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Windows 10: Happy with Anniversary Update?

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Web much?

"But the Anniversary Update makes Cortana a life long commitment?"

No. You can switch to a less intrusive OS.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"the Windows 7 Start menu with its simple hierarchical structure and tidier appearance."

But still inferior to W2K (I don't know about the rest - I skipped them). However KDE classic style wins every time - just go in there and make the hierarchy whatever you want.

Australian spooks' email guide banishes MS Word macros, JavaScript

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Re: Huh?

'"Converting attachments to another file type" - and how exactly do you do that without opening the frigging attachment first?'

Bounce all mail with Office attachments with a message saying they're not accepted, convert to PDF. It'd be unpopular at first but if a few high profile organisations took the lead (say a few govts) then the message might get through.

Windows 10 grabs 22 per cent desktop market share in a year

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Re: Bit Miffed..

"...that ChromeOS is higher than Linux!"

Errr..... ChromeOS is a Linux OS.

You think Donald Trump is insecure? Check out his online store

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Re: @s water: Over the pond view

"Ooi why shouldn't I have voted to leave the EU?"

You'll just have to hope you don't find out in due course.

UK tax collectors' IT boss Mark Dearnley steps down

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Re: HMRC is a governement department...

"How can a public body that is a govermennt department 'privately own' a limited company?" By registering at Companies House.

"Who is/are the owner(s) of this company?" Whoever owns the share(s).

"Is this some sort of ruse to deguise employment by a government dpartment that can avoid Civil Service pay and pensions obligations?" Yes.

Windows 10 still free, even the Anniversary Update, if you're crass

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Re: Daft!

"you won't be able to buy Win7 or earlier"

I bought one a week or so ago. There seem to be a few still in the supply chain but you might need to be quick - the one I bought was the last one of that model that particular dealer had in stock.

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Re: Missing option in survey @alain williams

"How does the screen narration work in your superior OS?"

I haven't had the need to use this myself fortunately but, as you'd expect, there's quite a lot of assistive stuff in the repositories, largely, I think, based on speech-dispatcher. See it put together in http://www.knopper.net/knoppix-adriane/index-en.html

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"Are the people dodging nagware the same people who where complaining about eol on Windows XP the other year"

Why shouldn't they be? If they weren't happy about being forced off one version why do you think they'd be pleased at being frog-marched onto yet another?

My Microsoft Office 365 woes: Constant crashes, malware macros – and settings from Hell

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Re: "Lots of people want network diagrams..."

"A diagram the size of Wales is useless."

Quick, add Wales as the unit of diagram size to elReg's standards.

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Re: Email alternative

"This is what Outlook SHOULD be."

Shush. You know the next two things that happen:

1. They buy it.

2. The break it.

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Re: Yo we heard you like broken!

"To be fair, as another poster said, I am also seeing a lot of software move backwards. What the hell is going on?"

Having got something more or less right doesn't stop the itch to tweak it.

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Re: Thunderbird with Lightening

"Now Mozilla is also getting rid of Thunderbird, and doesn.t bode well for it."

If LibreOffice picks it up it bodes extremely well for it.

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Re: Thunderbird with Lightening

"you could actually just swallow a little pride and just use bloody Windows in the first instance, are making a bit of a rod for their back."

That way Microsoft make a rod for your back.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: alternate mail/calendar client

'seems like "lack of a mail client" that you like is a nice OPPORTUNITY for the Mozilla project, or for T-bird addon makers.'

Mozilla seems to be trying to get rid of T'Bird. There was discussion of LibreOffice picking it up.

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Re: all those dumb "smart quotes."

"I really really really don't want that smart quote nonsense creeping into code snippets when I'm writing a technical document."

Styles > Preformatted text

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Re: Speed

"Libreoffice atleast kept up with typing speed, but compatibility was an issue"

According to TFA MS Office is also a compatibility issue with itself. So what's the difference? If you're about to say "macros" then according to TFA they're also an issue - a security issue this time.

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Re: What's Wrong with Slurp?

