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Windows 10 to give passwords the finger and dangle dongles

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Re: Read the specs

"The only way I can see it working is that the key needed to decrypt the private key is actually stored on the system"

Turtles all the way down!

Game of Moans: Sky coughs to BORKED set top box BALLS-UP

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"We’re still working on this"

SOP. Never consider rolling back the previous version.

Samsung, LG wash dirty laundry in two separate court cases

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Have Sammy thought this through?

Do you want a stream of LG execs & expert witnesses parading through the witness box to tell everyone who'll listen that you're using sub-standard hinges?

That's the obvious line of defence.

£100 MILLION poured down drain on failed UK.gov IT projects - in just ONE YEAR

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Re: FOSS for all...

"The Civil Servants that manage IT projects need to have a proven track record of (5-10+ years) software development (using a key language like C/C++/C#/Java/Python/Ruby etc...) and managing software development teams."

No. They need to be able to analyse requirements properly. No amount of years experience with any number of languages will be of benefit if the requirements keep changing every 3 months.

Vint Cerf: Everything we do will be ERASED! You can't even find last 2 times I said this

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Re: Anecdotal instance

Nice example. You need to migrate the stuff as the previous generation of stuff is becoming obsolete but still on hand.

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Long term survival

Historically the survival of any particular document has been a matter of chance. Some Anglo Saxon charters survive as originals. Some older documents have survived in particularly favourable environments. For the most part, however, texts from antiquity have survived as copies several generations removed from the original and the more copies were made the greater the chance that one or more has survived.

I don't see that changing in terms of digital texts. Anything posted to Geocities, for example, is long gone unless someone copied it - archive.org doesn't seem to have got it all. If Google decided that Groups should go the same way as Wave how much of Usenet would survive?

If we are to have digital records available far into the future we need to do three things:

Have multiple archives of what is to be preserved*

Each archive needs to copy its material onto new media as old ones become obsolete

In addition to copying material archives need to translate obsolete file formats into current ones**

* What is chosen for preservation is a thorny problem. Every time an archivist decides to weed the archive their decisions will be incomprehensible to someone. I remember some years ago wandering into a 2nd-hand bookshop in Cromer and bound volumes of Nature that the county library had disposed of crammed into all sorts of corners.

** Ideally one format that can be kept current for a long time - long in an archival sense. PDF/A?

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Re: Not really much of a problem

'In the main, the "plebs'" lives aren't very interesting - not even of today's "plebs."...Certainly there are things that need to be preserved - the back ground of historical events and agreements'

Maybe not from your point of view. However as you're not the only person in this planet that's a fairly limited one. Social historians find these lives much more interesting than the doings of the political classes.

To take one tiny area - how did the domestic textile industry of the West Riding evolve? Just how did the clothiers operate? How did this differ from the domestic industries of other areas such as the Cotswolds? How did it differ from the development of the metal-working industry of the Sheffield area? Manorial and parish records are remarkably unforthcoming about this aspect of their inhabitants. These are not trivial historical concerns; these trades launched parts of the industrial revolution and yet our understanding of them is quite limited.

It's not easy being Green. But WHY insist we knit our own ties?

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Re: So, in other words...

"You know how to fix your computer. Good for you. But lots of people don't"

But all too often they know us.

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"we can have large scale hippy toothpaste production"

Probably not. Isn't hippy production not large scale by definition?

Violin-fiddling boffins learn that 'F-HOLES' are secret to Stradivarius' SUPERIOR sound

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Re: Learning something new...

The backs are carved out from a block to give them a convex profile on the outside and concave on the inside.

Online retail giant Amazon GOES TITSUP ACROSS EUROPE

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" the retarded ULTRA-LARGE/ULTRA-WIDE picture format newly employed that is currently de rigueur with every web designer priding him/herself on being irredeemably autistic and subscribed to all the premier webby lifestyle magazines"

Does this remind you of anyone?

Let's hope the fad passes soon.

I assume the downvotes came from web designers.

Daybreak Game Company GOES TITSUP after painful Sony DIVORCE

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I wonder how many of those responsible are out on bail after the previous round. It won't help pleas of mitigation.

An NSA spy, a Fed and a sysadmin walk into a bar – that's Prez Obama's new cyber-security order

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Sharing requires trust and that's in short supply at present. The first step is to rebuild it. Rebuilding trust is a lot harder than either building it in the first place or maintaining it.

Proposed US law could deal knockout blow to FBI in overseas cloud privacy ding-dongs

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Re: For the clueless...

