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BT to slap overalls on 1,000 new bods in fibre broadband boost

Kevin Smith

Re: Execellent

The local exchange here in Peebles is already done. Guess what? There's still no bastarding ISP taking orders for fibre yet.

Hackers crack Ubisoft always-online DRM controls

Kevin Smith


And you think Ubisoft will give a shit about whether or not you had to suffer their DRM, once you've given them your money?

How about making an actual stand against something you claim to oppose and not buying it AT ALL?

Mindless consumer sheep are the reason that companies continue to pull this crap and get away with it.

Pinhead Mac Trojan sticks it to fanbois

Kevin Smith

re: Sounds REALLY dangerous

Another smug fanboi completely missing the point, whcih is that the vast majority of successful malware attacks on any platform are only successful as a direct result of user interaction.

Oracle plays hardball with Euro regulators

Kevin Smith


In fairness you can't really blame Oracle for killing off Sun, they have done a lot to allay uncertainty during this take over, and Sun is bleeding to death in any case.

I do question Oracle's motives re MySQL, but frankly it is shocking that no comment has been made on the EU investigation by the UK government, when hundreds of UK jobs have been lost at Sun and thousands more will be lost if this deal does not go ahead.

'Doctor Dark Energy': The Ultimate LHC eccentric?

Kevin Smith

LHC has created a portal already!

.. or at least, I seem to have woken up today in a parallel universe where dangerously under-educated cleaners and tractor mechanics are more knowledgeable regarding physics than actual physicists.

Or perhaps they are just idiots with delusions of grandeur who don't realise when to stop spouting drivel?

Nah, you're right, it's definitely evil LHC shenanigans.

Rogue iPhone dev unmoved by App Store spin

Kevin Smith

@Tony Chandler

"And you can't see that not everyone agrees with you. How many iPods and iPhones are there in the world, exactly?"

I don't see your point. Are you implying that there are so many iPods and iPhones because they are superior to the competition? That would be an obvious lie - their success is down to aggressive marketing and the sheep-like mentality of your average consumer, who doesn't bother to do any market research before purchasing. If you want to call that a triumph for Apple, fine, but personally I'd rather have a better product from them than clever marketing.

Just last month I talked my brother out of buying an iPhone (which he was going to get because a few other people at his work had them) and veered him towards the HTC Hero (which he didn't know existed). He has since thanked me for it.

Kevin Smith

Re: The FIrst Dave

"No, the rest of the world can't understand why certain rabid anti-Apple people completely ignore that there are more people who _love_ Apple products than have ever _loved_ a Microsoft, IBM or Dell product, all put together."

Since you only mention Microsoft, IBM and Dell I will assume you're only talking about OSes and computer hardware - in which case your assertion is a load of bollocks.

If you want to include iPhone/iPod then we can factor in all the other phone/media player manufacturers and your assertion will still be a load of bollocks.

Broadbandit nabbed in Wi-Fi bust

Kevin Smith


"Would an unsuspecting user who connected to a rogue open router realize that when they clicked their bookmark for GMail, it displayed http://mail.googlie.com instead of https://mail.google.com?"

An attacker wouldn't even need to redirect the user like that - if they connect through the attacker's equipment then any request the user makes can be misrepresented as whatever the hell the attacker likes - mail.google.com can be a fake-but-otherwise-identical page hosted on the attacker's own machine, which stores login details and then uses those details to return the real page from google.

The computer-illiterate consultants at my (UK local government)workplace are currently engaged in a project to get wireless access enabled across the organisation - this was originally disabled as it was correctly deemed impossible to ensure the security of our data when connected to an external network. As ever in local government, the popularity/political vote won out over common sense, so if you live in the UK you may want to check on YOUR local government's policy regarding public network access - they're only too happy to trade the security of your personal data for the marginal political gain of allowing staff the convenience of connecting to unsecured networks in public places.

Gmail: a short, sharp rant

Kevin Smith


Guy, if this is the usual quality of your "journalism" (I'm not going to go to your piece of shit site to check because that would be another couple of minutes of my life I'll never get back), please do us all a favour and never again clog up the web with your fucking drivel. You are a pathetic, mewling, talentless waste of space.

Sorry if you don't find this to be constructive criticism, but frankly I can't find anything constructive to say and even if I could this poor excuse for an article would not merit taking the time to do so.

El Reg, what the fuck do you think you're doing publishing this shite?

Burned by a MacBook

Kevin Smith

Mac Ads...

On the subject of power cables, I'm amazed no-one has mentioned the Mac ads plastered all over bus stops featuring cool Mr. Mac and tightarse Mr. PC. The most amusing I've seen has to be one I saw a while back where the poor marketing plebs had obviously found themselves unable to think up a credible case to promote their product and so came up with:

Mr. PC (in wheelchair with cast on his leg): "I fell over my laptop power cable and broke my leg."

Mr. Mac (grinning) : "Mac laptop power cables have a release system so you can't trip on them."

...because damned if THAT isn't high on my list of purchasing criteria! I'm surprised they didn't go into all the other benefits of not breaking your leg - like being able to escape more easily when said power cable burns your house down, perhaps?

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