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It's 2019, the year Blade Runner takes place: I can has flying cars?

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What It DID have that was 'lo tech'

Namely newspapers with actual paper.

Several times Harrison Ford is seen at a coffee shop reading a paper.

Nothing even vaguely resembling a smartphone or internet caff.

Microsoft deletes deleterious file deletion bug from Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Re: *** Be careful *** Also new in 1809, changes to Disk Cleanup Tool,

There comes a point where if you try to make an idiot-proof OS, your OS ends up just doing idiotic things

There is no such thing as 'idiot proof'..

The Register Lecture: Great gravitational waves! LIGO's next cosmic act

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Computing Power

Mark will talk super black holes, neutron stars and the type of software modelling that enables you to peek deeper into the unknown universe.

And this being The Reg,, discuss the amount of computing power needed to do that. Supercomputers ?

US Democrats call in Feds: There's something phishy going on with our voter database

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Re: "This fake website was spam-vertised using bogus emails"

votebuilder.michigan.democrat.org ?

As opposed to votebullder.michigan.democrat.org ?

( Depending on the the reader's font, that 'l' could look very much like 'i'.)

Well, can't get hacked if your PC doesn't work... McAfee yanks BSoDing Endpoint Security patch

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McAfee for Linux

Actually McAfee for Linux DOES exist.

Do a simple Google.

( I tried to provide a link to it but for some reason the link kept getting itself misspelt and so 'Not Found'. )

Miss Config

Who uses McAfee ?

I genuinely believed that the only people who used McAfee were non-techies who bought a PC/laptop with McAfee software included as a 'bonus' ( or described as such anyway ). In other words people who did not realise its uselessness OR how to uninstall it.

I am genuinely surprised that any company actually uses it.

Oh my Tosh, it's only a 100TB small form-factor SSD, SK?

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Moore's Law ?

Rumours of the death of Moore's Law have been exxagerated.

Facebook deletes 17 accounts, dusts off hands, beams: We've saved the 2018 elections

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Holocaust Denial Still On Facebook

At least until recently Facebook was hosting Holocaust deniers.

Are they STILL there ?

( I ask because I do NOT have a fb account. )

Malware targeting cash machines fetches top dollar on dark web

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Your Money Back. Guaranteed,.

The dark web must have very strict rules about getting your money back in the event of a bought item not actually working.

Despite the racing certainty that it WILL work, obviously.

It walks, it talks, it falls over a bit. Windows 10 is three years old

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Metro ?!

The Interface Formerly Known As Metro

Registards remember TIFKAM but this article only mentions Metro in passing.

Does the fact that The Reg has now forgotten is own acronym for Metro mean anything in terms of improvement to W10 ?

Scam alert: No, hackers don't have webcam vids of you enjoying p0rno. Don't give them any $$s

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Videos Of You Having A Wank

Since there is mention on this thread of public masturbation, the obvious advice is not to do it.

A bloke who was previously on ITV Breakfast, Dan Lob, managed to get conned into doing that and ended up searching for the perp who made him do it.

Channel 4 in the UK made a program about it, "Celebrity Sextortion" :


Hoping for Microsoft's mythical Andromeda in your Xmas stocking? Don't hold your breath

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Drawing BOARD ? Isn't There SOFTWARE For Drawing ?

Redmond has gone back to the drawing board for its "Andromeda" handheld

If Microsoft want to do 'Drawing' surely there must be SOFTWARE that does that kind of thing ?

Somewhere. They might even be really radical and look up a supplier on the interweb.

Have you heard about ransomware? Now's the time to ask: Are you covered?

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Backup, Backup, Backup

You do not need Asian wisdom to know the importance of backups.

Just remember ( especially if you are American ) 911.

Cantor Fitzgerald is a financial services firm that had its HQ in the WTC.

When it was attacked on 911 600 of its staff were killed.

The company is still in business. ( As it happens I pass one of its local offices in a bus several times a week. )

The reason for its survival is summed up in one word : backups.

The company were meticulous in doing them and dumping them to their London offices via satellite.

The moral of the story is that it is impossible to exagerate the importance of backups.

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Will the insurer insist of the customer using products/services from a security company they have a deal with ?

The important point is that the company DOES use proper security products and services.

Whether they get charged too much for that is a secondary question.

