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Shocker: UK smart meter rollout is crap, late and £500m over budget


Twice I've been scheduled to get a smart meter fitted. Both times no-one showed up. Not surprised the rollout is so far behind schedule.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?


Re: Total fail from my perspective.

Windows disk cleanup worked for me when I had that problem

4K refresh sees Blu-ray climb to 100GB, again


Re: DRM again........

Get AnyDVD HD, that strips the disc protection meaning you don't need to upgrade PowerDVD to play the newer discs. They update every other week with support for new discs and there's a lifetime updates option so you pay to update once and are sorted.

Boffins weigh in to perfect kilogram quest with LEGO kit


Re: I demand neodymium ring magnets based Lego

Lego used to do do magnets, just not neodymium ones. They were used in the M-Tron space sets and to connect the carrages on train sets. And yes they were pure win.

Music-mad Brits drive up hardware sales too – claims BPI


Re: Missing Data?

Paying more per song would make sense as Japanese CD prices make even British prices seem reasonable.

Bugger the jetpack, where's my 21st-century Psion?


My Psion 5 got me through university. While most people scribbed notes they later struggled to read, I had organised files that I was able to copy and paste from. I could type on the Psion keyboard so much quicker than I can write so it was a Godsend for me. I still can't type as quick on my smartphone and it doesn't last as long as my Psion in use...

Tizen devices are HERE.... Hello, Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches


Still waiting

on a watch I can use to talk to my talking car.

Battle of Bletchley Park: TNMOC chief calls for review of museums' Mexican standoff


It's not perfect but the current system of two entry fee's would be fine with a bit more advertising. TNMOC got all my money when I went there last week and the Bletchley Park Trust got nothing. I didn't have to pay for BPT access which I didn't want. I was happy and had a great time at a unique museum.

Problem is, I knew in advance I could do that. The lady in front of me was really angry about not knowing the BP entrance fee didn't cover TNMOC and having paid for that and then being asked to pay to access the museum. I didn't go to the BPT ticket office so I don't know how clear it is that the two are separate but with a bit more marketing or the staff telling people the ticket doesn't cover TNMOC but that you don't need a BPT ticket to go visit TNMOC then everyone would be happy and the park and museum bosses wouldn't have to get along.

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