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Google sparks online outcry after its currency converter goes haywire for third time this year

MiguelC Silver badge

Why trust Google?

"Google's currency conversion widget includes a disclaimer that says the company cannot guarantee displayed exchange rates are accurate"

It's alright then as everything Google is always in beta stage. Until it's scrapped.

Russian sailors maroon themselves in Bristol Channel after drunken dinghy ride goes awry

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Many uses for a lighthouse

Another possibility was that, being lost in the fog in the middle of the channel, they saw the lighthouse and decided it was safer to moor there and wait for the fog to clear

Don't have a heart attack but your implanted defibrillator can be hacked over the air (by someone who really wants you dead)

MiguelC Silver badge

Prior art

It was used in an episode of Homeland in 2012....

Chap joins elite support team, solves what no one else can. Is he invited back? Is he f**k

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Unfortunately predicable

Just in my first employment, as a most junior dev, I was working with an expert just contracted for his extensive DB2 knowledge. He was supposed to set up a battery of DB tests but managed to screw up on every single test he prepared (not allocating disk space, and leaving logs of it for us to see). That meant he had just wasted the whole team a Saturday (we were working extremely long hours due to a unavoidable deadline). By the end of the day I'd managed to redo - this time correctly - everything the expert was supposed to have done for us and our team got it's work done for others to take on next Monday.

That Monday, our manager heard us arguing about what had happened (I may have been expressing how pissed off I was about all that sorry affair) and, after investigating it, called me apart and told me I didn't need to worry about it any more as the 'expert' was no longer working there. I also got promoted a month or so afterwards.

So sometimes showing the experts are not what they claim to be is good for you (and saves the company a tonne of money).

Could OpenAI's 'too dangerous to release' language model be used to mimic you online? Yes, says this chap: I built a bot to prove it

MiguelC Silver badge

On the other hand, some commentards already seem to have some difficulty in passing the Turing test...

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: AOA sensors

Maybe the AOA sensors worked in these two instances just as in any other 737 plane (MAX or other), the difference being the use that MCAS makes of them?

This headline is proudly brought to you by wired keyboards: Wireless Fujitsu model hacked

MiguelC Silver badge

Well, you need to know not only what to input but also when to input it... trying passwords in calc.exe is not going to take you anywhere ;)

Lone staffer killed our shields, claims etailer Gearbest after infosec bods peep at user deets

MiguelC Silver badge

Gearbest insisted the vuln affected an "external tool" rather than its core databases

What about the account passwords that got exposed, how were they stored? Plaintext, badly encrypted, properly encrypted?

I wanted to read some more from VPNmentor's blog, but its security cert isn't reliable....

Apple: Group FaceTime allows up to 32 people! Skype: Hold my beer

MiguelC Silver badge

"Skype for Business, on the other hand, allows up to 250 participants in a group call"

But does it identify who's making his phone do 'funny' noises, or the one snoring, or the other one talking to someone else, or...?

(edit: although I was joking, on second thoughts I really just hate group calls!)

Welcome. You're now in a timeline in which US presidential hopeful Beto was a member of a legendary hacker crew

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Nice

There's quite a difference between immediately dropping his promises and watering them down.

Do you know any politician who straight away implements their campaign promises without any nuances?

(just as an example, how's the "swamp draining" going?)

Mayors having a right 'mare in Florida: Acting mayor arrested weeks after boss also arrested

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: If Florida Man did not exist

The Twitter feed is priceless!

Brit prisoners to be kept on the straight and narrow with JavaScript and CSS

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: "you need to rob banks to be in here"

It depends on how you usually dress to do it. Business attire throws you into a committee hearing, heading to a slight rap on the knuckles and a "don't do it again, please" warning...

All good, leave it with you...? Chap is roped into tech support role for clueless customer

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: What?

There are offices we do our utmost to avoid, which we informally call Bermuda Triangles. If you get near them you'll inevitably be sucked into them where you'll be asked about countless old tasks status' and as many new requests will be made.

