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You're designing an internet fridge. Should you go for fat HTML or a Qt-pie for your UI?

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"And how is that going to be easier than tapping the order into your iPad?"

It won't make the fridge-maker any money.

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"the internet connected fridge is just going to be a gimmick bought buy people with more money than sense"

Let's hope it stays that way and sensible alternatives remain on the market.

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Simple answer


Is the FCC purposefully screwing up US school broadband projects?

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Re: School -- Let the parents know what's happening --> write to their Con-gressman

@John Smith

Your politicians must be more responsive than MPs if you think that'll have an effect.

Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless

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Re: Daft indicator switch

"I test-drove a BMW 7-series....After a while I felt it was easier to switch lanes without warning."

Thanks for that. It explains a great deal.

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"Secretly, there too many of us in IT who seem to be luddites when it comes to cars."

No. There are a lot of us in IT who recognise things being done badly when we see them.

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Re: You are NOT kidding

"Who the hell are these moron interface designers these days?"

I think interface design has become a work creation scheme for unemployed arts graduates.

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Re: Hire cars are a mixed blessing

"Bring back those happy days when any Ford key would open any Ford"

I'll see your Ford and raise you a Subaru. Having got to the destination I reached down to turn off the engine and found the key was missing. It had fallen out of the lock onto the floor with the engine turned on and running.

After that I realised I could start the car in the morning, take the key out with the engine running, lock up and go back into the house until the engine had warmed up and defrosted the windscreen.

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"It does have the big advantage that it's mechanically impossible to have the fog lights on without the headlights"

AIUI the theory about fog lights is that by mounting them low you don't end up looking down the beam to the same extent that you do with headlights and that the backscatter doesn't, therefore, dazzle in the same way as headlight backscatter does. Not that I've ever found that convincing in practice.

But it does imply that the correct operation is to have headlights off when you need fog lights.

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"Variations in where Reverse lives on the gear stick "


Years ago we organised a student field trip. I drove to the site in my car. And waited for the rented mini-bus to arrive with the students. And waited. And waited.

Eventually it turned up. The driver had never driven a Ford before, missed a turning and drove on for miles before working his way back because he couldn't find reverse.

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"Electronic handbrakes still need a button that lets you put them on / take them off."

Have you investigated how to release it if it fails?

I did that a while ago before I bought my current car. It involved breaking into a weather-proofed sealed unit and unwinding some humongous number of turns with a special tool from the toolkit. Because you'd now broken the weather-proofing you then had to get the whole expensive unit replaced. And good luck with keeping the car in place whilst unwinding it if you were parked on a hill.

I bought something else.

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Re: Possible Solution

"Which is usually around v1.1"

Things must be improving. It used to be 3.1.

UK.gov joins Microsoft in fingering North Korea for WannaCry

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It's far more convenient to blame the Norks, Russkies or whoever than blame MS for building stuff with holes in it and the NSA for not only discovering those holes, not (at least presumably not) feeding the info back to MS, not only that but building exploits for the holes and not only that but also letting the exploits leak out.

No, nothing to do with MS or the NSA; strictly down to the Norks.

Boss put chocolate cake on aircon controller, to stop people using it

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Re: So, my first read....

"it boiled down to a case of aesthetics."

We had an architect with a fetish for putting windows right up to the corners of the building on both walls. Presumably it made it look as if the building was being held up by magic when, of course, everyone knew the external walls weren't load-bearing and the building was held up by pillars just behind the windows and blocking the light. Presumably in architect thinking it's better to be stupid and look clever rather than be clever and look ordinary.

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One Monday morning I arrived to find that over the weekend Facilities had boarded over the openings into the risers with fire-proof boards. The sort that sprinkle hard little bits of grit all over the place when you cut and drill them. They'd cut and drilled them.

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Re: It's not just cake which can annoy the real folk.

"piece and quiet"

Dammit. I'm having a bad weak with my tiepin.

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Re: It's not just cake which can annoy the real folk.