"Visio is a bit of a bugger - Dia and Co don't cut it "

Enterprise Architect ( http://www.sparxsystems.com ) isn't free in either sense but fairly reasonably priced IIRC and runs on Wine (don't we all?). It's a long time since I had an update (maintenance subscription but you can live without it, IME it's more for features than bug fixes) so they'll have poured even more into it by now.

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Re: What's Wrong with Slurp?

"Office 2003 had everything I needed or wanted, except the ability to talk to the latest versions of the documents."

And then people keep saying LibreOffice can't open MS Office documents....

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Re: "surely the whole world can't be wrong?"

"Its not my responsibility IBM kit no workie, we need to sue!"

Ignoring the facts that their lawyers are bigger than yours and that no lawyer has yet been able to fix a tech problem.

It's time for a discussion about malvertising

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Re: Pushback

"To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure more than a handful of publishers around the world have the financial reserves to push back."

I think you should look at this from the other direction. As adblock use grows to become universal do any publishers have the financial reserves to stick with the sinking ship?

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Re: There's still proper investigative journalism out there

"I just wish more people would stop being freetards; content isn't supposed to be free"

Free as in beer isn't the issue. It's free as in free from annoyance at best and malware at worst that's the issue.

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Re: Pushback

"The advertisers seem to see themselves as the victims here"

I'm sure they are. That's the advertisers as in people with a product to sell.

It's the advertising industry that's the problem. They're selling advertising channels to the advertisers and then implementing them in a way that harms everyone. It may only be a few individuals in the industry who have spent the last few years crapping in the nest but it means that there's enough shit around to stick to everyone, advertisers included - and that was even before malvertising came along.

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Re: Patreon

"Edit: hey, you could live-stream all the arguments with the editor!"

Forget the arguments. They could live-stream their office's innovative approach to making tea.

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Re: "The ad networks see no percentage in ensuring clean ads"

"Shortly thereafter they'll expand what they offer."

Yup. That's why I wrote "trustable" in my comment. As for us all paying the price - no we won't because we'll not trust them enough in the first place to turn off the blockers. The advertising industry has done irreparable harm to its business model. It's time for the publishers to get out and work out their own salvation.

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Re: "The ad networks see no percentage in ensuring clean ads"

"someone will come up with the concept of Trusted Ads...Then we will be able to turn off our adblockers."

Only if the ads are actually trusted by users, let alone trustable. I think the idea of advertising networks is now so broken than nobody's going to bother turning off blockers to find out.

Maybe a couple of years ago that was a possibility. The advertising industry has spent too long crapping in its nest so now, from the users' PoV, they've all got some sticking to them.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"KISS principle works here, simple static ads are not worth blocking or worry about the bandwidth they use."

I'm not sure of the exact point.

Embedded ads aren't going to be blocked anyway if they're coming from the publisher's server (although it's possible to block them if the publisher uses a different server than that used for the page content). As soon as the publisher hands matters over to a separate network they've lost control. Even if some advertiser tries to send simple static ads over that network they'll get blocked by ad blockers because, on the KISS principle, it's not worth the effort of differentiating them from the problem ads so as to not block them.

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"As advertising can be classed as a business expense it's tax-deductable, so the effective cost to someone wanting to advertise a product is considerably less than the price they pay to the advertising agencies."

Money spent to alienate potential customers is still money spent. It comes off the pre-tax profits. Let me translate that into business-speak: it comes off the profits. The govt. take on profits is a separate matter.

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Re: A discussion has already occured

"Unfortunately not much more seems to have come of it."

Not much needs to come of it. We're capable of taking action individually without waiting for any govt. to act. In any case I presume that if any action came of a Senate investigation it would only apply in the US (no matter how they seem to believe they can legislate world wide) so for the rest of us it's even more important that we don't have to depend on them.

Why Big Business is usually last to the party

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"small startups often do not have as much invested in legacy systems."

Legacy systems are those which runs the business that brings in the money. If startups are just burning money instead of making it it's no surprise they don't have legacy systems.

There was an article a few weeks ago about Graze. Although relatively new it had started making money and all the new shiny that people had been working on not long ago were now "legacy" and they were looking at newer shiny to replace them. I don't think they were spinning it quite like that but that's how I read it.

