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Melting permafrost switches to nasty, high-gear methane release


Re: The fat lady has sung ~~ and confirms the plot line

In Jan 2000 I first saw the 200 year plot of CO2. An old radio tech, it was recognised as the curve of a runaway positive feedback reaction. (Hairs on arm stand up every time I see or think of it). From experience I forecast then that if 'we' hadn't reduced our output(s) to the planet's absorption ability by 2016-17, then the reaction would be irreversible. A later observation of the permafrost melting was a huge brick under my statement. This news just sends the news that we are wasting our time now, trying to reverse the influence of our pollution. To those who say 'it weren't us", I say: go read up on catalysts. We are the catalyst. To what? Who knows. I'm just glad now my kids aren't going to sire any sufferers.

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