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Still watching DVDs? You're a planet-killing carbon hog!

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Re: This adds in my driving to the shop to buy the disc?

I'm more concerned about the waste of electricity used to type up this article. So Comcast charging Netflix for bandwidth means they hate the planet?

Report: Climate change has already hit USA - and time is RUNNING OUT

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worst offenders

Let's just say that, hypothetically, global warming is real and that CO2 emissions is the cause. China is by far the worst offender. How would anyone convince them to cut back?

Sony on the ropes after revising losses UP to $1.3 BEEELLION

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The Purge

Instead of purging the upper echelon that is management and the decision makers they will probably lay off a bunch of workers and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Let's hope they make the right choices from here on out and turn this thing around. I'm seriously considering the PS4 for my next console but not if the company goes tits up.

Most Americans doubt Big Bang, not too sure about evolution, climate change – survey

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Re: The takeaway . . .


"The question is: when will you accept that it is right, and by what criteria will you judge it? As you do not have the requisite scientific knowledge and experience to make this judgement yourself, who will you trust? Whose pronouncement that AGW is real will you accept?"

Let me fire the same question back at you. When will you accept that it is WRONG, and by what criteria will you judge it? As you do not have the requisite scientific knowledge and experience to make this judgement yourself, who will you trust? Whose pronouncement that AGW is FAKE will you accept?

The biggest problem is that GW has been politicized and once anything is politicized good luck ever getting anything resolved. The only person that you can really trust is yourself and your own research into the matter. As I stated in a previous post January is cold and July is hot and this is how it's been my entire life. I've never once stepped outside and thought to myself, "boy it sure does feel like the earth is getting hotter". But in spite of my own personal experience am I to believe in GW just because someone told me to? I promise everyone here that if that day ever comes i'll jump on the band wagon but until then......

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First off I would like to say thank you for the polite and well thought out response. The issue isn't so much as to whether or not the 'evidence' is properly understood so much as the intent behind the individual(s) presenting the evidence. Let's use Al Gore as an example. He left the government in 2001 reporting a net worth of less than $2 million. Since then his personal net worth has grown to $300 million. This massive accumulation of wealth all started with his power point presentation on global warming and steam rolled from there. Now if you believe he is a virtuous human being and he truly believes in global warming then fine but what if he isn't? What's in it for him to make you believe that global warming is real? Money of course! It doesn't matter if he believes in it as long as you do.

So why do people believe or disbelieve in global warming? I believe the primary reason comes down to party affiliation. If you are a democrat more than likely you believe it's real and if you are a republican you probably don't because if that's what your party believes in you are supposed to believe it too, otherwise you aren't a loyal party member.

The only person I trust on this issue is myself and my own personal experience. In January it's cold and in July it's hot and this has been the case every single year i've been alive. Not once have I stepped outside and said to myself, "It sure does feel like the earth is getting warmer". If that day ever comes i'll change my tune but i'm not going to believe it just because someone tells me to.

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"over half of Americans doubt the Big Bang theory of the inception of the universe, and about one in four doubt evolution, that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and that humans exacerbate global warming, despite overwhelming evidence for all four."

If there was overwhelming evidence for global warming we wouldn't be having a debate now would we?

MIT boffins moot tsunami-proof floating nuke power plants

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They'll find some lame excuse not to do this. Like, having a floating nuclear plant out at sea will upset the migratory patterns of some aquatic life-form no one has ever heard of before.

No Notch niche: Minecraft man in rift with Oculus after Facebook gobble

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Re: ..a multimillionaire already ..... can afford to walk away

Good idea! Everyone knows homeless people rock when it comes to managing money.

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