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US Navy looks to achieve spy-fi miracle-dork capability

William Pearson

Why parachutists

You were perplexed about why the Navy EOD are parachutists. Navy EOD is the only organizational EOD that is trained in underwater, air, and special ground ops. Although all services have EOD, the Navy is tasked to work with all of the Special Operations/Special Warfare branches, e.g. Navy SEALS, Army Ranger and Special Forces, and Marine Recon. In addition, the Navy EOD assists the Secret Service in their operations. Because of these tasks, the Navy EOD are trained in parachuting so that they may carry out the varied clandestine tasks to which they are assigned. These are some of the toughest and bravest guys, (gals), on the planet. Ask a Navy SEAL. They are tasked to do a great many other clandestine military tasks that can not be written about here. Might be best to hold your snide remarks until you know the whole story.



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