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'I urge everyone to fight back' – woman wins $10k from Microsoft over Windows 10 misery

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Re: Now the precedent has been set ...

"historically all a class action suit does is make the lawyers rich."

I think the parties, in diminishing amounts they have to gain are:

1. Lawyers - they get big costs.

2. Companies - only one case to fight.

3. Plaintiffs - peanuts if they win.

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Re: Who's next?

"For precedent, look what happened to Sony with the recent Linux-on-PS3 settlement."

And any of those who got peanuts in the settlement will be looking at this & realising they should have gone with the small claims court.

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"I have done this twice recently for friends who wound up with Win10 and didn't like it."

And presumably, the MS techies could have done this. Were they under instructions not to let any user escape the clutches of W10?

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"unknowingly enrolled in a beta program"

AFAICS she was just enrolled in MS's enforced update. It took place last August. However you might be correct in describing it as a beta program.

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Re: Now the precedent has been set ...

"Eww, I feel a bit dirty even joking about that."

So you should, given that the crux of the article was that the small claims court is the way to go.

Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition

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Re: 4Chan pranked

"The amount of middle aged and older people I saw on election day asking why we used pencils instead of pens really lead me to despair. How can you get to that age and never have been in a polling station before?"

It's a valid question irrespective of how many times you've voted. Did you have an answer for them?

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Re: Dimwits

"the dog which has finally caught the car - WTF do I do with it now...?"

Quote of the week.

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" suggest it's more useful to see what David Allen Green , a legal writer has to say on things, such as reminding us the referendum is not legally binding or this on Article 50


That's a very interesting read, particularly in regard to what constitutes a decision. AFAICS even without a second referendum it would be open to a PM, Privy Council, cabinet or the HoC as appropriate to look at the existing vote and decide that a 4% majority in a non-binding poll isn't sufficient to allow such a far-reaching decision to be made.

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Re: Democracy in action...?

"So my only wish is that the geriatric majority which brought us this vote takes the responsibility proportional to the way they voted."

Are you privy to information about the actual distribution of votes by age? Nobody else has. All you have is anecdotal evidence. Other anecdotal evidence suggests that some of the younger voters didn't understand what they were doing and had simply voted Leave as a sort of protest vote.

FWIW this 70+ voter voted Remain, as in the previous vote 4 decades ago.. The Facebookers who thought it meant no more than a Like will have to live with the consequences of their votes. Unfortunately so will my children and grandchildren.

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Re: wtf?


A UK citizen is a UK citizen irrespective of how long they've been out of the country. Not quite the same as out of the UK but I spent about 19 years in N Ireland before returning to England. But one of the issues was freedom of movement and these were UK citizens who were directly affected by it. I can't think of any convincing reason why they should have been excluded.

Visiting America? US border agents want your Twitter, Facebook URLs

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Re: I guess it's good then that I'm a citizen and not a visitor....

And, for similar reasosns, as a non-citizen it's a good thing I have no intention to visit there.

Botnet-powered ballot stuffing suspected in 2nd referendum petition

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Re: Bit late but..,.

"But having said that, the basic idea of having a threshold of votes/majority for any referendum on constitutional change is a very good (essential?) idea."

True. I'll settle for essential.

"Obviously not to trigger never-ending referenda,"

Obvious to you and to me but there seem to be a number here who haven't grasped that the word "second" indicates that no more than two are being proposed.

"Why on earth didn't that idiot Cameron include a similar requirement this time?"

Dunno but possibly either he didn't expect leave to win or, more likely, because it didn't include a binding clause.

One option is for the HoC to debate the petition and come to the conclusion that although the principle behind the proposal is sound there's no need for a second referendum because, as the referendum doesn't bind the government or country to a simple majority, the government can apply the criteria to the existing vote, i.e. the majority wasn't big enough to change the status quo.

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Re: The debate

"the older folks were more likely to vote leave"


UK digi strategy on ice post Brexit results - sources

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

South facing, most of it steep hillside. Global warming. I'm hoping someone turns it into a vineyard.

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What happens to the Rural Payments Scheme affects me. I'm surrounded by land which is part of a hill farm. I hope it stays that way although I suppose the chances of it becoming housing are much diminished - nobody'll be able to afford to buy.

'Leave EU means...' WHAT?! Britons ask Google after results declared

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Re: Whatif 17.5 million people sign the petition?