And by the way any company thinking of buying this insurance should INSTEAD hire an IT security firm to check they are doing everything properly in terms of IT security.

Miss Config

Re: Insure AFTER Checking Security ?

and probably the most important procedure of all : BACKUPS

Any organisation that actually does their overnight backups properly every night can tell, in particular, any ransomware black hats to go whistle.

Miss Config

Re: Insure AFTER Checking Security ?

they're auditing against known risks

yes but the question is which particular customers were not even protecting against THOSE risks in the first place ?

Miss Config

Insure AFTER Checking Security ?

Surely the obvious question here is to what extent cyber insurers actually check the vulnerabilities of their customers ?

If I sold such insurance I'd make sure the customer had, at least, all the usual suspects in terms of anti-virus software and so on. And if I had to install such software personally at least then I could feel reasonably sure that I would not end up actually paying out a ransom equivalent.

You love Systemd – you just don't know it yet, wink Red Hat bods

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Re: SystemD ? Was THAT What Buggered My Mint AND Laptop ?

So even those who are paranoid ( rightly or wrongly ) about SystemD did not pile in to blame it here. I'll take that as a 'no'.

Backup you say ? Tell me about it. I must admit that when it comes to backups I very much talk the talk, full stop.I have since bought a 1TB detachable hard drive which at least makes full backups fast via USB3.

( All I need now is software for DIFFERENTIAL backups ).

Miss Config

SystemD ? Was THAT What Buggered My Mint AND Laptop ?

The technical details of SystemD are over my head but I do use Mint as the main OS on this laptop which makes me Mr. Innocent Bystander in this argument. I had heard of SystemD and even a rumour that Mint was going to use it. That Mint ALREADY is using SystemD is news to me

( provided by this article ).

My problem is that a month ago a boot of Mint failed and after reading this thread I must wonder whether SystemD is at least one of the usual suspects as the cause of the problem ?

Here's what happened :

As I do every couple of weeks, I installed the latest available updates from Mint but the next time I booted up it did not get beyond the Mint logo. All I got were terminal-level messages about sudo commands and the ability to enter them. Or rather NOT enter them. Further use of Terminal showed that one system file did not now exist. This was in etc/ and related to the granting of sudo permissions. The fact that it did not exist created a vicious circle and sudo was completely out of action. I took the laptop to a shop where they managed to save my Backups folder that had been on the desktop and install a fresh version of Mint.

So what are the chances that this was a SystemD problem ?

TSB outage, day 5: What do you mean you can't log in? Our systems are up and running. Up and running, we say!

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"Embattled bank TSB"

As a Guardian reader I presume The Reg will write another article about TSB if and when the banks becomes Beleagured

Vatican sets up dedicated exorcism training course

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The Pope Himself DOES Believe In Both The Devil And Demonic Posession

Which is why he wants more and more exorcists :

Guardian report from March 2017

Note how he says there how at least SOME 'demonic possessions' are in fact 'supernatural'.

Microsoft can't give away beta cert exams, so starts charging

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Psychometric ?

Never mind the beta tests. What is really offputting is the psychometric testing.

'Pseudo-scientific' would be a polite term for it.

US says it's identified six Russian officials as DNC hack suspects

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Spot The Putin Trolls

The Reg can find out how important it is as far as the Russian government is concerned by seeing how many posts on this thread can be classed as "trolling by Putin's goons".

Hollywood has savaged enough sci-fi classics – let's hope Dick would dig Blade Runner 2049

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Here Is The News

When I saw Blade Runner again a few years ago what struck me was Harrison Ford actually .................

Reading Newspapers.

And btw, given that The Reg routinely nicknames companies ( such as The Chocolate Factory) , why does it NOT refer to the people who bring you Android as The Electric Sheep Dreamers ?

Microsoft reveals details of flagship London store within spitting distance from Apple's

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Dirty Old Town

If the queues for Oxford Circus Tube aren't bad enough, just remember you are in the physically dirtiest place on the planet. When BoJo was mayor he was always arguing with the Guardian about exactly how dirty Oxford Street was : NOT the dirtiest street on Earth but admittedly in the Top Ten.

