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Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin

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Assuming reciprocity, I presume EU individuals and companies (VW, Mercedes, AEG, etc.) will have their .co.uk domains cancelled...

I guess we can also look forward to a few million cars in the UK having to replace their EU number plates...

Bacon as deadly as cigarettes and asbestos

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Re: re-reporting the daily mail?

Assuming the statistics are correct, eating bacon would increase the risk of bowel cancer in the population that eats bacon from 5% to 7%. This means 5% or so of people in a large population will get it - along with many who don't eat bacon. This does not mean that your risk increases if you eat bacon. Apart from the Flying Spaghetti Monster, no-one knows what the individual risk is - whether or not you eat bacon.

This is a common statistical misrepresentation. The drug companies love this sleight of hand with the statistics to sell drugs to populations! Everyone in the population has to take a pill to reduce the risk - even if it kills them!

So what the BLINKING BONKERS has gone wrong in the eurozone?

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How It Works

The eurozone is only about creating a European superstate - a political ideal that seems doomed to failure..

The free movement of people within the EU is essential to the superstate concept to accommodate geographic variations in the economy. Unfortunately, there is no single government to enforce a single fiscal and economic policy. Free movement of labour is hampered by the absence of a single language and variations in government handout policies also distort the incentives that cause people to move. In my view the euro cannot possibly work unless there is a single European government with a common European language, which seems highly unlikely.

The USA is a single economic unit in which there is free movement of labour and everyone speaks the same language more or less - so a single currency works.

If Greece had not joined the euro, the problems the country has would have been much less severe - the drachma would have devalue, making their produce easier to export, and imports would be more expensive, so reducing them. Being in the euro makes the problems worse - and will continue to do so. The primary reason for Greece being incented to stay in the euro is to keep the European superstate concept alive. The effect is to prolong the problems the country has.

Why won't you DIE? IBM's S/360 and its legacy at 50

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Re: No mention of microcode?

I did not know the microcode store was writeable.

It definitely wasn't. It allowed the possibility for the underlying hardware too support different instruction sets. A machine supporting APL natively was considered at one point - I think one was buit in IBM Research - but it was never implemented as a product.

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Re: Pay Per Line Of Code

I worked for IBM UK in the 60s and wrote a lot of code for many different customers. There was never a charge. It was all part of the built in customer support. I even rewrote part of the OS for one system (not s/360 - IBM 1710 I think) for Rolls Royce aero engines to allow all the user code for monitoring engine test cells to fit in memory.

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Re: Virtualisation

You're right. The 360/67 was the first VM - I had the privelege of trying it out a few times. It was a bit slow though. The first version of CP/67 only supported 2 terminals I recall... The VM capability was impressive. You could treat files as though they were in real memory - no explicit I/O necessary.

NHS England DIDN'T tell households about GP medical data grab plan

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Re: Forget about whether we had the leaflet or not

To opt out of having your private details handed to al and sundry you must write to your GP. http://www.thebigoptout.com/how-to-opt-out/ is a guide to how...

Grumpy Guts

Re: Cheers Reg!

I have done this several times. Opting out of junk mail has made bugger-all difference...

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