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Microsoft brings own security info exchange to the world


they're getting better

Microsoft has taken security seriously for a number of years now, really beginning with Windows Vista (as awful as it was).

They are still not as good at it as they should be, but I'm optimistic about their future especially once Balmer is history.

The truth is, many corporations rely on Microsoft products from the data center to edge to the desktop. Anything that Microsoft can release to make sharing security information among other applications is great. The fact that they are using industry standards like STIX, TAXII, and CybOX is just a bonus. For once they are not reinventing the wheel. Of course it remains to be seen how they implement it, but it bodes well for interoperability.

EFF blows Snapchat a raspberry in gov't surveillance report


Re: ' I run three blocking plugins in the browser'

Then add "Flashblock" to the list. That should stop the supercookies using Flash as their vector.

McAfee accused of McSlurping Open Source Vulnerability Database


McAfee is a big jerk

Sounds like McAfee saw how much it would cost and say "screw that!" and got it for free instead by circumventing the license which was unenforceable.

Nobody should expect giant corporations to play fair or be nice as long as they have lawyers to tell the corporations what they can get away with but this is still very bad form.


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