"The UK voted."

At least some of them appear to have put the pencil in motion without engaging the brain. Now they're discovering that they were actually doing something real - maybe they thought it was the same as a Facebook "like".

The basis of the petition is that a referendum should require a reasonably substantial majority to change the status quo. There's also the point made by another commentator that non-resident UK citizens were denied the vote and yet they are particularly likely to be adversely affected.

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Re: Whatif 17.5 million people sign the petition?

"very few politicians will have experience of what things were like in Britain prior to the original In Referendum all those years ago."

True, but now is not then outside the EU. Whoever takes it on is going to have to work things out from first principles in any case. Can anybody see anyone who's up to the job?

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Re: So how long before ...

"It takes several years for petrol to go off"

In the 70s during the loyalist (sic) strikes in N Ireland a colleague stockpiled petrol for a relatively short period - maybe weeks, months at most & found that he couldn't start the car on it. Some of the lighter fractions had evaporated.

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Re: Only three down votes!

"It's very important to me and gets a round in at the pub"

I think you've had enough already.

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Re: A few thoughts...

"You got given one free wall already and look at the state of it."

Two actually. And the Antonine wall is in an even worse state.

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Re: google search....

"but it is possible the Brexit will be reversed by a General election."

That possibility occurred to me. At the very least we now ought to have a general election. Admittedly there's current legislation saying we can't but, given the will, that could go through Commons & Lords in a single day.

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Re: So how long before ...

"The fuel in the pumps now, that you are buying now, has taken between 4 and 12 weeks from its purchase time to reach those pumps."

But the replacement stock for what you buy now has to be purchased now. As if that made any difference to an oil company's chance of making a profit.

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Re: "thats democracy after all"

"with our first past the post electoral system it is quite possible this was the first time he cast a vote which did count."

With our first past the post system votes count, otherwise nobody would get past the post. What do you think all those people are doing in Town Halls on election nights?

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Re: Seriously...

"I wrote except not accept"

Got that, but why did he say you should have looked into it?

Brexit and data protection: A period of shock and reflection

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Re: Theresa Stasi May was in the Pro-EU camp

"Theresa May was pro-EU"

Only to the minimal extent she needed to stay on what she probably assumed would be the winning side. She doesn't seem to have been very pro-EU in anything that affected her departmental brief.

Tech firms reel from Leave's Brexit win

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Re: keithpeter Assumptions, assumptions...

"And EU regulations are enacted into British law. With UK detached from EU law i understand those enactments could suddenly find themselves challengeable to their legal standing."

A little task for Team Leave to sort out. Maybe IDS could take a look at it. He did so well with Universal Credit...

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Re: FFS Calm Down Kids!

"We had almost a years delay on selling a system because the US didn't adopt ISO-some-long-number::2014 but stuck to ISO-some-long-number::2012 while the component supplier moved to the new one."

I thought you said the problem was with the UK, not the US. And if you don't have the ISO numbers at your fingertips do you expect us to believe that you're really your company's strategist when it comes to regulations?

In the meantime, it's no change so if you want to sell stuff here under the current EU regs you can do so. If potential customers can put up with the whining.

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"Change is a chance for the agile and alert to beat the status quo."


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Re: London Falling

"The EU bureaucracy has allowed a large, hostile contingent to form in several European nations. Perhaps now an inward gaze, compelled by credible criticism, can form a more perfect union."

It'll probably take a couple more exits before they start thinking "Could it be something we said?". After all, when you know you're right you tend to adjust reality to match your views.

Time to re-file your patents and trademarks, Britain

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"I'm old enough to remember the the time before the UK was a member of the EU."

So am I but I also remember that it was a member of another trading group, EFTA and also that the Commonwealth was a stronger trading group.

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Re: Complete Tosh!!

"It does no-one any favours to simply cut off the UK. It would be just as disastrous for EU countries if agreements which allow for the continuation of trade between the UK and the EU on MUTUALLY favourable terms were not reached."

Try telling that to Junker.

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Re: "Never was so much lost by so many due to one stupid decision"

'My biggest concern now is that Remainers who won't accept the decision will fuck everything up just to "prove" they were right.'

I doubt it. It's over to Leave now. Let's see what they do, apart from act shocked as, for quite a lot of them, I expect, their sole target was to win the vote and let someone else deal with reality.