An 'AI' that can diagnose schizophrenia from a brain scan – here's how it works (or doesn't)

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Abolishing That Popular Belief

The question is :

even if they managed to cure schizophrenia, how long would it take to get rid of the horribly popular misconception that schizophrenia is .......... Multiple Personality Disorder

( when people say that being in two minds about something is 'schizophrenic' )


AWS Summit London queues caused by security, not snafu

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Spreadsheet Them

Presumably they used some kind of spreadsheet with data telling them whom to admit or not.

Seriously though, how does this establishment relate legally to that Microsoft Office application ?

Sergey Brin building humanitarian blimp for lifesaving leisure

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Re: Yikes!!

Was wondering whether I'd be the ONLY reader seeing somebody's arse

( but had nobody in particular in mind )

Microsoft is cooking virtual storage in Azure

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Part Of Football Today

It's all part of the Magic of The ( FA ) Cup.

Over the weekend on TV showing games in the 4th Round, half-time ads showed a lot of

'Microsoft Cloud'

Oi, Mint 18.1! KEEP UP! Ubuntu LTS love breeds a laggard

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Cinnamon Stable ?

Will the new version of Cinnamon still keep going as long as Linux Mint itself is up and running ?

My problem is that every few days Cinnamon crashes and although it's easy enough to restart, it is still annoying when it happens.

Black horse blacks out: Lloyds Bank website goes down

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They DID Warn You

The warning was in the news last week : UK bank will be hacked in 2017 :

BBC : Bank Hack Warning

Then again, beware all the fake news nowadays

Folders return to Windows 10's Start Thing

Miss Config

"Windows 10 could let users pause automatic updates"

According to at least one blogger ( Winaero ).

It's in the latest preview build for Insiders. Stop an update for 35 days anyway.

The web is past peak innovation: It's all negative returns from here

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Re: Idiots are the root cause of security flaws

Back before I was personally even aware of the concept of GUI I knew of systems designed with at least an attempt to cater for the ( hypotheteical ? ) most stupid user. The term used for such systems was 'idiot proof'.

( I was cynical enough to think there was no such thing. )

Since the term is conspicuous to me by its absence from this article I presume the 'designs' in question are made by people unaware of the very idea. And that means they design FOR THEMSELVES.

( So since 'everybody knows' what the F5 button is for we''ll redesign it to do all sorts of 'obvious' loading. )

Sysadmin gets 5 years for slurping contractor payments to employer

Miss Config

The old ones are the best

Computer fraud is as old as computers. Take computer fraud to mean the illegal moving of money through bank accounts via a computer's overnight jobs and the processing of individual computer records ( as happened in this case ).

The 'original' computer fraud job goes back to the time when rounding was a new idea in computing terms ( COBOL ? ). The question about this story is whether it actually happened or is it an urban myth ?

Seems a programmer rewrote a bank system so that any rounding done by the system benefitted him personally. So interest is calculated for an account and if said interest includes a fraction of a penny then that is NOT added to the account in question but sent to the programmer's account.

So the calculation says the interest is £31.735p but the account only receives £31.73p with the extra ha'penny credited to the programmer's account. A trivial sum, even back then, but when it happens literally tens of thousands of times then the money stolen does add up.

Shopkeeper installs forecourt khazi to counter mystery Dublin dung dumper

Miss Config

Put it in a box first

Obviously this 'dung dumper' completely lacks class.

If you MUST send someone a load of crap, then be absolutely stylish about it like

the queen of this trade, Sharon Osborne, and first buy a box from a jeweller :

Sharon Style

Google's brand new OS could replace Android

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I have seen the Fuschia and it works

Anti-phishing most critical defence against rife CEO email fraud

Miss Config

Default Attitude : Do NOT read that email

As a general rule people are stupid about how many of their emails they actually read

whether at work or at home. And that includes CEOs.

Ideally people should not open an email at all unless they absolutely positively MUST.

And for their own financial sake companies should teach their staff to do that.

A carrot and stick policy could work : in extreme cases getting fired for opening too many dodgy emails

and bonuses for avoiding them ( and warning cow-orkers about the latest dodgy subject lines).

Miss Config

Do NOT even read emails, never mind answer them

Company policy should be that you can only read emails to your company address PROVIDED

* You know the sender via the sender's address

* People with whom you are in regular email contact agree with each other how to recognise each other's


( eg. agree what the subject says exactlty even though it may have zero to do with the actual message.