"a small pair of wire cutters"

One former colleague who preferred piece and quiet in pubs was known to carry a pair of wire cutters in her handbag.

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Re: The first I have ever said this

"Cake is not the solution"

Of course it is. What's the problem?

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?

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Re: vengeful auto mechanic

"Axel Grease"

Was that the well known Swedish disco star?

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"I still don't know why it had a push bar on it."

Did you notice the systems administrator was called Simon and had a side-kick with an acne problem?

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Re: decisions HAVE been made!

"Now the server room is 1/4 it's original size"

I take it Finance and Facilities are now having to share a server due to the reduced space available. A Raspberry Pi with a USB hard drive makes quite a useful server for combined spaces.

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Re: !!!!!!

"cheap out and put only VoIP phones in the datacentre control, when the networking kit isn't on secure power: power goes down, phones go down, management have no way to harangue the operators"

That sounds like a win.

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Nice false ending in the middle.

NHS could have 'fended off' WannaCry by taking 'simple steps' – report

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Re: Easy to mitigate

"oh the system supplier wont allow you to citing that their system is a medical device, not a computer system"

Which makes a big difference because it carries certifications against it in its original state and it costs time and money to recertify it in its patched state. It's time that whole arrangement was looked at again. Should certification lapse after some interval unless equipment has up-to-date patches?

NSA bloke used backdoored MS Office key-gen, exposed secret exploits – Kaspersky

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Re: "How are they going to guarantee that every single copy is correctly configured"

"This is the NSA we're talking about."

This is some NSA staffer's home computer, not a work computer. Given what he seems to have been up to I doubt he'd venture to ask a grown up.

It's entertaining to imagine to conversation though:

"I have a machine at home. I want to install a cracked pirated version of MS Office on it an also play about with some of our own software on it. How do I secure it?"

"Just come with me to the security office."

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Re: The mere fact Kaspersky can provide such a detailed account

"They know the timeline of everything he was doing with his computer, and with the DEFAULT SETTINGS downloaded the NSA's treasure trove (the presence of which on his computer is on the NSA guy and the NSA itself)"

Could you point out to me just where this timeline or everything is mentioned? All I can see are a few dates when the AV was run and found malware. In fact they specifically say that they don't know when some things happened because the AV was turned off? They also say that an archive containing samples of suspicious material was sent back. This is what AV systems need to do to get early detection of new variants. Given that a supposed security pro dumb enough to get infected didn't turn the default off what chances are there that there'd be enough community-minded folk dumb enough to be infected would turn the early warning system on if it was defaulted to off?

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Re: perhaps I'm just paranoid?

"Doesn't mean that you're wrong, though."

Nor that they're not out to get him.

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"No. It's a bunch of non-executable letters. Source code."

From TFA (my emphasis):

"The archive itself was detected as malicious and submitted to Kaspersky Lab for analysis, where it was processed by one of the analysts. Upon processing, the archive was found to contain multiple malware samples and source code for what appeared to be Equation malware."

I read this as indicating that the archive contained both binaries and source and that it was the binaries that triggered the detection and subsequent upload of the entire archive. No need for the AV to have recognised the source.

So long – and thanks for all the phish

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"This Temperature Check of 330 IT professionals"

Trying to find out if the bodies were still warm?

EU law bods closer to baking new 'cookie law' after battle

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How about a compromise. You can put cookies on the browser providing you pay storage charges?

Even more warship cuts floated for the Royal Navy

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Re: Not sure what the UK could do about it.

"If you poled the entire UK then 90% would be against Scottish or N. Irish independence - doesn't mean the country is totally united"

I'm not convinced by that. I think if the Scottish independence vote had been UK wide it might well have been Yes that won.

UK.gov: Use police body cams to grill suspects at scene of crime

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"their abilities to change the behaviour of cops and people has been repeatedly called into question"

I don't see changing behaviour as being the essential function. I'd regard them as being a source of evidence of what the behaviour actually was. Of course evidence means the expensive business of putting together and presenting a court case. If someone was wanting them to change behaviour they were just trying to save money. It looks as if they still are.