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Leaving aside the UPC element, consider the headline. Right now there's no basis for saying that patents and trademarks would need to be re-filed. Like everything else that involves EU influence there'll have to be a decision taken about the status of existing registrations. It may well be that the outcome will be that all existing registrations still stand as applying here after exit and that double registration will only be needed after some future, yet to be announced, date. In fact, I'd say that that's likely for the simple reason that sorting things out is going to be complicated enough without making further complications.

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"You have to accept the hand you were dealt."

OTOH Boris seems to be back-pedalling a bit, saying there's no hurry.

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Re: 'EU' -> 'UK' -> 'K'

"After Scottish Independence: Little Britain and Northern Ireland"

Little Britain = Brittany.

Great Britain = Large island between mainland Europe and Ireland.

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

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Re: Gutted

"Even if whatever bunch of British public schoolboys (yes, it is our government that is run by more out of touch elitist pricks than any other in Europe)"

Once upon a time we finally had a generation of grammar school politicians in power. They promptly pulled up the ladder behind them so are you surprised about what we have now?

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Re: So then

"This means ... that if we want laws our elected government will have to pass them?"

I admire your optimism.

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"If they'd had that rule and a referendum BEFORE we signed up to the various intermediate treaties..."

There's the problem. And a rule that if you vote the wrong way, cf Ireland, you can't be told to vote again until you get the right answer..

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"that wasn't on the ballet paper"

I think you're dancing around the topic. But have an upvote.

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Re: RE: Nigel Farage...

"Gordon Brown hardly ever turned up to westminster but still took his salary, so I don't see why Farage would need to bother."

For one thing we'd have all been a lot better off if Brown hadn't turned up at all and for another he was an MP & Farage isn't.

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'It's understandable, as the old people are more likely to remember the "good old times" before the EU.'

Remember, however, that we also voted to stay a few decades ago.

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"That will take hard work from both Remain and Leave camps."

True, but are Remain going to be motivated enough to try to make something they don't think can work work?

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Re: Anyone remember..

"If a country wanted to get back to manufacturing and increasing exports rather than relying on imports, isin't[sic] a lower valued pound a benefit?"

It makes imports more expensive so it only operates on the value added in production and that benefit then has to outweigh the tariffs it faces.

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"They'll rebrand themselves as the people's party and press for an early General Election"

I'm not sure about that. I doubt many of the Leave campaigners had any plans beyond the referendum except "magic happens".

I'm not surprised, BTW, that the leading Leave Conservatives wrote to Cameron just before the event saying that he should stay on whatever happened. They belatedly realised they hadn't a clue what to do if they won & wanted someone to come along and look after them. Who do they have in their own ranks? IDS who has presided over the on-going car crash of Universal Credit? Gove who seems to have got up the nose of everyone working in the areas he's overseen as a minister? Boris, who was the great cheer-leader of the City that may currently be doing nicely (in the short term they can always make money) but are in for bleak times in the longer run? No wonder Boris is going round saying that they don't have to invoke Article 50 any time soon. Well, they and Farage have now got what they asked for and I doubt they're going to enjoy it for long.

EU GDPR compliance still a thing for UK firms even after Brexit

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Re: Pop!

"Sorry, was that the sound of another Remain bubble bursting?"

Well, it was the sound of something. Please flush and remember to wash your hands.

Holy Crap! Bloke finishes hand-built CPU project!

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Re: Bah...

"hand whittling our 2 bit CPUs"

2? You had 2????

We just had an MK SPST found in a junk yard.

Patriotic Brits rush into streets to celebrate… National Cream Tea Day

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Re: “tea before milk”.

"the answer is actually Yorkshire Tea"

Grown on the slopes of Ilkley Moor.

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Re: “tea before milk”.

"No need for milk in earl/lady grey. It tastes like soap if you put milk in."

s/earl\/lady grey/tea/

Apple quietly launches next-gen encrypted file system

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Re: checklist

'It seems to me that "stupid" is allowing there to be two files with names that are identical in all but the capitalisation and that these be considered different files by virtue of nothing more than typographical differences in the name.'

"all but"? "differences"? So they're not the same but you think they should be. Once we start ignoring differences where do we stop? Do we start treating punctuation marks as the same?

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Re: Case..

'Regarding the "A.xpm" and "a.xpm"; I'd have called them "0041.xpm" and "0061.xpm"'

Right. 0041==0061. Got it.

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