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When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Clark Davison

Poor bastards

From the articles as of late, I would suspect the editors of El Reg didn't purchase Apple stock at the opportune time and are involved in an effort to drive the price down by using "Fluff" stories in an attempt to buy low.

If this theory isn't the case, that means The Register has turned into another crappy internet rag and will soon leave this and many other readers bookmarks. Too bad. It used to be a good read.

Burned by a MacBook

Clark Davison

FAO: Steven Hewittt

"If you have 5 faults within a year on one of those i'll personally pay for a new one."

Give ma an address and I'll mail you copies of the work orders. As for who is talking shit I doubt that you are willing to shell out the money to buy me the new MacBook Pro you just promised. In the meantime, STFU.

Clark Davison

Just like an auto

I too have had problems with an Apple product. I have a 15" MacBook Pro. In one year I have had the logic board replaced twice, the LCD replaced twice and the battery once. Is mine a problematic machine? Definitely. Have I taken it in at the first sign of trouble? You bet. But in my past experience with Apple products this is not typical. Will this keep me from being an Apple customer? No. It's not as if other laptop manufactures don't have their share of problems.

What I think is funny is how all the signs were there that you had an issue but didn't do anything ahead of time. You waited until catastrophic failure and then cried about it.

If it was an auto that started to show signs of trouble I doubt if you would have continued to drive it and wait for it to break. You would take it to the garage right away. That is what you should have done with the MacBook.

It appears that Apple giving you a new laptop wasn't satisfactory enough. A little spoiled, eh? Next time you have an issue with an auto see if you can cry your way into a new car after you ignored signs of trouble while driving it.

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