I agree with Jane that her next important eamil will be headed 'It is raining in Borneo'. )

* a deparment ( sysadmin ? ) must manually allow me to read emails from people I have not previously

had email contact with ).

Space archeologist discovers new evidence of Vikings invading America

Miss Config

Space Archeology ?

Am I the only ignoramus who has never heard of the field of Space Archeology ?

Does the Reg at least have a sub-folder for it in Science ?

Oh, sugar! Sysadmin accidently deletes production database while fixing a fault

Miss Config

Found Out The Rule The Hard Way

That rules says that any data that does not exist IN THREE SEPARATE PLACES

does not exist full stop.

The paperless office? Don’t talk sheet

Miss Config

Paper And Toilets

I distinctly remember this argument back in 1990, well before the interweb.

The question was :

When will we have the paperless office ?

and the reporter answered : about the same time we have the paperless toilet.

( And I actually found that amusing at the time. )

Boffins celebrate 30th anniversary of first deep examination of Uranus

Miss Config

Finding Rings ( Using a Computer. )

It had been known since 1977 that there were rings around Uranus

A story in itself. I seem to remember reading at the time how accidental the discovery was.

Something about punch cards etc. left in a box and only when they actually bothered to process them

...... 'Wow ! Look ! A ring system.'

Former Ashley Madison CTO 'threatens security blogger with libel action'

Miss Config

If you don't know whether to laugh or cry, then just laugh. Like the joke in the current Private Eye showing two women walking past their gym :

Woman 1 : OMG! My Ashley Madison details were hacked !

Woman 2 : You poor thing, honestly you just cannot trust anyone these days !

Twenty years since Windows 95, and we still love our Start buttons

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Re: The public accepted Windows 95

@ Doctor Syntax

"a key whose use is limited to one particular OS?"

You're using the 'wrong' version of Linux. Here in Mint the Windows key is modelled on ....

Windows !!!! So the key itself gives the Start menu ( equivalent ) and Wnd+E shows me what's in my Home folder ( so is the equivalent of Windows File Explorer ).

Just ONE THOUSAND times BETTER than FLASH! Intel, Micron's amazing claim

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Bloke at BBC tested Cortana as shown on the BBC News today.

At 1:19 here he asks out loud for a London weather forecast

and Cortana speaks back :


Microsoft U-turns on 'free' Windows 10 upgrade promise for ALL previewers

Miss Config

Re: 'registered MSA connected to their PC'

Technically I AM an insider and registerd using my Yahoo account. tbf, Microsoft are NOT picky about your email provider.

Microsoft celebrates 25 years' SOLITARY SELF-PLEASURE with GROUP SESSION

Miss Config

Klondike Solitaire

First, I'm always amused when people ask whether a user is into gaming, with the basis being how much computing power the user might actually need for a prospective laptop, for example. For me, the short answer is 'no'. I DO play Solitaire, but that is trivial in terms of computing power needed.

Windows Solitaire was, I must admit, a guilty pleasure. But it used drive me mad, first, with the frequecy with which there would be two IDENTICAL cards ( such as BOTH red sevens, say ) after the initial deal. Usually I asked it to deal AGAIN ( and got another identical pair ). Then I'd get to a stage in the game where although I thought I was losing, I thought there was SOMETHING I might be able to do. However Windows refused to help me.

( btw, it kept my 'score' as winning 13% of the time. Which was nice. )

That brought me to the Linux version which is something called KPatience which has several card games, the version most like Windows Solitaire being called Klondike. This is infinitely preferable to Windows' version. It holds your hand all the way and gives a running commentary. It says 'this game is winnable'; 'this game is lost' etc.

What is frustrating is when I make several good moves and THEN it says 'this game is lost'.

It even has a 'Hint' button that can say exactly where to move certain cards. It regularly tells me half a dozen card moves that I would otherwise manage to miss and in effect wins the game for me.

The huge flaw in Moore’s Law? It's NOT a law after all

Miss Config

Updated Law

The number of electronics engineers who no longer believes in Moore's Law doubles every year

Chinese 'Superphone' manufacturer declares war on Apple

Miss Config

Chinese And Hitler ? Wong

Any query about Chinese knowledge of the Nazis is answered by the fact that there is a Chinese actor named Hitler Wong. I shit you not :



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