On the eve of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft confirms Windows 10 can automatically remove borked updates

MiguelC Silver badge


'What's up, Skip?' asks paraglider – before 'roo beats the snot out of him

MiguelC Silver badge

Another reminder that...

Wild animals are to be left alone. If you mess with them or invade their territory, you're the one to blame!

Racist self-driving car scare debunked, inside AI black boxes, Google helps folks go with the TensorFlow...

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: ... viable self-driving cars use video cameras to see around them

Well, the car did see the pedestrian (and her bike). It then logged the occurrence and proceeded running her over. As programmed to.

FBI warns of SIM-swap scams, IBM finds holes in visitor software, 13-year-old girl charged over JavaScript prank...

MiguelC Silver badge

Why is "SIM swapping" a thing?

From the article: "Either switch to physical hardware tokens to protect accounts, ideally, or authentication apps, and/or call your carrier and put SIM transfer protections on your plan." (my highlight)

Ahh, it's so carriers can charge you for the privilege of not transferring your SIM to anyone that asks them nicely, without any evidence of ownership...

(we need some sort of "because of money" icon, it would be used extensively, I believe)

No guns or lockpicks needed to nick modern cars if they're fitted with hackable 'smart' alarms

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Land Rover Defenders

“Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.”

E. B. White

Transcript leak: Inside Facebook's secret crisis meeting, where Zuck and Sheryl race to save social network's rep

MiguelC Silver badge

I dunno about Zuck, I certainly say that....

Put down the cat, coffee, beer pint, martini, whatever you're holding, and make sure you've updated Chrome (unless you enjoy being hacked)

MiguelC Silver badge

Get off my lawn with your modern browsers and all that!

Go real old school and use Lynx instead

Tim Apple. Larry Oracle. Ginni Layoffs: It works so why the heck not?

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Donald Moron?

In all fairness it's not an occupation, it's a hazard!

MiguelC Silver badge

A bit off-topic but...

On that list of surnames, I was shocked to discover that Norris means "wet nurse".

Chuck Wet Nurse doesn't seem have the same punch, does it?

It's a hard drive ahead: Seagate hits the density problem with HAMR, WD infects MAMR with shingles

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Meanwhile, ssd marches on relentlessly

Even at price parity there are disadvantages in using SSDs as data recovery in case of SSD failure is much harder, so in a so/ho NAS, for example, HDDs would still be preferable

Schneier: Don't expect Uncle Sam to guard your web privacy – it's Europe riding to the rescue

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: When the Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth...

Apparently, Google is already profiting from GDPR...

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: We have surely reached peak beard.

I decide to grow one almost every Friday but by Monday I'm over it.

Silent Merc, holy e-car... Mflllwhmmmp! What is that terrible sound?

MiguelC Silver badge

A playlist by The Prodigy (I would personally favour Breathe)

MiguelC Silver badge

From Apocalypse Now

The Ride of the Valkyries

And if you add the choppers and all kinds of war sounds, it's a sure way to get people's attention!

Did you hear the one about Cisco routers using strcpy insecurely for login authentication? Makes you go AAAAA-AAAAAAArrg *segfault*

MiguelC Silver badge


..the US have several high ranking official (including FCC's Ajit Pai and Defence, State and Commerce depts.) on an European tour trying to convince / arm-twisting governments into not using Huawei's 5G equipment and instead trust American makers... Yeah, right!

Boffins put the FUN into fungus by rigging yeast to squirt out the active ingredients in cannabis

MiguelC Silver badge

Cause and cure?

If scientist can make yeast that leavens dough and creates THC in it, they'll have a real winner on their hands, a cake that both gives and cures the munchies!

'They took away our Cup-a-Soup!' Share your tales of bleak breakout areas with us

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Nescafé which is NOT coffee!

As a spanish colleague of mine once put it, "Nescafé" is a contraction of "No es café" (literally, it's not coffee). No arguing there.

Long phone is loooong: Sony swipes at flagship fatigue with 21:9 tall boy

MiguelC Silver badge

21:9 ratio, you say

We're almost at parody level ratios, now...

It all hinges on this: Huawei goes after Samsung with its own foldable hybrid Mate X

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: If you think that this device is expensive

And Apple will then claim to have invented it.