Or maybe a business doing business with a US company? Or competing with one? Or...?

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Re: RE NY judge getting EU data

MyKolab claims to hold all data in Switzerland.

Gullible Apple users targeted by bogus order cancellation scam

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Re: The Oracle of technology

"we just all need to start replying to all Nigerian/Ivory Coast/Congo/etc 'princes' and they'll eventually get overwhelmed"

I'd like the mail services to add an option to forward each mail in the junk folder to the Reply to addresses of all the other mail. That would overwhelm them PDQ.

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Re: Thin line

"often its grammar as"

Oh, the irony!

UN negotiations menaced by topless women. Or not

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Re: He's just shy

"I do think that his hypothetical scenario reflects more his fantasies than reality, though."

Are you sure? I thought this was an interesting insight into Belarus and its politics.

Free WiFi coming to UK trains ... in two years

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Re: Chiltern experience

From my experience of Chiltern back in the day just having trains would have been an improvement. Many hours were spent on Marylebone station waiting for them to find enough working DMUs to cobble together a train. At least that was my guess as to what was happening.

Skin colour's irrelevant. Just hire competent folk on their merits, FFS

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Re: marketing bacon at the synagogue ??

Jewish senior manager at a former client decided to regard bacon butties as kosher.

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Three considerations

1. Why should MS (or Google, F/B, Twits or any other business) know what the composition of their workforce is in terms of race, sexuality or anything else? It shouldn't be an attribute on their staff database. Male/female might reasonably be if it's affected by different legislated retirement ages but that's that the only good reason to gather that information.

2. Age still seems to be a PC-allowable basis for discrimination.

3. What proportion of African ancestry is required to be classed as $terminology-of-choice as opposed to white? I ask partly because there are occasional findings of African Y-chromosome haplotypes in English families with no clear explanation.

'Giving geo-engineering to this US govt is like giving a child a loaded gun'

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Re: Never mind that...

For some value of Swedish blonde that is non-volcanic?

BBC bins pricey Windows Media, Audio Factory goes live

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From the blog

"These are still very early days for Audio Factory and we have been very focussed on getting the service live. There are still some local stations in mono, and our full range of bit rates and delivery methods have yet to be rolled out. "

And did it not occur to anyone that the time to close down what was already working was after the new version was fully rolled out?

Car? Check. Driver? Nope. OK, let's go, says British govt

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I'd be quite happy to provide them with a local test route.

It would consist of roads which according to the local council are part of the road network and shown as such on the OS 1:25000 map. Several would be roads which have an unsealed but reasonable surface and are closed off with locked gates. Another would be a road which is occupied by a stream and supports dense rushes about 2 feet high. A final one would be a road bypassed by a turnpike in the late C18th and by the mid C19th had been subsumed into the field system following enclosures a few decades earlier.

Samsung: Our TVs? Spying on you? Ha Ha! Just a joke of course

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Re: Is this at all surprising?

"Turned off the voice recognition first thing"

At least you thought you did.....

About that UK digital biz renaissance? Not so fast

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Another source of misleading registrations

Off the shelf companies. When I went freelance my accountant had a stock of pre-registered companies to hand out to new clients - and maybe old clients who needed an extra company.

Back off – it is ILLEGAL to make us accountable, claim ICANN lawyers

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Who appoints the board?

Presumably the members. So they can be given the choice of doing what the members want or leaving the gravy train.

World's mega-rich tax dodge exposed: Meet the HSBC IT bloke at the heart of damning leak

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Re: Many legitimate reasons to hold a Swiss bank account?

3. You do business in Switzerland.

Boy, 16, cuffed after posting selfie with body of kid he allegedly killed

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Re: Inadmissable...

Irrelevant whether the photo was saved or not. The recipient saw it and can testify to that.

Why 1.6 million people will miss Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 date with fate

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Re: 'Server systems are generally thought isolated from external attackers'

If you read the article it then goes on to call this an illusion and by implication an illusion held by those who also hold the purse strings.

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Re: Rockin' hard place.

"they didn't want to do it"

And do they also not want to make sales of their other products or services in the future?

$10,000 Ethernet cable promises BONKERS MP3 audio experience

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Re: I would buy them only for "tabs that are virtually unbreakable"

No, surely you want tabs that are really unbreakable.

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Re: One born every minute

" the 1s would be backed up"

You have to unplug the cable from time to time to empty them out.

Calling a friend? Listen to an advert. You lucky, lucky thing

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Stop scraping...

...you've reached the bottom of the barrel.