HMRC boss defends shift to AWS, says they got 50% knocked off

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Re: in the lowest tax jurisdiction

Creative accounting defines where you accrue the profit, not where you do the work.

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creative accounting still makes sure that no profits are generated in the lowest tax jurisdiction

And that's perfectly proper if govts. let that situation arise.

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Re: Why the negativity?

"Why on earth do HMRC have to defend anything?"

Data sovereignty.

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Re: Of course not

"They can fine Microsoft all they want, but it's no longer physically possible without approval from a local data custodian in Ireland."

Is this actually the case? The only thing I've read on these lines is about this arrangement being put in place in relation to the new DC in Germany. It's possible they've rolled this out elsewhere and I've missed it.

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Re: tax dodging

"And thank God none of them have anything to do with running the country."

Thanks withheld. They did enough damage when they were running the country.

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"He said the data would be held in the UK and would not be shared with the US."

Wrong verb. It should have been "could not be shared". And I'd have liked then to have asked what due diligence he'd done to verify this.

The UK's super duper 1,000mph car is being tested in Cornwall

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"Also, to qualify for these speed records, the same vehicle is required to perform the journey in reverse within an hour. It's possible this may present a few problems for your Corolla."

A big spring at the bottom. A VERY big spring.

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Re: Beware break failure.

That joke would have worked much better if you'd have spelled "brake" correctly

Dammit. Have an upvote.

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Re: Love them

"The land-speed record hasn't been held by a wheel-driven vehicle since the 1960s."

No, they've all been low-flying aircraft records since then. That's low as in zero altitude.

What is the current record for a wheel-driven vehicle?

Smart? Don't ThinQ so! Hacked robo-vacuum could spy on your home

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"manager of smart development team"

A really smart development team would have sorted this out before shipping products.

Mauritian code-cutters to help deliver TLS 1.3

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Calling the sub-editor

"Logan is joined by Muzaffar Auhammud and Muzaffar Auhammud, Pirabarlen Cheenaramen, Nitin Mutkawoa, Codarren Velvindron, Anoop Seburuth, Yashvi Paupiah, Akhil Maulloo, Sheik Meeran Ashmith Kifah, Yasir Auleear, Nigel Yong, and Rahul Golam, and their work so far has resulted in a crop of patches and commits:...

That's a respectable workload for three people"

This is more than three people, especially as one of them appears to be two.

Hop on, Average Rabbit: Latest extortionware menace flopped

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Flopp bunnie?

Maybe potential marks are finally starting to realise how to take care of themselves.

WhatsApp? You still don't get EU privacy laws, that's WhatsApp

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Re: Helpful tips to make the above concept better welcome.

"Unfortunately not using them is not always possible, unless you want to cut yourself off from people and so on."

No problem with cutting myself off from people who do use them.

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Re: If they don't toe the line

"Could they (and by implication) and Facebook be closed down in Europe?"

Just wait until next May and then issue the fines.

BTW, can it be one fine for the whole EU or one for each country in which they operate?

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Re: Interesting

"At least when you give companies money directly they have some incentive not to totally screw you."

It's an incentive far too many choose to ignore.

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Slowly, slowly

"The group first raised its concerns last year after WhatsApp updated its small print. In November 2016"

That's right. They're on the hook. Keep playing them slowly until next May. Then go for the 4%.

Dell forgot to renew PC data recovery domain, so a squatter bought it

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Re: How do domain names expire?

"it should always go to domains@bigcompany.com which is aliased at the main server to whoever's employed to handle it."

1. Assumes that company policy allows names to be set up in this way.

2. Assumes someone is (still) employed to handle it.

BigCos, especially BigCos intent on becoming LittleCos (tto many of them these days) can be their own worst enemies.

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"the management school of thought arising from not reading the book"

ISTM that reading the book instead of thinking is the problem.

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