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All men are part of a PURE GENETIC ELITE, says geno-science bloke


Meine Zwei Pfennige

Most of the reasoning is actually quite silly. Men and women are obviously complementary and mating serves to improve the speed of evolution:

Intelligent man mates intelligent women, even more intelligent (read: more dominating in the competition for food with those tigers and wolves) child if made. Or: "strong muscle mates with intelligence", as intel+muscle is required to compete against these extra-sized snakes.

In the endeavour of "rational reasoing" it is always very bad to let yourself be influenced by idealist ideology.

For example, it is quite obvious that men, on average" are more interested in machinery, physics and violence than women. I venture to say this is a genetic thing and it is easy to explain why: Men who instinctively know physics are more likely to hit prey with their spear. That means they can better feed their family and offspring is more likely to survive.

Women, on the other hand are lactating, which means they need to be close to the baby every two hours or so. Naturally, women are on average more competent in handling kids.

So if people stopped to confuse nature with idealist stuff, they might suffer from a smaller number of idealist "disappointments".

Spy back doors? That would be suicide, says Huawei


My View On You: More Shit From America

Maybe you can substantiate your allegations/rumours/shitlobbing before you do that ? Innocent before proven guilty, maybe ???


What They Meant To Say

"Our shit is not worse than the Cisco shit".

Which is 100% fair in my opinion. Time to deconstruct the "Yellow Evil" memes.


Different to U.K. and U.S. Products

..HOW ?



Huawei was not as obedient as Cisco in allowing NSA operatives to weaken code and hardware.

In the light of Snowden THAT is the most plausible explanation for all the Murican noise.


Re: Uh huh, yeah

So, why should Huawei lie while Cisco is always saying the truth ?

I think you are one of these persons who can be easily manipulated by their respective country's propaganda. In other words, AN IDIOT.

Vladimir Putin says internet is a 'CIA project'


Re: Just because he's paranoid....

Russia normally has more than one operating mole directly in Langley and FtMeade. And had, ever since these orgs existed. They are playing the human side much better than the Americans do.


I See Most Of You Have Been Nicely

..inflamed by western propaganda.

Mr Putin could equally point out that the Maidan coup d'etat was financed by U.S. "NGOs" and the new+illegal president of Ukraine has been determined by a Ms Nuland from the U.S. state department.

He could finally point out that he merely reciprocates the nasty tricks of U.S. and New York interests (which are not necessarily the same or subsets of each other).

Torvalds rails at Linux developer: 'I'm f*cking tired of your code'


Re: "It's not a major tech company it's an Open Source …*


Now go back to your sleazy business suits and have a nice chat with them.



That is also why commercial code has 100 times more critical bugs. The truth is the scarcest commodity in bu$ine$$. And I know, as I work for an entity which invented those motor carriages.


Re: Open source

The young ones are indoctrinated to be bu$ine$$ whores.

The first commandment of a whore is "you never swear in the whorehouse". See why the youngsters are offended ?

Been there, done that. As an older software whore I can look through this.


Re: Unix philosophy @Christian Berger

One day, there might be a Unix kernel which is actually secure, instead of yet another one with tons of cruft added so that the TLAs can get into your secrets.

Yeah, a wet dream. I know.


"Linux not relevant, Thorvals being so unprofessional"

After a very long time I again feel the need to add a few words here.

First, Linux is totally relevant as the core of Android. It provides all the stability and reliability both developers and users expect. Android is bound to be THE dominating OS.

Secondly, all the stability and reliability directly comes from Linus Thorvals being an asshole then and now. If he were a "shrewd businessman" he would not alienate developers contributing mediocre stuff. The Linux kernel would accumulate as much features as possible in order to generate more dollars. But he is an asshole to people who want to add cruft. Rightfully so - think of it as Quality Assurance Measure.

Finally, to generalize this - great engineers MUST be assholes. Otherwise their great machines/systems will be screwed up by all sorts of powerful, rich and nobility-descending idiots.

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