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Forget your deepest, darkest secrets, smart speakers will soon listen for sniffles and farts too


Re: Bollocks to this creepy shit.

"complicated trust relationship with speaker companies"

What could possibly go wrong?

Former headteacher fined £700 after dumping old pupil data on server at new school


Pee dough

'nuff said.

Australia's national broadband bet shirk: NBN write-down not on the cards – chairman


Re: Weirdos

"Why would anybody agree to that?"

Did anyone agree to that?

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'


Re: host file?

Does dns66 help if the device isn't rooted? Sadly, I am without the problematic face* apps to test.

Can the last person watching desktop video please turn out the light?


"block adverts on a desktop/laptop than it is on some rebadged Android box?"

Not that difficult, surely, to use some kind of host based ad blocking (e.g. AdAway)?

No ads on YouTube for my original Chromecast, thanks very much to Eureka.



"The reason there's no well targeted advertising is that marketing is over-populated with over-eager gabblers with no self-control and no thinking skills."

I don't want targeted ads. If I see any, this means I'm being tracked by the ad networks.

Canadian ISPs do not Canuck around: Bloke accused of piracy grilled in his home for hours


Re: This is what Corporatocracy looks like

"As for TVAddons, just like a torrent index site, or even the almighty Google search engine, it's just a tool"

I would say that TVAddons is closer to an app store than a torrent index.


Re: The true nature of big corp

"making fighting back financially impossible."

Sounds a bit like the Hulk Hogan thingamajig.

Deep pockets win.

Facebook's freebie for poor people under fire again


Re: "Partial" == 1990's internet, didn't everyone start there?

"how Zuckerberg is going to get rich on people who make 1$/day?"

Let's say they get a billion people who earn a dollar a day; average discretionary spending of 1c per day would be worth $3.65bn per annum.

I could imagine some corporate advertiser might want to reach a market of that size.

Twitter will no longer snaffle data allowances on Virgin Mobile


Re: Net neutrality please

'"social media platform"?

To me social media platforms include BBS, IRC as you interact with other people electronically.'

Don't forget the first (?) one - usenet.

Free usenet data on mobile plans, please.

Feelin' safe and snug on Linux while the Windows world burns? Stop that


Re: about 12 per cent of servers run non-Windows OSs!?

'Conduited Data Servers' to Hooli.

Is this a plot from "Silicon Valley"?

Sysadmin finds insecure printer, remotely prints 'Fix Me!' notice


Re: Why not knock?

"Demonstrate that someone can invade the network"

Yeah, and just to show 'em, that particular "someone" encrypted all their files and asked for a ransom - makes me wannacry.


Re: Because narcissists like to show off.

"given pseudonyms by El Reg"

I'm pretty sure that at least some of the pseudonyms are provided by the "on call" story submitter - here's looking at you Teresa May(be).

Distro watch for Ubuntu lovers: What's ahead in Linux land


Re: Some bits missing.

"I consider the way Ubuntu uses sudo to be an accident waiting to happen."

Agreed. At the moment there are lower hanging fruit out there (Watwrmelon? Apple? Coconut?)

US court decision will destroy the internet, roar Google, Facebook et al


Re: Winners all around!!!

"In the legal fraternity."

Uh, I think you mean trebles.

All that free music on YouTube is good for you, Google tells music biz


Music Videos

I like watching music videos. I find YouTube is currently the best place for this; in the 1980s -1990s MTV was best for music videos - I even used to tape 120 minutes; early 2000s it was Rage for me.

Now, when I'm watching music videos on YouTube I really hate it if I get a lyric video or some kind of static image - i.e. a lot of the user generated content, so I skip it.

Most recent music videos on YouTube seem to be on a channel associated with the artist / their label.

If music were to be taken away from YouTube, where would one go to watch the music videos?

Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it


Up and down votes

"the register is able to use advanced artificial intelligence to monitor the mental and emotional state of its readers."

Up and down votes given and received (even as AC) are all used to profile us.

Facebook and Google gobble '99 per cent of new digital ad cash'


Relevant ads?

Relevant ads? May work for pet food; not for pet cemetery.


