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UK Carphone Warehouse shops set to sling their last phones, 2.9k redundancies hit high street, as Dixons closes all 531 'standalone' sites


Re: I thought it was mad in 2014

My experience when trying to buy a cheap android device in Tesco is that they were thrown into confusion by the concept of a customer actually wanting to buy a phone.

BT CEO tests positive for coronavirus, goes into self-isolation after meeting fellow bosses from Vodafone UK, Three, O2 plus govt officials


Re: Why didn't he folow advice?

He had Corvid-19? Stone the crows!

Is everything OK over there, Britain? Have you tried turning the UK off and on again? ISPs, financial orgs fall over in Freaky Friday of outages


(ex)Remainers are turning into those Japanese soldiers still found fighting WW2 in 1960 on some remote island. What a stupendous waste of your noisy time that was and you still don't plan on letting that tide in, eh?

Socket to the energy bill: 5-bed home with stupid number of power outlets leaves us asking... why?


Eugene, is that you?

You better get a wiggle on then: BT said to be mulling switching off UK's copper internets by 2027


Re: llosers

Or running over coppers. I’ll get my coat.

IEEE says it may have gone about things the wrong Huawei, lifts ban after US govt clearance


Re: Security concerns?

Never understood the strong left lean of this site. The dissonance is legendary and growing daily.

Cheering on a repressive, fascistic, expansionist state? We’re all global citizens, right? Unless you’re American, right?

Decrying every minute deviation of western governments from a mythical citizen’s charter of freedom and equality but flag waving for China as it slaughters and displaces anyone non-Han, tortures and executes dissidents, denies everything it doesn’t like from basic human rights to IP law. But god forbid someone in the west Mis-genders you.

Attacks Brexit for its allegedly potential damage whilst carefully avoiding the phrase ‘in my opinion’ but cheers on Corbyn as he unveils plans to repeat the maelstrom of the 70s.

Attacks IR35 as regressive and punitive and installed by ‘Red Dawn’ Primarolo but votes for an openly Marxist shadow chancellor that would make IR35 seem like a child asking for pocket money.

Except you won’t will you? When you get into the privacy of the booth you’ll think about the 60% tax and £3000 a year garden tax and the banning of cars and vote Tory like you did last time.

Manchester man fined £1,440 after neighbours couldn't open windows for stench of dog toffee


I got run over by a taxi and knocked on the head so hard I had post-traumatic amnesia for a good 6 hours.

Best excuse ever for being late for work, “I forgot and this time I can prove it”

Plex plucks media cloud service, sends users scurrying to exit


Re: So what is plex pass for?

For me it’s the parental control via ratings

No, eight characters, some capital letters and numbers is not a good password policy


Yes, I could use some info on auditing password strength on installed systems.

Fake prudes: Catholic uni AI bot taught to daub bikinis on naked chicks


Re: As C.S. Lewis said...

Upvoted for ‘Gamine Waifs’

1,300 customers of Brit bank TSB defrauded due to botched IT migration


Re: Truly Shambolic Bank

Don’t you mean ‘Geofredo’?

Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner



There was a bloke at our City firm who paid a fortune for G3WAP, for his 850i if I recall.

Not worth much now I guess.

Adrift on a sea of data: Architecting for GDPR


Re: Title: Architecting for GDPR

I suppose judges don’t judge or prostitutes prostitute?

Sacked senior Intel sales head accuses IoT chief of perjury


Re: Rubbingthe judge the wrong way

Ah, so the truth depends on how nice you are.

Yes I had that too. Lost my case as on day 1 the judge took a huff to me claiming company disability benefits , saying ‘well, I could win the lottery too’.

And there was I on support group ESA, muscular dystrophy and in a wheelchair but hey, I won the lottery.

Downhill from there. My barrister was useless, timid and sloppy with no game plan. Bullied and interrupted dozens of times.

Anyway so we go to appeal and my lawyer forgets to file my case on time. Tier 1 firm with head of employment law - just forgot to file a £1.3m claim. Then set of breaking every conflict of interest rule in the book even to the point of arguing AGAINST me, their client, in the appeal court.

If you’re looking for a recommendation for an employment lawyer don’t ask me. I’d name them but not sure if I can here.

Forgive me if I think they’re all a bunch of fuckwits.

Meltdown, Spectre: The password theft bugs at the heart of Intel CPUs


Re: Good stuff!

Remember that Sweeney episode with the hackers?

Seemed utter science fiction at the time and see how Regan scoffed at the idea of computer crime being of any importance.

Car insurers recoil in horror from paying auto autos' speeding fines


Re: So I'm liable for my Volkswagon exceeding CO2 emissions?

