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PS3 Home is '2005 tech', says Xbox exec

Ashley Jones

Where's my beard????

1. I have all the consoles and have almost finished added the necessary peripherals to bring the XBox up to spec. The new firmware makes it quieter than a hovercraft if I install the HDD.

2. Home doesn't allow me to change the shape of my eyebrows or to equip my avatar with a beard of any sort. Without these attributes I am more or less an egg. (With them I am an egg with pointy eyebrows and a goatee)

I have a peculiar desire to NOT be one of those fatties you see on the news with hunkalicious avatars and want mine to look like me. After the "No Gingers for the Mii" debacle which forced my beautiful redheaded children into going blond, this is an OUTRAGE.

Ho Ho Ho.


Nintendo yanks Mario Party 8 - offensive language to blame?

Ashley Jones

But but but...

Isn't this using the word in the sense of "affected by spasms" rather than relatng to Cerebral Palsy? Better safe than sorry I guess. I have my copy anyway and will plough through it at breakneck pace to see whether I have the "blue" version.

I guess this sort of fine tuning is why I am having to wait six months for Nintendo to translate Super Paper Mario from US English to UK English.



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