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Nice try, Apple. The Maxi Pad is no laptop killer – and won’t scratch the Surface


Not sure what gave people the idea that ios devices are biz appropriate

We have a bunch of them.

The added cost of managing them, and their poor integration with any business network, make them a poor value proposition.

They are useful for our sales people to show pretty pictures of our products.

Problems arise when they try to work on them - that usually ends in tears of frustration.

As the defacto security guy, I simply do not trust the whole Apple ecosphere.

I will readily admit that few serious breaches are known to have occurred, and the os has a solid foundation deep down under the fake tinsel.

But there isn't much in the way of antimalware, neither mature products, nor any with an effective track record or software engineers experienced in *nix/os x architecture.

In this regard, WinTel devices are a much better gamble, if you assume that sooner or later, you'll be hit.

I *know* that eyes are on MS products, and that there are people who have built reputations and careers on malware detection and cleanup.

So when - not if - we get hit hard, I can write a check that summons the cavalry.

When - not if - IOS/OS X devices get majorly owned, there isn't any cavalry available, no matter how many zeros are on that check.

Cisco's Chambers: white box is dead and WE KILLED IT


Cisco is 'ok' at certain levels.

We previously used an opensource routing infrastructure and were expanding quickly.

I needed something with support in case things went sideways.

We did Cisco end to end.

Problem is that as we've grown, both our routing speed requirements and security needs have grown, and Cisco doesn't scale up very well.

So, as an smb we grew into and out of Cisco in a space of about 3 years.

We'll probably stay with Cisco for the swtch fabric, but not for routing and security.

GoDaddy to try to GoPublic – again – with $100 million IPO


At least it isn't Register

register.com is the absolutely worst registrar on the planet.

I'm starting the process to move from Register to Hover next week.

I also have one domain that is sitting on GoDaddy.

Register has set the bar so low that accessing my Godaddy account6 is a breath of fresh air compared to Register.


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