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When the chips are down, buy a software biz: Broadcom snaffles Symantec for $10.7bn


A couple of years ago at work after purchasing SOPHOS UTMs, we started migrating our endpoint protection from Symantec to SOPHOS, but in the end we decided to stop this; we currently use both but find the overhead with Symantec significantly lower, and if anything we find Symantec EP the better product. Hopefully it will continue to do the job well.

Help the Macless: Apple’s iPadOS is a huge update that will enable more people to do without a Mac... or a PC


Lenovo MiiX 320

We bought 20 or so Lenovo MIIX 320s for basic tasks, but our experience with them has not been as positive. We went for the model with 4GB of RAM, and the devices have been mostly reliable; but the feedback has been that the touch screen has not really been useful and the battery life not great; many complained that the keyboard was poor, particularly the placement of the right shift key. I think many of the criticisms are related to Windows 10 on a tablet and not this particular model.

For the next batch of cheap devices we just went for the Lenovo 11e laptop, which although looking quite old fashioned (like laptops were in the early 2000s!) seem very well built have gone down a lot better - I think they were designed for schools.

Brit mobile phone users want the Moon on a stick but then stay on same networks for aeons


customer service

I have been with O2 for many many years, even though they may not necessarily be the best for data speeds; the reason is great customer service as a retail customer regardless of whether one goes to the O2 retail shop or phones customer services.

I partly deal with the work mobile phone accounts, and find Vodafone truly dreadful, and EE not that great. Interestingly though, the O2 corporate customer tariffs and customer service aren't great

Take notebooks: About those new Thinkpads...


Actually, budget ThinkPads aren't getting worse. At work we have bought ThinkPads for some years; the lowest point was the E530s which had the most dreadful trackpad along with awful 1366x768 resolution, and awful BIOS too! The E570/E560s are quite nice in comparison and have been super reliable but do weigh a ton, so I personally choose to stick with my four year old MacBook Air ;-)

Finally, that tech fad's over: Smartwatch sales tank more than 50%


availability issues

I like quite a few others have waited for the second revision of the Apple Watch (aka Series 2), but even though it has launched for quite a few weeks, I have found it impossible to buy from the Apple Store. They say to order it online, but I have checked and for the US the availability is approx three weeks. Without knowing how many Apple Watches are being produced it is impossible to say whether the availability issue is due to the high demand or low supply.

Behold the Lumia 535 NOTkia: Microsoft wipes Nokia brand from mobes


I have an iPhone 5 and I trialled a Nokia Lumia 520 for work, and was really impressed with it that I decide to replace my work Android (Moto G). Anyway, I recommended and setup a Lumia 735 for a friend who was fed up with poor battery life on an admittedly lowish end Samsung Galaxy, and was even more impressed with the spec for the price on that model.... so much so that I bought a Lumia 735 sim free myself. Though it hasn't replaced my iPhone 5, if my iPhone expired tomorrow I would quite happily live with the Lumia at less than half the price.

Though not a Microsoft/Windows fan, I find the Windows phone interface really rather nice and more intuitive especially compared to Android; the Nokia Here navigation brilliant, excellent battery life, and things like the 'People' section really good. On the downside, there are a couple of apps that I can't get for Windows phone, but I can live without them.

I'm not particularly keen on the Microsoft branding announced, but don't think it would prevent me buying another Lumia.

What's that crunching noise? Lenovo running over rivals' bones


Lenovo seem to hit the spot

We tend to look for the best value laptops and desktops, which in the past have tended to be Acer, HP or Lenovo. Recently virtually all our purchases have been Lenovo on the lower end or Apple on the high end. The Lenovo desktops are good value and have been very reliable; the non-SFF ones come with a useful carrying handle! Apart from one model some years ago (TPEdge E520), the Lenovo lower end laptops have also been reliable, though the trackpads and keyboards on some of them don't have a very nice feel to them. They also don't tend to have excessive bloatware installed. Some of the Lenovo products such as the Yoga (both Android and Windows) are very innovative, which is a refreshing change from PC manufacturers (apart from Apple).


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