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Commodore launches little laptop


shame on you nostaligia freaks

nobody caught the "peek, poke" reference to scanning and inserting memory data?


Mobile devices hit the stage, execs at IDF

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World Of Warcraft a "graphics heavy game" ?

World Of Warcraft a "graphics heavy game" ?

are you kidding?

the game runs at max setting at 1024*768 on a 1 gig SINGLE core cpu and a 5 year old grfx card!


HTC to release handset video 'fix'


they decieved us, they are iable.

i'm totally in agreement with the suit and what Richard and Walter said.

The phone was advertised SPECIFICALLY as having the Qualcomm chipset, so to provide the hardware without the software to make it useful is complete false advertising.

if you buy a v8 engine, all the bloody cylinders should be firing!

HTC say it takes too much to get good drivers, bullshit as already said, there already ARE drivers from Qualcomm and HTC made the stupid & selfish mistake not to provide the drivers available at cost.

now HTC have been found out and are in the shit because there are 10,000 people on a petition (and much more too lazy to sign), that are demanding HTC show some balls and man-up to their "mistake".

If HTC realized the petition's relevance to sales then a solution would fly to us.

10,000 people who bought devices costing about $500 equates to $5,000,000 worth of pissed off customers.

i don't think HTC can ignore that kind of loose change.

we shouldn't have to check that the manufacturer isn't lying when buying a product based on simple specs about the hardware.

it either has the hardware or it doesn't, if it DOES then it comes with the softeware to MAKE IT WORK!

anything less is false advertising and liable.



The Electric Car Conspiracy ... that never was




"A reasonable man adapts himself to his environment. An unreasonable man persists in attempting to adapt his environment to suit himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." -- George Bernard Shaw

so it seems that the American way of short sighted living is instead of fixing the roads and making them more car friendly, make the cars adapt to the environment and say goodbye to the efficiency?

"oh look the roads are buggered, shall we make batter roads? nah lets just build cars that can deal with it <plugs finger in hole of leaking water dam, smiles to self as problem is solved>"

sounds like the USA has it's priorities backwards & rather like that of a child: very short sighted and selfish/naive.

to the idiots that think "there is already a fuel infrastructure, not so for hydrogen or electric". well did you think HOW that came to be? ONE WAS NEEDED SO IT WAS BUILT !

now the fuel idea is proving not to be as good as we thought and we need a better way, so lets build the infrastructure needed, just like any smart ass would do.


keep the existing grid lines as they are and change the generator ends.

just need to switch from fossil fuel burning generators to more future-proof ways of generating electricity and them BAM!

"oh look, plenty of electrical stations to charge anything you damn well please all over the place...my where did they all come from? they told us electric was not viable 'cos of the lack of infrastructure...blah...blah...bleet..bleet...."



@ timbo:


cars used to be smaller, more practical and served their purpose for TRAVELING.

now people have a lifestyle that requires them to "travel" as much as many hours EACH DAy, so much so that the car needs to be more comfortable to compensate for the stupid life decisions the people make.

people can't drive responsibly at safe speeds and the states are too stupid and spineless to enforce already existing speeding laws, so the cars have to compensate AGAIN by having ridiculous security and safety features.

all this means the car from 20 years ago that did nearly 60 MPG:


now cars can only struggle to do half that.

all because of pandering to the short term needs of the stupid people that forget that the car wasn't initially designed to be a 2nd traveling home, it was designed to get you from one place to another a short time away. not drive for weeks on end holidaying, or commuting everyday for 3 hours.

convenience costs too much.


O2 serves notice on i-mode service


best handsets weren't enabled for imode

i bought their o2 XDA EXEC when it came out 2 years ago, it was their best business handset (first combined win-mobile 5 and VGA screen device ) .

they even had a "business 500" tariff that was only available temporarily.

i asked about data rates and if the imode service was available, they said it wasn't, and had no plans to.


the most business orientated smart-phone they had wasn't enabled with their intenet service?



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