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Android data slurping measured and monitored


Re: Lol, look at all the dumb comments

It does a little bit - it mentions that the communication to Apple servers doesn't include ad related information, and that the amount of data was significantly less.

Game over for Google: Fortnite snubs Play Store, keeps its 30%, sparks security fears


Apple also drops to 15% for in app subscriptions in the second year.

Oz retro computer collection in dire straits, bulldozers on horizon


I have some space, but also in Brisbane. Ugh, tyranny of distance.

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain


Re: The most amazing engineering

Mantevani - that brings back memories. I used to live in one of the mansion blocks on Prince of Wales Drive on the edge of the park and would regularly annoy my flatmate by opening the balcony door to watch and hear Concorde follow the river.

it was also one of the things I missed after I moved to the correct side of the river a few years later.

'Mummy, what's felching?' Tot gets smut served by Android app


Re: santa

Want to lose it completely? Have a browse of answer.yahoo.com.

Whenever I'm feeling optimistic about our future as a species going there fixes it completely.

Top Gun display for your CAR: Heads-up fighter pilot tech


Re: Health and safety gone maddddd!

Personally, I just pop the transmission into 2nd when I go through school zones - If I go over 40 the engine makes enough of a howl to notify me if I hadn't already noticed, and, of course, engine compression will limit me to the same speed on a downhill without ever having to touch the brakes.

If you own an autotragic some of the above may be useless. In that case perhaps a GPS/GPS app with a speed alert might be useful if you can't judge speed through observation alone so you don't have to check the speedo?

Cameras for hacks: Idiot-proof suggestions invited


For the last week or so I've been evaluating (ok, playing) with a Nikon Coolpix S9700 for some of our people to use out west.

It is proving very nice to use and has (as they all do) a full auto mode which will remove need for even a one page manual, as well as a decent zoom.

Not particularly beer proof, though.


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