Ad blocking

"I use uBlock Origin."

Me too. Also, I use AdAway (requires root, updates hosts file), which helps block in-app ads.

Reg now behind invisible HTML5 Bitcoin paywall


Re: Bug Report

"took delivery of my first physical bitcoin."

Haven't you heard that some of these asteroids out there consist of such rich yields of bitcoin that it will soon be economic to mine them? Particularly if they strike Earth


Some reports have suggested even without an asic!

I think the 2038 flyby may offer rich pickings:



Re: Oh oh.

"The music video has a special carrier signal embedded"

The signal is, of course, embedded in the video, and is covertly picked up by one of these handily available scanners:




April Fools on a Saturday means not enough appropriate articles on El Reg. Thanks very much for this one, Team Reg.

May be even worse next year - Sunday!

Confirmed: TSA bans gear bigger than phones from airplane cabins


Re: Disappointing

"just some more inconvenience trolling from those at the top of that particular game"

First they came for 10 middle eastern airport's​ passengers travelling to the USA, then they came for those travelling to the other 5 eyes countries from there.

After this, it just became natural to apply this everywhere. Winston Smith was not surprised when his flight back to Airstrip One was encompassed by these new guidelines. He felt accepted.


Re: Meh

"One, SOP for lost bags is to search them in case they're contraband or assembled-on-the-spot bombs."

A couple of years ago we managed to pick up the wrong bag after a long haul flight. We had about 6 hours in a nearby hotel, somewhat puzzled about being unable to open one of the cases, but not that bothered.

Back at the airport in the morning for our next flight we were told that we had someone elses bag, and also our bag had been found - apparently the only thing in our bag which had attracted Custom's attention was 2 cans of beer.

Airplane bomb fears spark America's laptop, tablet carry-on ban


Re: Terror intel sparks... cabin ban.

"So I should be ok if my portable devices have ARM or AMD CPUs."

I must say, the click bait that got me to read this article was the thought that Intel had done something terrorist related.

Note to El Reg - Intel as an abbreviation for Intelligence is not such a great idea on a tech news rag.

Shine on, you crazy Eind minds: Boffins fire out 43Gbps infrared 'Wi-Fi'


Re: Er???? What about that thing in the sky?

"Seriously? Have you never wondered how ..."

Please don't feed the trolls. If you have to (feed 'em), explain gravity instead: it's more fun.

Facebook, Instagram: No, you can't auto-slurp our profiles (cough, cough, border officials)


Re: Hypocrisy at work

"public stance by Facebook is a welcome one in increasingly worrying times for those concerned about internet privacy, or the lack of it"

Maybe those concerned about internet privacy should not post things they want to remain private.

Otherwise, move along.

'Password rules are bullsh*t!' Stackoverflow Jeff's rage overflows


Re: Sometimes I can't use a long password

Disabling JavaScript sometimes does the trick for me, e.g. with NoScript.

One IP address, multiple SSL sites? Beating the great IPv4 squeeze


Re: Don't care (@ A Non e-mouse)

'disable SELinux'

I somehow sympathetise with this suggestion, but ...

BBC surrenders 'linear' exclusivity to compete with binge-watch Netflix


"I used to admire the BBC. It was something that I was glad existed. I respected it. This started to change around 2005/6 for me."


I think 70s - 80s is more realistic. Did Jim fix it?

Kingpin in $1m global bank malware ring gets five years in chokey



How come he's not being extradited to Australia?

I'm sure if his victims had included a US bank he'd be on his way there by now.

Come on, Aussies, up your game.

It's now illegal in the US to punish customers for posting bad web reviews



"Or Ferrari cars for that matter (they wont let you review one if it's going to be tested against another manufacturers vehicles)."

I know there had been some kind of a kerfuffle which impeded the 3 car comparison which finally happened in the first episode of The Grand Tour, but didn't they make it in the end?

Melbourne hacker adds padding oracle to free popular hacker course


Completed by 1 student

I saw this on the provided link.

Sounds like a popular course.

Russia accuses hostile foreign powers of plot to undermine its banks


Re: Hoisted on their own petard

I think you mean something along the lines of:

Pet, kattle, block?

