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Beam me up Scotty: Boffins to turn pure light into matter


1st thing created

This article remind me of what the bible says was the 1st thing created - light:

Gen 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Most Americans doubt Big Bang, not too sure about evolution, climate change – survey



Religion is stupid. (assuming that we define it as man made structures and enterprises)

Science based on fact is great

Science based on beliefs - but stated as facts - now that is stupid.

We have to question the so called facts that our modern scientist (a.k.a science preachers) preach.

I love observable science that can be tested.

but as soon as science tries to solve mysteries of the past - it should not be called science

Earth is obvious proof of a Creator. There is no way that something as complex as your eyes , sex, etc could have evolved by its own. NO WAY. You will also be surpised that there is also NO PROOF.

No proof - no science


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