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Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 early code: First look

Drew Furgiuele

One omission from your article worth noting...

Liked the article, but there's one MAJOR reason you'd want to consider making the jump to 2014 even if you recently upgraded to 2012: The Standard Edition of SQL Server has raised the max memory limit from 64 to 128GB; that's a huge win for smaller shops or people who don't want to pony up for Enterprise Edition. Granted, you miss out on pretty much every other new feature Microsoft has put out with 2014 but you could easily grease all your instances with more RAM and get some nice performance hikes just from that alone.

Google releases serialization scheme

Drew Furgiuele
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Why the hell did you let Uncov.com lapse?! Write moar please.

When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Drew Furgiuele

Still so bitter?

As I said in my previous anti-Apple article: are you guys still so bitter about not getting a reviewer's kit of the iPhone? We get it, you guys don't like Apple. Don't you have more funny Google Earth pictures to show off?

Burned by a MacBook

Drew Furgiuele

See right through all this...

El Reg doesn't get an early iPhone review, much to the chagrin of all involved.

El Reg flames the iPhone, to spite Apple. Determines that we're "zombies" for wanting it... er, sorry, being told we want it.

El Reg further continues Apple bashing by pointing out some reviewer/writer/hack has a bit of bad luck with an Apple laptop.

The correlation we're supposed to walk away with? Apple makes bad stuff.

The real story? Apple doesn't bow to El Reg, so screw 'em.

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