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What's that, Microsoft? Yep, a Lumia and Surface SALES BOOM


The problem Microsoft has is

Windows needs to be on x86 to be worth the bother.

On small portable devices the processor of a bigger proportion of the power consumption and and the ARM is far more efficient, being a simpler device. And pretty much any improvement to the technology can be applied to both.


I was more than happy to replace my iPhone 4s with a Lumia 930.

because you don't mind replacing a walled garden with a walled flowerbed?

FIVE Things (NOT 10: these are REAL) from the WINDOWS 10 event


Touch screen on a laptop

Asking for RSI, as far as I can see.

Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz


- Stealing MS-DOS

Wasn't it selling MS/PCDOS before they'd actually bought it? (QDOS)


what does that mean exactly?

It means as long as the feel like it.

2015: The year of MAD TV science, but who can keep up?


Re: Content content content....

If there are +1 channel, then isn't the answer for the live channel to be HD and the plus one to be SD?

Polish chap builds computer into a mouse



This appears to be a new design, so it would need a high degree of success to be any use.

I would have though basing it on the Pi compute module would be far more sensible.

Will fondleslab's fickle finger of fate help Windows 10?


WIndows 10 is OKish

If they offer it for £25 like they did for Windows 8, I won't decline it this time. But if it costs much more I'll not bother.

But I'd prefer windows 7 (or 2000 were it supported).

Windows XP beats 8.1 in December market share stats


It could be that Christmas caused a lot of people who now use their phones or tablets most of the time to turn on the old XP machines they have saved for when they need a computer.



Re: I wouldn't recommend getting one now

I got one a year ago for about £50 I'm still very pleased with it.

£70 with charger is a decent price for the device.

It works nicely when paired to a BB phone with BlackBerry bridge.

It's a shame they have pretty much pulled the plugs on the system, were BB 10 available on it, it would have certainly been worth a lot more than £70

Movie industry's evil plan to destroy the internet is going precisely nowhere


Re: Control your media better.

DRM actively discourages me from buying things.

I have never purchased a DRMed download (I have got a couple of free ones.)

I avoided bluray for a long time, until I found a high end one in a charity shop for £25

I only buy cheap second hand BDs precisely because of the DRM. (I think I may have forked out £8 for Thor 2, but most are much cheaper, and a resale is no income to the studios anyway)

I would quite happily pay the asking price for new BD of movies I really liked, if they did not have DRM.

No more free Windows... and now it’s all about the services


Re: re-training 300 support staff and 3,500 users on Linux,

as opposed to retraining them on Windows 8.1 or OS X?

Crack open more champagne, Satya, XP's snowballing to HELL


Start from http://mintppc.org/

Thanks, but Mint 11 dropped out of support well over two years ago, so I don't see any advantage over Leopard (which has current versions of Firefox and Thunderbird)


Run's fine on my wife's G4 iBook as well.

Is that a supported version? If so, can you supply a link? (Assuming it will also work on a G5)

Blade Runner sequel might actually be good. Harrison Ford is in it


Surely Harrison Ford is now too old to play a character with an engineered short life-span?

Did he have a short lifespan?

Rachael didn't.

Also all the characters with short life spans had super strength. Deckard certainly didn't and Rachael didn't display it.

Windows Phone will snatch biz No 2 spot from Android – analyst


Perhaps they could convince the BBC to talk about them all the time

and ignore everything else.

Seems to have worked in another situation

Sailfish OS tablet is GO: Fans stuff cash into Jolla's cap in hand


I would have seriously thought about this, if it had an ARM processor.

Doctor Who trashing the TARDIS, Clara alone, useless UNIT – Death in Heaven


Re: Pregnant??

I'm glad someone else thought of that.

Given the obvious Danny Pink descendant, I am pretty sure that in the opening conversation of Dark Waters, Clara was trying to tell Danny she is pregnant. (And I'd not even noticed the "three months" post it.

I really enjoyed these two episodes.


> how exactly - the digital dead minds can "feel" what happens to their physical bodies

> - providing of course that wasn't just a lie.

It was a lie. Presumably also used within the nethersphere to encourage people to press delete.

Windows XP market share fell off a cliff in October


Re: All 'friends and relations' I maintain are using

OS X or linux mint, (apart from one Vista system that was unavoidable due to an obsession with genuine MS Office)

Hide your Macs, iPhones and iPads: WireLurker nasty 'heralds new era'


The myth is that all malware is viruses.

The Mac is pretty resistant to viruses.

People wrongly extrapolate this to it being immune to all malware.