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate

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Re: I have had only one issue

"What kind of geek would leave all this to the day before the gimme license expired"

The kind who lets the unwary go first to find out the problems. But it seems this approach doesn't work here.

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Re: Proof that leaving things to the last minute is just bad IT practice and stupid!

"I'm just an amateur home user"

And it shows.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

"Will it be safe to switch 'Windows Updates' back on tomorrow?"

Right, it's now tomorrow today - in fact here it's just into the day after tomorrow. Is the storm over yet?

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Re: Linux system upgrade may not be much better

"When the less knowledgeable users install say, Mint or Ubuntu, does the installation suggest this or is /home partition automatically created?"

Good question. Don't know because these days I always ignore any recommendations & go for a fully split install:/boot, /, /home, /usr, /usr/local, /var, /opt, /tmp & swap. And preferably with LVM so a good chunk can be held back and added where necessary.

But a separate /home should be a minimum default.

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Re: Linux system upgrade may not be much better

"I ran an Ubuntu system ... and did an upgrade in place every 6 months"

Upgrades break things. It's just the way things are. So minimise the risk by sticking to the LTS versions and only upgrading those when you absolutely have to.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"Anyone who says any Linux distro is easier to install or update than Windows is crazy."

Yup, I'm feeling a bit crazy.

It could be something to do with the time it took to take a brand new W7 laptop and bring it to current with updates (omitting nagware & telemetry of course). An update version that spent hours apparently looking for updates but not doing anything. Time spent googling, being lead to several alleged updates which, on clicking Download went straight to a page thanking me for downloading and giving install instructions but not downloading anything. Then, having got an update version that worked, going through the remaining recommended update descriptions one at a time deciding which to hide & which to install.

I wouldn't tackle that for anybody but my grandkids and even then I was sorely tempted to wipe it & take a few minutes to install Linux. Maybe next year.

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Re: Incompetence or conspiracy

"Perhaps Microsoft should extend the upgrade window (no pun!) and fix the problem."

No. It's over. Let all those W7 boxes run unmolested from now on.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: W510 Woes

"Overall, my successful, issue-free installation rate must be at least 90%"

As per my previous comment: define successful.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Boils...

'"Most likely this is because they're hoping that the bricked PC" has a fatal flaw which is not everyone can afford to rush out and buy new computer.'

Marketing do not acknowledge that this situation exists.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Linux system upgrade may not be much better

"Consider starting from scratch with the new install cd"

Yes, but Windows users usually have everything on C: - no /home on a separate partition.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Blessing in disguise?

"The chances are that more people will successfully migrate to Windows 10 today than have ever used Mint."

Define successfully.

Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update tweaked to stop you disabling app promos

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Win Pro -- the New XP?

"I'm predicting W7Pro will become the next XP. Being held onto by many long, long after MS wants it abandoned."

It seems MS still haven't worked out why that happened to XP.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Revenue enhancement suggestion

"we will be DOOMED"

No, just Powerpoint. There are small mercies.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge


"people jumped on the Free Win 10"

I think it was the other way around.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Come on you MS Fans

Well, one of the usual apologists some time ago was assuring us that anyone wanting to use W10 for professional purposes should be using Enterprise.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"If you don't know how enable/disable any setting applied by GPO then you really shouldn't be using the Pro edition"

Read the following sentence from TFA several times until you understand it.

"Certain settings can now only be applied to the Enterprise and Education editions of Windows Pro."

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Maybe someone in Microsoft has discovered a warehouse full of unsold W7Pro disks.

Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Easy solution

"Only if you're Irish or American."

You need to add a few more OR terms to that set. Such as "or you've lived in Ireland", "or you drink Black Bush" etc.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

Re: Back in my day

"fetch a pencil from the stationary cupboard"

In our day they had to fetch it from the cupboard whilst it was still moving. Kids today. Don't know they're born. etc. etc.

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"Is there a tea bush growing within 3,000 miles of Yorkshire?"

It's grown on Ilkley Moor. Didn't you know?

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