self... Make sure my grandkids keep well away from IT as a possible career as there won't be one in 5-10 years"

It depends on the age of the grandkids. At some point the backlash will come. A few service providers who fail to provide service get sued for board level visible sums with a few more in the pipeline and CEOs get told to put their best staff on the case or else. And then they discover they don't have any best staff. They don't have any staff. Then the panic recruiting starts. The question is, when and does it fit the grandkids' timeframe?

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