Yeah so fuck everyone else for your 10% extra bhp, right?!

Chap behind Godwin's law suspends his own rule for Charlottesville fascists: 'By all means, compare them to Nazis'


Re: "a small number were nazis"

sounds exactly like the militant Islam problem

PayPal, accused of facilitating neo-Nazi rally, promises to deny hate groups service


Re: In the long run

I wouldn't bother arguing if I were you. Given the post voting record on this site you'd be forgiven for thinking the country was 90% left wing.

WannaCry-killer Marcus Hutchins denies Feds' malware claims


It's not stopping the squealing from the anti-US left echo chamber here, is it?

'Reserve judgement' is all we can do without looking pretty stupid.

O2 admits to throttling network bandwidth for EU data roamers


Re: As poor as Vodafone are

Same for me, southern Sardinia I tested 42/34mbs on Vodafone 4G roaming...

Smart burglars will ride the surf of inter-connected hackability


Re: WiFi? No problem.

Unifi APs with controller does this. When did the dog walker turn up? 1523, easy. All logged.

Extending the logic it can trigger the cctv when an unknown MAC address wanders onto my driveway.

Voyager 1 passes another milestone: It's now 138AU from home


19 light hours ...

Or to put it another way, the pioneers set foot on Plymouth Rock and have moved about 1/100 of a hair width towards the west coast ...

Dodge this: Fiat-Chrysler gets diesel-fuelled sueball from DoJ


It's also about nose weight. My Touran has the 150 TSi against the 2.0TDi it's over 100kg less sitting over the front wheels.

Even in a battle bus 0-60 8.9 and 132mph with 39mpg on DSG. I'm happy.

SSD price premium over disk faaaalling


Re: What about now?

he did quote USD! I'm waiting for 4Tb SSD at £200. Until then I stick with my 500Gb.

The world's leading privacy pros talk GDPR with El Reg


Not clear to me if a data subject can withdraw explicit consent for cross-border transfer and have that respected. In practical terms, can I say to Vodafone that I don't want to deal with your India call centre?

We need to talk about Granny: She's way more likely to fall for phishing


Working my from home on a shared phone line. Wife is under instruction to cut off phone calls from Indian-accented chaps called 'Steve' or 'Brian' and to pass me Vijay or Hetal.

Mumsnet ordered to give users' real life IDs and messages to plastic surgeon they criticised


I thought he made malt loaves?

Sony kills off secret backdoor in 80 internet-connected CCTV models


Re: Hardcoded passwords...

Well at the company I've just joined as Infosec policy lead that's exactly what's not going to happen. I'm having great fun taking away toys right now!

Tech giants warn IoT vendors to get real about security


Just got back from a 'conference' held by yet another minor talking shop hoping to net some of the millions doled out by clueless government hoping for some iot street cred.

I bought up the very point. I was asked what needs to change and I said we need i) isp routers to ban anything not accredited, stamp a green padlock on each thing and ii) a successor to uPnP, which has to die a horrible death.

This was pooh-poohed. A non-starter. Let's publish another consumer leaflet instead and talk about getting Chinese manufacturers onboard. Sigh.

Microsoft phone support contractors told to hang up after 15 minutes


Back in 2002 following the worldcom bankruptcy I found myself one of three left in a vastly shrunken team supporting the Arbor billing system.

Budget was pared to the bone, nothing for new work, barely enough but to support operations. No new work meant no new bugs but we were kept on just in case. My American boss and her sidekick went home. We were left alone.

So from late 2003 through mid 2006, when we started work on the new system, we did NOTHING. I gave up asking for something to do after 6 months.

I added new skills, traded stocks, learnt French, pubbed, slept, read a stack of worthy books and generally wore out my trouser seat.

The two other guys went stir crazy. Eventually the company relented and offered ONE redundancy. Cue a bizarre situation where each fought to claim the one package by arguing at length how the other guy was far better at his job and please sack me.

Finally we got the green light on the new system and the madness ended. I got a new assignment and the other chap got his redundancy as well.

The only trouble was my new boss had watched me do nothing but was powerless to do anything, not for want of trying though. Took a while to get her back on the right foot !

Amazon’s Christmas queuing bonanza!


Funnily enough one of the side effects of having a visible 3mp IP camera on my drive and gate has been the elimination of the phantom failed delivery cards.

I watched one last month on the recording spot the camera and walk back from our street letter box and ring the gate buzzer. Shites.

4K-ing excellent TV is on its way ... in its own sweet time, natch


Re: ...and then you show them

where do you holiday ? A cave in Wales ?

UK govt preps World War 2 energy rationing to keep the lights on


Re: The future's bright then...

Saville ?


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