EPIC demand: It's time for Google to fly the Nest after 'forgetting' to mention home alarm hub has built-in mic

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Google Wise Monkeys

Ignore Evil is more like it...

Why does that website take forever to load? Clues: Three syllables, starts with a J, rhymes with crock of sh...

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: JS Bloat

If you check the scripts run by The Register's article you'll see the following (at least that what NoScript shows):









One would like to think that they should take a cue and start cleaning up their own house.

How's this for sci-fi: Orbiting probes face fiery death dive from planet's radiation belts. And that planet is Earth

MiguelC Silver badge

CV requirements at NASA

To be a pessimist... all their kit manages to outlive every expectation they initially had.

A well deserved pint to them!

Use an 8-char Windows NTLM password? Don't. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs

MiguelC Silver badge

funnily enough, according to haveibeenpwned, the password 'correcthorsebatterystaple' was used in 144 pwned accounts

Bad news for WannaCry slayer Marcus Hutchins: Judge rules being young, hungover, and in a strange land doesn't obviate evidence

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Hutchins received notice of his Miranda rights?

I though moat cops only existed in Blighty.... Don't think there are many jobs for a moat cop across the pond

Crash, bang, wallop: What a power-down. But what hit the kill switch?

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: It took me years...

We all know Big Red Buttons are irresistible!

At CERN there's even a spoof one for visitors to press

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Not Unique...

Remember those old AT towers with the Reset and Turbo buttons side by side? AARGH!

Santander hands over $700m to IBM in hopes of becoming incredible banking machine

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: The old quote

or, in this case, a fool and stockholders' money....

Is Oppo short for Opportunistic? BBK opens UK doors

MiguelC Silver badge
Black Helicopters

No fingerprint sensor, only face pic unlock

This coming from China, one might say they could just be doing their part building a giant facial database

Hackers KO Malta's Bank of Valletta in attempt to nick €13m

MiguelC Silver badge

"Two days ago the Bank of Valletta celebrated Safer Internet Day, according to a press release"

Well, one might say that off the Internet is safer than connected to it....

Earth's noggin took quite a clockin' back in the day: Now a second meteorite crater spotted under Greenland ice

MiguelC Silver badge

you just can't leave Uranus alone, can you?

Holy planetesimal formation, Batman! Ultima Thule's no snowman – it's a friggin' pancake

MiguelC Silver badge

Maybe Freud could explain

the fixation you seem to have with Uranus...

Hold horror stories: Chief, we've got a f*cking idiot on line 1. Oh, you heard all that

MiguelC Silver badge

The danger of conference calls

Once my boss got a call from a vice president of something-or-another, put the call on speakerphone and called me to listen to the conversation as it would deal with a project I was working on.

When I was getting there my boss was telling his counterpart 'glad it's just you and not idiot [redacted name] or we'd be here all night explaining stuff'

To which [redacted name] replied, in a somewhat gloomy tone, 'hey man, that's not funny'

That day I learnt to always ask who's on the other side of calls before calling any names :)

Lovely website you got there. Would be a shame if we, er, someone were to sink it: Google warns EU link tax will magnify media monetary misery

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Ah, capitalism at its best

the same goes for chrome.... although I seldom use it, it never changed the search engine I set long long ago

Yay, we got a B for maths. Literally, a bee: Little nosy nectar nerds smart enough to add, abstract numbers

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: You'd think people bright enough to train bees to do arithmetic

Yes, unfortunately, what can be observed here is another sad case of vertical video syndrome

Huawei pens open letter to UK Parliament: Spying? Nope, we've done nothing wrong

MiguelC Silver badge

By that logic, every nation on earth should only use home grown kit, without using a single foreign designed or sourced component or technology.

Yeah, right.

British cops told to scrap 'discriminatory' algorithms in policing

MiguelC Silver badge

Re: Bias in, bias out

But it's not just policing (as in patrolling), is it? Stopping someone just because there is historical data of people making trouble in any given area is discriminatory, even if only to the innocents being stopped. Pre-crime is sci-fi and should stay in that realm.


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