Microsoft's TV product placement horror: CNN mistakes Surface tabs for iPAD stands


Re: it might be hilarious if it were true,

Well they would say that wouldn't they?

Russians hear Tim Cook is gay, pull dead Steve Jobs' enormous erection


Don't forget in 1988, we had a similar law, now we have marriage equality.

(And I really think Thatcher and Putin are similar)

Microsoft to bake Skype into IE, without plugins


Re: forced to use Skype on my Mac

I have just moved my family (and also a friends family) onto iChat (using google accounts), because old versions of Skype no longer connect. (The new Skype is Intel only and quite unpleasant to use)

Lumia 830: Microsoft hopes to seduce with slim 'affordable' model


Re: I finally met someone with a Windows Phone

> Only having two OSes to choose from

A good job there are three others then, apart from Windows.

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster


Windows 10 is fugly

Appearance wise it looks like I'd imagine Windows 95 would have looked like if the styling had stayed somewhere between that of Windows 2 and 3.0

Apart from that it seems OK, but nothing I'd rush out and buy.

DEATH by PowerPoint: Microsoft warns of 0-day attack hidden in slides


Would opening the file in LibreOffice be safe?

Intel, Asus charge sneak into US mobe market with ATOM-powered PadFone X mini


Nice idea

But I wouldn't want an x86 phone or tablet.

(I already reject the previous Asus fonepad for the same reason)

Bono apologises for iTunes album dump


Re: Rock and Roll is a young man's game

Gary Numan and John Foxx are now both producing the best music of their careers. So I disagree.

(But to be fair both produced a really rank album about ten years after they started, Numan followed with an even worse one before getting back on track, whereas Foxx did gave up music and took up digital art for a few years, before coming back on form)

Also Johnny Cash's version of Hurt was pretty damn good.


Worth Every Penny

It wasn't automatically downloaded to me, I had to actually choose to get it.

It isn't dreadful. I have certainly paid full price for much worse.

It will be staying in my library.

However, it is wrong to download it without asking.

(Presumably it was added to some as a purchase, rather than offered to purchase for free.)

Qik as mud: Skype adds self-destructing video messages years too late


Re: Yipes! Who Skypes anymore?

I certainly don't anymore.

Not since they blocked connections from older clients, meaning the computer I would want to use is unable to.

And on all the new clients, it constantly shows people as online who aren't. They also have horrible interfaces, compared to the older versions.

So new it is unusable, and I have moved over to iChat (via gtalk) which works much better. (Family friends, and even a friend in a similar situation's family)

Vulture takes BlackBerry's Passport through customs


10.3 improvements over 10.2

Nice to see mention of the LED colours, but does it also re-introduce the auto power off-on timer, the ability for alarms to work when the phone is off and the phonetic non-latin keyboard layouts?

Red Bull does NOT give you wings, $13.5m lawsuit says so


I have never seen anyone drink Red Bull to improve his "athletic performance"

You obviously don't go to a gym on a sunday morning, then. (Though to be pedantic, pretty much all I see or consume myself is generic energy drinks, rather than actual red bull)

Was Nokia's Elop history's worst CEO?


they could have made Symbian fit for purpose (not an attractive option, but certainly an option)

The difference between the last version of symbian on the N8 and the version on an e71 or an e63 is huge. Had Carla not been cancelled and had been as big an improvement as the previous versions, then it would have been. Belle is mostly fit for purpose. Just a few nasties, here and there, but I'd certainly not prefer a Samsung to an N8 (before the loss of support).

How much is Microsoft earning from its Android taxes again?


Re: as Notebooks were a passing fad

(Presuming that is a typo for netbooks)

I don't agree. I think the maket was for simple devices that access the net without the bother of Windows .Microsoft prevented the netbook fullfilling this, so the market was ripe for the tablet.

Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


He also seems to have far less knowledge about human behavior and customs than before.

Having spent the previous 500 years+ (perhaps even 1000) in a tiny community that he was looked up to, would that not be completely consistent?

Scottish independence: Will it really TEAR the HEART from IT firms?


Re: It will be business as usual.

> It's not a case of being thrown out but never being in it in the first place.

> Even if EU does fast track them to rejoin what the hell was that business about independence for?

Can you not see the irony of the use of the word rejoin?


Re: You can't get thrown out of something you are not part of.

So Scotland isn't currently part of the EU?


It will be business as usual.

Scotland will continue to use the pound. They currencies will be fixed (at least in the medium term) The RBS threatened move to London would seem to support this, they would stay managed by the Bank of England, so their existing arrangements will Scottish currency could remain and be expanded. (Look at the situation with Eire their currency was fixed with ours for decades.

