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Tim Cook: EU lied about Apple taxes. Watch out Ireland, this is a coup!


Lost case

This EU ruling was no news to Apple's lawyers. Cook was pre-warned.

Apple's lawyers have, based on FIAT, BP, and other rulings, told Cook this is a lost case. Hence, Cook decides to play is last card: The Political Card; "Appealing to Irish politicians, being rude, raising the anti-EU feelings, f... those bureacrats, Ireland has autonomy do do what they want!"

Cook has shown the weakness of his position.

And Irish politicians has a crash course in EU-law in front of them.

Apple will have to pay.

Worlds that could support LIFE found among 715 new planets


Care to visit our closest exoplanet?

You would have 160 000 years of travel at the speed of space shuttle ahead of you. Our closest exoplanet is 4 light years away. And when you get there, or more correct your grand, grand, grand... children arrive, the exoplanet's star may have stopped supporting life.

As an exoplanet could have had life, it has life or life may not have started yet.

And if you believe anyone of these newly discovered exoplanets are better destinations - some of them are as much as 3000 light years away. So a text warning of failed exoplanet mission would take 3000 years to reach Earth.

We have an estimated 5-20 million years left with our own star able to support life on Earth. Enjoy.

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