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Apple's ex-cop and the case of the lost iPhone 5

Kevin Gordon

My name's Danger

Troy Dangerfield? Seriously? What a giggle!

iPad to feast on Flash...

Kevin Gordon

SSD will never become mainstream...

... until the price drops to below 10 pence per GB. When you have so much choice with large & cheap hard drives, with even many notebook drives running at 7200rpm, why would you spend a huge wedge of cash on an SSD with comparatively low capacity.

These days, with digital cameras taking 12+MP pics, and HD video, consumers need all the storage space they can get.

Freeview HD to debut in December

Kevin Gordon

Oh no....

So does this mean that all those people out there today buying a shiny new HD TV with the brilliant benefit of built in Freeview, are effectively buying already obsolete hardware?

Despite have Freeview built in, you STILL need another box?

Wii weights unveiled

Kevin Gordon
Thumb Down


you could go out and buy some normal weights! These are ridiculous!

Windows 7 'pre-beta' washes up on Pirate Bay and co

Kevin Gordon


Why would anyone want to install a potentially unstable build of Windows? I don't get it.

Anyway, what's the URL for the torrent? :)

OMFG, what have you done?

Kevin Gordon
IT Angle

You broke my PDA

Your new layout sucks balls on my XDA Orbit. It looked fine before, but now I have the longest page in existence. Scrolling down for about 30 seconds makes the scroll bar move about 0.005 millimeters.

I tend to browse thereg and one other site on my pda about once an hour or so throughout the day to get my internet news fix, and you just made it really annoying for me!

Sort it out chaps.

Nintendo Wii US sales 3x PS3, Xbox 360

Kevin Gordon

PS3 beckons...

we have a Wii in our family. Its very good for the kids and family time.

but I am about to get a PS3 for blue ray, and cos I want PTA IV and Race Driver: Grid for my 36 year old self. me, me, me!

I think a lot of people who have bought Wii's have kids, and finding the money and justification for a PS3 may be a problem.

definitely not an box 360 for me, due to the noise, rrod issues, and no blue ray playback!

Firefox 3: now available bug-free, say devs

Kevin Gordon
Paris Hilton

Firefox 3 is great

Been using FF3 since beta5, and have grown to like it very much! It's now my permanent browser of choice, and RC2 has been very fast and stable for me.

I would like to use Opera 9.5 though, as it looks eye-candylicious (I'm shallow like that), but Opera STILL does not have drag and go for links (yes I know you can use mouse gestures, but I'm to ingrained with using the left mouse button for dragging links and letting to to open a new tab - which works with the Easy Drag to Go extension in FF and IE7Pro in IE).

Opera people, give me drag and go, and I will regrettably leave FF.

Paris, because I'd like to drag her and let go (off the side of a tall building)

Kevin Gordon

Awwwwww crap!

After posting my previous comment about FF3 being fast and stable, it crashed on my for the 1st time EVER! What's up with that? So, it's DOES have a bug!

Murphy's Law strikes again!

Alien bug, cos I found a bug....

Oldham murders owl with whalesong

Kevin Gordon

Great use of the word spunk

I haven't seen the word spunk used since I was in my teens!

eBay Australia faces competition probe

Kevin Gordon
Paris Hilton

What's the UK alternative?

I guess I'm one of eBay's most typical UK customers - on average I buy 1 or 2 items a month, and every now and then I sell a load of stuff that I don't need anymore. I make a few pounds if I'm lucky, and I don't (well, I didnt used to) scrutinise the charges too much.

But recently, with all the broohaa about eBay and PayPal increasing their charges, I've been more reluctant to sell my stuff on eBay.

So... what's the UK alternative? I like being able to set up an auction online, and go through the exciting days and last few hours of seeing what my junk is about to sell for. I also like the thrill of the chase and waiting until the last nanosecond before putting in a bid for something I want to buy. The euphoria and rush you get when you sneak in and win an auction at the last second is almost better than, er, rumpy pumpy with Paris Hilton.

Where else can I do all the above then? I'm hoping someone with some balls will set up a polished viable alternative to eBay, and I'll be signing up like a shot! Mr Branson, how about it? The VirginBay perhaps. Or Stelios, you know you want to start easyAuctions....

Paris, cos I mentioned her once already.

Alienware confirms existence of Area-51 m15x laptop

Kevin Gordon


Where can I get me one of these puppy's?

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version

Kevin Gordon

Vista - I like it

I have no problem with Vista. I really think a lot of people haven't given Vista a proper chance and are putting it down because they have joined the anti-vista bandwagon.

I have Vista running on a two year old Core Duo 2.0Ghz laptop (not even Core 2 Duo), with 2GB RAM, an ATI X1600 video card, and a 5400rpm SATA Hard drive.

I did a clean install of Vista Home Premium over my previous XP SP2 build. Vista installed without a hitch, connected to the internet and downloaded all the device drivers required except for a modem driver, which I got from the manufacturers website.

Windows Update then installed all the latest updates, which installed without causing any problems.

I've installed all my usual applications, about 20 in all, the main ones which are Paint Shop Pro X2, Photoshop elements 6, utorrent, Office 2003, Ulead Videostudio 11, Ashampoo Burning Studio 7, ACDSee 10, amongst others. All these apps installed without a single problem, and work flawlessly.

OK, there are a few minor niggles - copy/move operations are slower than XP, I have to endure about a minutes worth of sluggishness when booting up for the prefetch/page file stuff to fill up, and yes I do notice it's not quite as snappy and responsive as XP. Without a doubt, 2GB of RAM is the sweetspot, and more would be better. However, to be honest I was running Vista with 1GB and it was perfectly fine. I didnt notice a huge increase in performance with 2GB, but it was so cheap to buy I couldnt resist.

For me at least, the good of Vista outweighs all the above bad. The eye-candy-licious Aero desktop, the built in search/indexing, Media Center, the new links pane in Explorer windows, the search box in the start menu, extra security (I've reduced UAC prompts with the Tweak-UAC utility), the sidebar and it's useful gadgets, the new My Photo's screensaver (which plays video too - neat), and many many other features which I can't think of right this minute, but would miss if I went back to XP.

I'm not some dumbass newbie/idiot user - I've used Windows since 3.0, and I work in the IT Desktop & Server Support dept of a large company, so I really do know more about Windows XP, Linux, and now Vista than the vast majority of general PC users.

I wouldnt go back to XP, despite the niggles with Vista, and given a year or so, when all computers come with 4GB of RAM as standard, and faster CPU's, and Vista SP1 and other forthcoming updates have ironed out the current problems, I'm sure a lot of those Vista haters out there will have converted too.

Buffy and Neighbours thesps join Torchwood

Kevin Gordon

Jim Robinson

Aaaaahhhh... Jim Robinson. Neighbours was never the same after he croaked it.

I nearly choked on my curry when he turned up in the X-files (not to mention 24, Ugly Betty, The OC).

Rock on Jim! er... Alan.

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