Scotland will not get thrown out of the EU. It would set too many bad precedents. The EU shrinking, EU citizens' passports being removed. EU citizens no longer allowed to continue to trade and work freely in an area. And it would provide a very simple exit for the rest of the UK, if it so chose, dissolve the UK, and we are not in the EU. (Or England leave the UK, so just Wales and NI are left in the EU.)

Were I Scottish, I'd be far more worried about what happens after a no vote.

Nokia Lumia 530: A Windows Phone... for under £50


Re: Desperate Microsoft

> 3% of world market share... yep, pretty horrible.

> But then when you compare it to the approx 8% market share of "willing to pay for stuff" Android users

But how many Windows phone users actually install anything at all? (Perhaps whatsapp).

These things are obviously aimed at replacing S40, very few people I know who have had S40s used them for anything other than a phone and camera. These will be the same.

"Has Nokia's cut price cheapie cut too deep?"

I thought Nokia had flogged their phone business to Microsoft and gone back to making wellies or something.

Nokia is only a borrowed name in this context, not the company making and selling the product.


Re: No child should be raised with the indignity of being forced to use a Windows phone.

I think it's a child safety issue.

The child will not get mugged for a windows phone.

Hey hipsters: Tabs are so last year, fat phones are where it's at


Why would anyone want a 3G (etc) Tablet, rather than a Phablet?

If I am carry around a device like that, I don't want to have to (pay for and) carry a phone too.

I never use a phone against my ear, because it gives me a headache, I always use speakerphone or a headset.

A well designed phablet should have an incredible battery life when being used as a phone.

Google flushes out users of old browsers by serving up CLUNKY, AGED version of search



I just installed quick user agent switch. (I just typed 'Netsurf' for the fake agent) Now google search and maps work much better.


Re: I've given up trying to make my browser show me the fast version of gmail,

I block javascript, then it asks me if I want to use the non JS version of gmail, and that appears to be an account setting rather than a cookie.

Much better than the new style version.

Nokia: Read these Maps, Samsung – we're HERE for the Gear


I used my N8's satnav on holiday, it lasted 4 or 5 hours, and then the phone quite happily charged while continuing to run it.

Either the OS or the hardware is inferior to the older range.

RIP MSN Messenger, kthxbai. Microsoft finally flicks on KILL SWITCH in China


I wonder if they intend to use skype as leverage against continued XP use.

They have been forcing upgrade to the latest versions on some platforms.

(This is annoying since the latest versions have a horrid UI on the Mac, and can't do video to older versions, they also, for me, show people as online, who aren't)

They have sent notice that they are dropping support (and presumably connectivity) for older systems, including Tiger and PPC macs, Symbian and (ironically) Windows 7 phones.

So what is the odds that soon (perhaps the first anniversary of support ending) that it won't work on XP too?

(I have read that blocking skype's access to ui.skype.com is a work around)

Will It Blend? Maybe. BlackBerry’s secret comeback weapon


Re: OS 7

There are quite a lot of things that haven't made it into OS 10 from the earlier versions, yet.

Such auto power on. Phonetic keyboard input for other alphabets, coloured LED flashing,etc.

Hopefully they will return them.

Also it would be nice if Blend could be used without special software through a lan. Perhaps a simple webapp generated by the device? Plugins for Thunderbird and outlook would be nice too.

LG takes on Nokia X, Moto G: These are the cheapie 'droids you've been looking for



I have an NFC blackberry and an NFC Bluetooth audio adapter. As yet I haven't bothered to try NFC to connect. I would have to switch on NFC, and physically go to the device, as opposed to simply connecting to it from the phone screen.

I can see that a similar idea would be sensible for free wifi. They seem to want phones registered, presumably if something illegal happens they can tie the MAC to the SIM etc.

But I have never seen it offered.

Red Hat: ARM servers will come when people crank out chips like AMD's 64-bit Seattle


Right about needing a standard boot system.

I'm certainly of the opinion that the reason the IBM compatible became the main device in use, against far nicer systems (RISC OS. Amiga, Atari ST, Mac) was down to the ability to interface in a standard manner, allowing multiple vendors to produce equivalent devices. The BIOS being one of the most important, but ISA, and all the standard connectors used on the peripherals was important too. (Just look what happened when IBM tried to kill the royalty free clone market. OS/2 and PS/2)

RealVNC distances itself from factories, power plants, PCs hooked up to password-less VNC


Re: Meh

Perhaps the no password option option should only be offered with control (without diving into config files) for the local subnet, and then only if the host is in a one of the private ip ranges.

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