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New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners

Dr Jones

But it's our money is already full of animal grease.

I mean...take a drunkard getting kicked out the club. She/He gets a greasy mystery kebab of pizza dripping with who knows what oil. She/He pays the taxi driver with a pile of notes out from his pocket...their are covered in grease and other such fun....the bank note is made of cotton paper. It's gonna soak up a little surely!

At least with the polymer ones you can soak them in mild disinfectant after a hard night's taxi-ing before passing them on ;). Can't do that wil the paper ones for long at all.

Dr Jones

Greasy kebabs + cotton money = animal traces everywhere!

There are probably more traces of animal fat on the fares a taxi driver gets on a Friday night with the cotton paper we have now - I mean...all those greasy kebabs and pizza gubbinz before you get a cab.

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