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Red-stained Opera wants someone to hug it and whisper: 'No more pain, no more tears'


GoOglepera is what killed Opera for me

Once I had heard they were switching to webkit I uninstalled and took up Firefox. It's not as good as Opera was but at least it isn't Google.

Our 4King benders are so ace we're going full OLED, says LG


OLED Burn-in

Only thing holding me back from buying OLED is the burn-in. I remember wrestling with burn-in on a plasma I had for a brief weekend. Any static visuals like from video games can get trapped on the screen during long play sessions. Also plasma made a terrible buzzing sound that was only amplified by the acoustics of my room.

BILL GATES DRINKS 'boiled and treated' POO. Ah, 'delicious'


Such a sport

Not only a Windows Fan but glad to see one of the world's wealthiest giving back to the world at large. Jobs and Apple have never given anything back.

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'


Re: It would actually be a smart business move for Ms

Not to mention IE period. We've got many business related web portals for financial that require IE. At the same time we've got absolutely none that require other browsers. As an enterprise we'd rather IE was maintained as the default indefinitely.

Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. AW... your battery died


Re: How much?@AC

... that runs slow as molasses.

Nintend-OH NO! Sorry, Mario – your profits are in another castle


Try it before you knock it

I don't know how many kids you have but the Wii U game pad keeps Dads in control with cutting edge A-Symmetrical game play. Nintendo Land is chocked to the brim with it. Something every gaming parent should check out.

Monster Hunter on 3DS is equally cool. Four player monster hunts are a blast. Sorry you're missing out.

So whither Microsoft? If Nadella knows, he is keeping it well hidden


Re: @chekri

Couldn't agree more. Wish I could up vote your comment by 1K. Some level of acceptable pirating is the secret of success to any major platform.

Lync users see outages as Microsoft wrangles with network problems


Re: Judging by the number of commentards reposnding to this here article..

Another Cloud Based Service many of us can do without. I rolled our company's Lync Servers and I'm very proud of the results. This is another great example why Cloud Based Services/Sub Models aren't practical.

JJ Abrams and Star Wars: I've got a bad feeling about this


Remember Tron Legacy? Total rubbish. They took all of the stand out design of the original 1981 classic and flushed it down the crapper. Red vs. Blue was 'modernized' as Orange vs. White. What genius made that call?

Sony on the ropes after revising losses UP to $1.3 BEEELLION


What's really hurt Sony over the years...

All their proprietary connectors/cables and flash cards. If only they had adopted a more consumer friendly open standards policy 10 years ago they'd still be the Sony of today. Not Samsung. Their ATRAC format was also a killer bust.

Pioneering new optical standards is one thing but simple connectivity, flash cards and loathsome DRM is another.

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