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Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

Trevor Whitmore
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don't know why so many people are having problems with Vista...

OK I don't know why people are having issues with there computers and Vista. I have being running vista since release, the x64 version Ultimate. I haven't had any issues of the likes you guys are talking about. The only problems I have ever had with Vista are waiting for a manufacture to write a driver for something like my webcam. Other then that little things like my icons dissapearing from my systray. Overall though Vista is fine, I play all my games on it, I can do whatever I need to do on it. Overall I like Vista, however SP1 for Vista I haven't installed it, I just haven't had the time, but I do have all the updates installed and no problems with my keyboard's and mice. I will install SP1 and come back with any issues I may or maynot have. As for Windows 7, I have said this before, I believe Windows 7 will be the Windows ME of this generation of OS's, the next version of Windows will be the new XP. Vista I think is the new Windows 2000.

Facebook loses a few bitches

Trevor Whitmore

Just a glorified virus...

I don't mind legit sites out there, that honestly go about giving you a service, google, yahoo, msn. Heck I even don't mind the advertisments from those sites, but facebook to me is a glorified virus. I mean what idiot creates a system that right off the bat wants your, hotmail login info INCLUDING PASSWORD, along with any other systems you wish to enter. Then what MORON enters there passwords? That is how I got my first Facebook e-mail, however when I set up my account I laughed when it asked to search for my friends, then just skipped that part knowing how stupid and unsafe that is.

Glad people are finally getting tired of this site it is pathetic, the only reason I am on it is 2 friends and my GF likes it, so I have an account. Overall I hope facebook dies a quick death.

Sony claims price-driven PS3 sales hike

Trevor Whitmore

cost of a ps3 vs xbox 360...

I love how people believe that the ps3 is so much more expensive then the xbox 360. In reality the 360 has turned out to be WAY more expensive then the ps3, even at the old price point.

Lets look at the costs of the two before the price cut, the ps3 in Canada was being sold for 699$. What did you get with that? A 60GB HDD, 1 controler and a blue ray drive along with a head unit that could give you 1080p. Now with the xbox 360 what do you pay for, the elite unit is $549, what do you get with? You get a controller, and a 120GB HDD and HDMI connection, but wait no HD drive??? ok the HD drive costs you an additional 199$, so now your total is 748$? How did the xbox become the cheaper of the two? Oh maybe HDD space, that would make up for the extra 49$. Still though doesn't it look like they are equally priced?

Well lets go back to the people that rushed out to get there xbox 360 when it was first released, anyone remember what they payed? Lets be nice and say they payed what the premium core system is worth today, 499$. What do they get, 20GB HDD, one controller, sweet. However now the PS3 comes out and it has a 60GB HDD, so you can buy the 120GB HDD for the older xbox for 200$, oh and lets not forget the 199$ hd-drive, so now we are up to what about 800$? Oh wait this person can't get true 1080p, so lets see what would it take him to get that....oh yea he has to scrap his xbox and buy an elite for 549$, but they don't need that 120GB hdd now because it comes with the elite. So take off the 200$. So this persons full cost is 499+549+199=1247$. Hmmm looks like the ps3 was cheaper all along, and microshaft is living up to there name, and they shaft people left right and center without them knowing it.

Burned by a MacBook

Trevor Whitmore

I love this type of thing...

Hi there I know the original writer won't ever read these comments but I had to say something. I have being in the IT service industry for the last 13 years, I have worked for a few companies including Bestbuy as a part time job in the geek squad. I love it when people come to me saying somthing like, "I have lost x amount of day of work.", "I lose x dollars a day my computer is down", and my personal favorite is, "What are you going to do about it?"

I laugh every time, and then I give each of them the same speech. "I am very sorry to hear that you lose time or money because of your laptop or computer being out for repair or for just breaking down to begin with. However I must point out that if your buisness or work depends on your laptop or computer to be working all of the time so that you always get paid, then I suggest you take steps to make sure that you don't lose time. Purchase a second laptop or desktop with an external HDD to back up your data too, each night back up all of your data. If for some reason your primary laptop or desktop dies or has to go out for repair then you can open the second laptop, pull your data from the external hdd and not lose any time or money. I realize that purchasing a second laptop or computer isn't cheap but if you lose just 100$ a day and your computer is out for repair for 20 days, you just lost 2000$ and since you can purchase a second laptop or computer for under 1000$ doesn't this make economic sense? Another situation I have for you to take into account with a laptop for instance is that, what if it gets stolen on you? All of your data is gone, with the plan I have outlined you can be up and running not even an hour after you get home to open the second laptop."

I have given this speech to many customers that whine about the time they lose, honestly I don't care how much time you lose or money. If your smart enough to make that much money over that time then you should be smart enough to take those simple precautions. As for the lady in the article whining about crap that has happened with the laptop, sorry to say but you made out good, you got a BRAND NEW laptop, I would say Apple took very good care of you.

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