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Microsoft slaps LTE mobe broadband into Surface 2 slabs (Yeah, take that, iPad)


Re: Surface with lte

Re MiFi - correct I already do that on my Surface. Works a treat and is as quick as fixed broadband. Surface has been much maligned by El Reg as part of its general anti Microsoft campaign. I'm not interested in controlling my fridge or turning on my TV with it, so wide app support is fairly irrelevant to me. I am interested in it as a PC/laptop replacement. The RT has bundled Office which is very useful to me, and the USB port gives extra storage or a USB keyboard as well. I now have an HDMI monitor attached also when I'm at home and am loving it. The only downside so far is no support for Silverlight which is downright odd considering that Silverlight is Microsoft anyway, but it's a small matter.


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