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Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!


Re: Indeed

Back in 1990, I learned that the price US government contracts was based of the height of the RFP in inches.

New twist in underworld of alleged code, data theft: Two, er, boffins accused of trying to steal, uh, a river model


Re: "If the Old River Control Structure Fails: A Catastrophe With Global Impact"

A big-enough levee that's well-enough maintained, along with big gates to relieve the pressure when the water gets too high, will do it's job. (The river also wanted to run down Bayou Lafourche before it was dammed at the levee.)

Uh-oh .io: Question mark hangs over trendy tech startup domains as UN condemns British empire hangover


Re: Those who do not learn history...

Would North Africa revert to the Ottoman Empire? Would they then revert it to the Romans? Would they revert it to the Egytians and Carthaginians? Who would revert it to???

Oh 4G, I'm speechless: EE network outage smacks rare breed of customer that talks into their mobile phone


EE is right.

After all, Britain is pretty small...

Self-taught Belgian bloke cracks crypto conundrum that was supposed to be uncrackable until 2034


You'd hope that he added checkpoints into his code to facilitate restarts.

Sysadmin's three-line 'annoyance-buster' busts painstakingly crafted, crucial policy


Re: suggest improvement to DB

"Simple" changes breaking Prod is why the hell that is ISO/IEC 20000 were foisted upon poor IT sods.


Re: Putting dates in names

alias mv='mv -iv'

alias cp='cp-iv'

Did you test that? No, I thought you tested it. Now customers have it and it doesn't work


Re: What about Windows?

<i>Average Linux security update: ~100KB</i>

LOL no.

The latest kernel update Ubuntu wants to install on 16.04 is 112MB.

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone


Re: IPv6 in the DMZ

The 10/8 block has 16 million addresses. Sure, there are companies which need more... but not many.

Oracle's systems boss bails amid deafening silence over Solaris fate


Re: This makes me sad

On the plus side, they're still rolling out updates to Rdb (the OpenVMS database server which they bought from DEC back in 1994).

Entering the Dragon: A little data from Big China


Re: you mean, you're English

They had to fight a war to get in, why shouldn't you have to fight a war to push them out?


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