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Re: Marketing types....

I think the prime requirement to be in advertising is to be so self obsessed as to actually believe that the world is anxiously waiting for your next fart - brain or otherwise.

Smartphones don’t dumb you down, they DUMB you UP

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Re: GPS and SatNav

"an HGV (usually from foreign parts) gets stuck half way down"

We have a local lane which is steep, had two right angle bends and a few lesser bends and gets narrower as you go down. I think the local farmer could do quite well out of a sign with the number of the local recovery firm.

One of the oddities of this is that the victims are obviously being SATNAVed to a particularly congested main road (which the Highways Agency would really like them to avoid) but have either crossed or turned off another main road which is less problematic. All the route planning sites have this strange preference. Do the routing algorithms prefer a road with a slightly lower number?

As a side issue, being near to a national park we often see parties of walkers all togged out with their waterproofs, sticks in each hand and, despite the maps in plastic envelopes round their necks, wearing distinctly lost-looking expressions on their faces. I've seen one group turn back just before they got to the footpath they were probably aiming at and turn up what was clearly marked as a private road leading to a row of cottages. It's not just drivers and SATNAVs who can't navigate.

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Re: where I art be ?

Sheep are not kine.

'If someone in Australia says lick my toad, it's not a euphemism'

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Re: Marmite?

"the EU Salt Reduction Framework"

I hoped you'd made this up. But no, there's no beating the EU at that game.

Ubuntu smartphone to go on sale: It'll be harder to get than a new iPhone

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Re: Excellent news.

"Will users have root access?"

If it's anything like desktop Ubuntu you'll have to use sudo & given your own password.

Legalese and coding? Yup, it's the open-source FOSDEM shindig

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Re: Here's a question for your lawyers

One further question to Radbruch's list. Did publishing them enhance your professional reputation and result in a better salary which supported your wife?

But like everyone else has said, talk to your lawyer.

GRUNTY CHIMPS 'blend in among locals' after moving to Scotland

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Cell's a cytology journal. However the cell.com domain also hosts Current Biology which is where this paper is published.

Snowden leaks LEGALISED GCHQ's 'illegal' dragnet spying, rules British tribunal

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Re: soo.. illegal things are ok as long s they were done in the past?

"No, no, no....not that either - it is because a third party told on you and thus it became known what you had done, that things went from illegal to legal (and henceforth for ever more)."

That's the way elReg wrote it up. But as far as I can follow from a quick look at the judgement the disclosure to which the judges refer was one made by the Foreign Office, not Ed Snowden's.

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Unlike Scribd this link doesn't require a login: http://www.judiciary.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/liberty-v-fco.pdf

Ofcom can prise my telly spectrum from my COLD, DEAD... er, aerial

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Re: "Broadcast is efficient" @dajames

I completely agree except for the x3 bit. Faster speeds are available, at least they are on Mythtv.

'Privacy is DAMAGING to PROGRESS' says Irish big data whitepaper

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Re: Reinforcing stereotypes

"you have to be taking the piss"

Of course. There's data to be obtained from it.

Anthem, America's second biggest health insurer, HACKED: Millions hit by breach

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Re: I love El Reg!

"Bloomberg is already stating that China's government is being fingered in this attack."

And, of course, you believe it unquestioningly. So what would a foreign govt. want with this? As opposed to a bunch of thieves who'd be aiming to make money out of it.

'How many years of "Linux is secure because we have all those eye looking at code!" did we just put with with from the El Reg commentards'

Do you have some inside knowledge of just what OS the systems that were hacked or are you just firing off random comments?

'Tech' City hasn't got proper broadband and it's like BT doesn't CARE

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'a note attached to say "remove from list or face prosecution under Data Protection legislation"'

I returned several mailings to a previous tenant. Eventually I rung up the offenders & said in future I'd bill them £10 for each mailing I returned. That stopped them.

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"connect up my constituent to the green cabinet outside his premises.... BT should accept responsibly for installing superfast broadband to all existing cabinets in Tech City. "

Maybe she hasn't noticed that the cabinets for FTTC are different from ordinary cabinets. Maybe the one outside the premises isn't FTTC.

Swap your keyless key for keyless key-less key. You'll need: a Tesla S and Apple Watch

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Whose Tesla does it open?

First look: Ordnance Survey lifts kimono on next-gen map app

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Re: One of my favourite sites ,,,

Thanks for that. A quick check shows the local henge and buildings I never knew were listed. I'm a bit puzzled over a couple of listed building markers in the middle of roads, however.

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