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*


Re: Not much of a chemist then?

Surely those who are against handling tallow based payment methods could use a combination of non-cash payments and coins?

Problem solved!

PC sales outlook improves: Now terrifying instead of catastrophic


Small laptops

I got my first small laptop (netbook) after seeing this:


Those were the days. Where is she now, when I need her?

The battery on my first eeepc is now dead; the 800x600 screen is too low nowadays.

Why can't I get a small laptop with better than 1366x768 resolution today without going into premium price ranges?

I can find a cheap tablet of that size (eeepc size) with a full hd screen, but it won't run Linux.

Maybe a manufacturer will surprise me, next year.

UK cops spot webcam 'sextortion' plots: How vics can hit stop


The beeb had a good story about this kind of extortion a few weeks ago.


Worth noting that the scammers know the scripts of the recording they play to the victim by heart, and type, never speak.


Tech support scammers use denial of service bug to hang victims


Wanky story

"The most likely target of these scams are millennials, according to Microsoft research last month that found that age group are far more likely to fall hook and sinker for the cons than greybeards.

This could be thanks to the proliferation of blue screen of death tech support scams on popular torrent sites like Kick Ass Torrents and The Pirate Bay."

This looks very much like cut and paste journalism from this esteemed organ:


"The proliferation of tech support scams on torrent sites could suggest millennials are more likely to encounter the ruses, though this is not mentioned in the report"

Incidentally, the aforementioned 'Kick Ass' may have been offline for some time.

Hence, an onanistic article.

'Hacker' accused of idiotic plan to defraud bank out of $1.5 million


What confidence?

'undermine our confidence in the internet and in the cyber world'

Is that supposed to be a joke?

Accountant falls for sexy Nigerian email scammer, gives her £150k he cheated out of pal


Pics, or it didn't happen.

"The fact that he insists the 'woman' was kosher suggests his faculties are somewhat lacking."

Swedes ban camera spy-drones for anything but crime fighting


Re: I welcome this

"organized criminals, who usually hail from Europe's border countries"

Sounds like something the daily fail might have penned.

Probe cops' Stingray phone masts, senators tell US comms watchdog


Stingray Mk II

Surely this problem would be fixed if the next generation of Stingray equipment offered a genuine connection to the network?

Then everyone's calls, data etc. get through, and the Feds can passively monitor. A win for all.

A USB stick as a file server? We've done it!


Re: More of this, please.

"This is turning into a pissing contest!"

My RasPi blah blah ... one AAA battery ... blah blah ... 10Tb ... blah blah ... cont. p94.

Paper mountain, hidden Brexit: How'd you say immigration control would work?



I think that the problem here is that the idiots (various elected politicians) who called for the referendum on Brexit failed to make things clear to the electorate.

That it's still no longer clear should come as no surprise.

Now we all have to pay the price.

Two-speed Android update risk: Mobes face months-long wait


"If you want your older Android to updated pick a third party ROM for it."

Or, how about, 'If you want your older Android to be updated' pick one SUPPORTED by third party ROMs.

Good luck with that!

Shark bosses sink teeth into booming ransomware market


Re: 20 per cent cut

"Just as a matter of interest, how does one extract ones bitcoin revenue into money that can be spent in the real world"

Rent a mule?

Adblock Plus blocks Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook ads


Re: I find the best way to avoid adverts on Farcebook...

"And what if the only point of contact you have with someone important (like a member of your family) is through Farcebook because they don't have e-mail or a reliable telephone?"

Just. Say. No!

Offer an alternative if you choose to.

What's Zuck planning with his Facebook bots? Maximum $ilo revenue


Re: Contradiction

"They know who they are."

Or, more plausibly, they know who YOU are, where you live ...

MoD contractor hacked, 831 members of defence community exposed


Exit node

"you can never tell who's running the exit node"

You can if you choose an exit node you know.

HTC 10: Is this the Droid you're looking for?


Re: App Switcher

"Google search bar in the app switcher it in stock android not a HTC addition."

If that's the case, I'm really glad that they managed to exclude it from CM13.


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