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15K Wikileaks docs 'potentially more explosive,' US frets

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Nice to see now suddenly the US is so worried about civilian deaths, I wonder how many mashed civilians it took for them to show this new found concern.

ISPs told to keep filesharer naughty list

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Can anyone spot a flaw?

People move houses all the time. This will fuck over the next owners. Sadly resistance to this type of legislation has been not good. When the innocent start getting falsely accused I hope it will create an end to this unwelcome corporate influence over our legal system.

Overzealous Orange cuts off customer, still bills

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Really Annoying Orange

I found Orange not very good at the old customer service thing so I left them. They disconnected me for no valid reason then reconnected me then next day disconnected me. Wasn't too amused so took myself elsewhere. I also wish they'd stop plaguing us with unfunny adverts in the cinema too.

Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'

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Er it looks a bit bulky! Not so cracked on touch control for gaming either. Crap just saw the price. Okay that's me not sold on it.

U2 frontman bitchslapped by TalkTalk

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Tax Breaks

Yes he works so hard thanks to the Irish goverments retarded tax breaks that he milks.

Fanbois squeal over Mac OS X upgrade

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Jobs Halo

It just works!

Crash different! -Should be the slogan after I experienced issues with my own mac. No I do not use weird 3rd party apps but Apple's own software. Still at least it looks pretty whilst it crashes unlike a Dell.

DHS tests bomb-proof CCTV by blowing up bus

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Black Helicopters

I wonder

Will the recordings include an option to rate them? And does the best suicide bomber win a prize?

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

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I am annoyed that they get called pirates. Where are their eye patches? wouldn't it be more fun if they had cutlasses and cannons and paid the RIAA a visit?


Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'

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Open the door! I dare you!

If it was not for this article in El Reg would anyone have actually even known or cared? Try switching off the pc or mac and enjoy the Easter bank holiday.

Fable creator: How DLC ruined my summer vacation

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Good old days are gone.

I think he is over the hill and really from Black and White onwards it has been a downward trend. To me now he is just a sales man and not the quite the revolutionary of old. His boasts just smell of hollow marketing as oppossed to any real substance. Whilst we may wish to relive our Amiga days of Bullfrog greatness sadly it is not going to happen ever again. On the bright side there's other games companies are around that are making more fun games.

EA: No DRM for Sims 3

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No the people who did complain are ones who bought EA games only to run into no end of issues getting said games to work. I happen to be one of the disgruntled customers who does not take kindly to being ripped off.

Advertising watchdog okays 'gaming equals early grave' ad

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Yeah so

Where's the parks and proper PE for the kids to play in? They get fat because they get shoved so long in school with less sports to do and less areas to play in when not. Add in the amount of crap prepacked meals etc. and high energy sweetie bars, so trying to pin this trend all on video games is pretty misleading. Usual government scare mongering and doing little to address the core causes it.

Apple 24in iMac (March 2009)

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Expensive macs

Sick of the expensive macs? be friends with a student and get them to use their discount for you!.

Microsoft gives users six months longer to flee from Vista

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Gates Horns

I am bitterly disappointed.

On my new Dell, Vista has ran fine and not crashed. Fearing the worst when my new pc arrived I was expecting flames to shoot forth from my monitor and an evil demonic head of Bill to appear. So far it's been running along fine.

German man arrested after UK gamer's murder

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'ello 'ello what's all this then?

Umm I hope the police have stronger evidence like proper forensics linking the purported criminal to it other than facebook. If not then this is one very desperate police force clutching at straws and trying to not look bad.

Woman sues EA over 'secret' Spore DRM

B Ward

Bye Bye EA

I had enough of this with crap like BF2142 and the little surprise inside it only after you bought it telling you they had their spyware on it and securom for Bioshock, I ain't buying Spore and I am not buying any EA title again.

Second Life gets its first copyright law suit

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Did he even bother to register his "copy-right" by proper legally recognised means? Sorry making something in of itself is not a guarantee of registering copyright or a patent. Smells to me like lawyers wanting to make money out of something so minor. What next clerics being sued for failing to heal you?

B Ward

Mmmm really

"The lawyer behind the suit told weekly podcast OUT-LAW Radio that the nature of the game should not change the issues at stake."

What that this law suit is totally disproportionate to the matter at hand? How long until we see a law suit in World of Warcraft for being trolled?


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