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Google+ claims 100 million 'active' users

Scott Anderson

Yeah, great. You don't understand it. Cool.

Can we get a G+ button to share El Reg stories now, given the huge, engaged tech-savvy audience there?


Android Jelly Bean won't get Flash Player

Scott Anderson

The FLASH PLUGIN is going away on mobile, not FLASH

Yiminy, but Adobe has the most completely inept marketing department. Ever.

Here's the deal: this is the end of the Flash Browser Plugin on mobile, not the Flash Platform. Adobe is concentrating on games and high end video, and will continue to support mobile via AIR, which is based on the Flash Platform. Why Adobe doesn't mention this in every press release like this is beyond me. I am, however, getting a little irritated at all of the incomplete reporting on it. *hint hint*


"Adobe continues to actively invest in enabling developers to create and deploy Flash based content as mobile (and desktop) applications via Adobe AIR."

Of course, maybe they've decided that the Flash name has too much baggage. But every time Adobe releases one of these dumb-assed announcements the rest of the world goes OH FLASH IS DED NO JOHN RINGO NO OH NOES and then Adobe have to spend the next year repairing the damage so developers can convince businesses that no, it actually isn't going away and really, it's ok if we develop your flash-in-a-pan (heh) mobile crapp using this very productive environment instead of something that will take 2 to 3 times as long like HTML5 or native.

I want my damn Paris Hilton icon.

Mythical 'iPad 2' caught on camera

Scott Anderson

Nice sound loop in the first vid

Probably a supposed Large Group Of Tradeshow Visitors crowd noise.

Burned by a MacBook

Scott Anderson

Not so similar experience

I have a MacBook Pro, one year old. Right now it's having the hard drive replaced for the third time; they're also replacing the logic board because apparently that can cause the hard drive to fail.

While the hardware is really starting to annoy me, I have to say I can't really complain about the service. The other times I've had the machine in I've gotten it back within a day or two when they've told me it would take a week. I've heard horror stories about the service for other companies (Toshiba, Dell, etc) taking weeks.

The one complaint I have is this: the "genius bar" reservation system sucks. I shouldn't have to reserve a slot to bring in an obviously defective piece of hardware. "Yup, won't boot, looks dead, we'll get it fixed. Next!"

No problems with my MagSafe yet, knock on wood. There are about 600 negative comments on Apple's Store site for the MagSafe product, however, complaining about melting and burning.



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